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Leif Edling

Leif Edling

Real/full name:
Leif Erik Edling
60 (born Aug 6th, 1963)
Place of birth:
Sweden (Upplands Väsby, Stockholm)


Leif Edling is the bassist, chief songwriter and founder of Candlemass.


Leif Edling also wrote a song for Tarja Turunen, entitled "I Love the Darkness". As this original project failed, the song was ultimately sung by Mats Levén and streamed on Edling's Myspace page.

In November 2014, Leif announced he would be taking a year off Candlemass' activities for health reasons. Keyboard player Per Wiberg and later Jörgen Sandström and Lord K. Philipson deputized on ...


Bass (1985-1994, 1997-2002, 2004-present), Vocals (1985-1986)

1985 Witchcraft (Demo) Bass, Vocals
1985 Demo (Demo) Bass, Vocals
1986 Epicus Doomicus Metallicus Bass, Songwriting, Lyrics
1987 Demo with Marcolin (Demo) Bass
1987 Nightfall Bass, Lyrics, Songwriting (tracks 1-5, 7-9)
1988 Samarithan (Single) Bass
1988 At the Gallows End (Single) Bass
1988 Ancient Dreams Bass, Lyrics, Songwriting (tracks 1-7)
1989 Tales of Creation Bass, Lyrics, Songwriting
1990 Candlemass Live (Live album) Bass, Lyrics
1990 3-Way Thrash (Split video) Bass
1992 Kerrang! (Split) Bass
1992 Chapter VI Bass
1993 Candlemass sjunger Sigge Fürst (EP) Bass
1994 The Best of Candlemass: As It Is, as It Was (Compilation) Bass, Songwriting
1998 Dactylis Glomerata Bass
1998 Wiz (Single) Bass
1999 From the 13th Sun Bass
2001 Nimis (Single) Bass
2002 Documents of Doom - Live at Fryshuset 1990 (Video) Bass
2002 The Black Heart of Candlemass / Leif Edling Demos & Outtakes '83-99 (Split) Bass, Vocals
2003 Doomed for Live - Reunion 2002 (Live album) Bass
2003 Diamonds of Doom (Compilation) Bass, Songwriting
2004 Essential Doom (Compilation) Bass, Songwriting
2005 Solitude / Crystal Ball (Single) Bass, Lyrics
2005 Mirror, Mirror / The Bells of Acheron (Single) Lyrics, Bass
2005 At the Gallows End / Samarithan (Single) Bass, Lyrics
2005 Dark Reflections / Into the Unfathomed Tower (Single) Lyrics, Bass
2005 Candlemass Bass, Lyrics
2005 The Curse of Candlemass: Live in Stockholm 2003 (Video) Bass, Vocals
2007 Black Dwarf (Single) Bass
2007 Nile Sampler (Split) Bass
2007 King of the Grey Islands Bass, Lyrics
2007 20 Year Anniversary Party (Video) Bass
2008 Lucifer Rising (EP) Bass, Lyrics
2009 If I Ever Die (Single) Bass, Lyrics
2009 Death Magic Doom Bass, Songwriting, Lyrics
2009 Hammer of Doom (Single) Bass
2010 No Sleep 'til Athens (Live album) Bass
2010 Ashes to Ashes (Video) Bass
2010 Don't Fear the Reaper / All Along the Watchtower (Single) Bass
2012 Dancing in the Temple (of the Mad Queen Bee) / The Killing of the Sun (Single) Bass
2012 Psalms for the Dead Bass, Lyrics
2013 Candlemass vs. Entombed (Split) Bass
2013 Epicus Doomicus Metallicus - Live at Roadburn 2011 (Live album) Bass
2016 Behind the Wall of Doom (Compilation) Bass (all tracks), Vocals (Disc 3)
2016 Death Thy Lover (EP) Bass
2018 House of Doom (EP) Bass
2019 The Door to Doom Songwriting, Lyrics, Bass
2020 The Pendulum (EP) Bass
2021 Green Valley (Live album) Bass
2022 Scandinavian Gods (Single) Bass
2022 When Death Sighs (Single) Bass
2022 Sweet Evil Sun Lyrics, Bass, Songwriting
2024 Tritonus Nights (Live album) Bass
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Bass (2002-?)

2002 Krux Bass
2003 Live (Video) Bass
2006 II Bass
2011 III - He Who Sleeps Amongst the Stars Bass

Leif Edling

Bass, Guitars, Vocals (2008-present)

2008 Songs of Torment, Songs of Joy Bass, Guitars, Vocals

The Doomsday Kingdom

As The Doomfather:
Everything (2015-2016), Bass (2016-present)

2016 Never Machine Demo EP (Demo) Vocals, All instruments
2017 The Doomsday Kingdom Guitars (lead) (track 8), Vocals (track 8), Bass

Abstrakt Algebra

Bass (1994-1997)

1994 Demo (Demo) Bass
1995 Abstrakt Algebra Bass, Lyrics


Bass (2013-2017)

2013 Moonhorse (EP) Bass
2013 Avatarium Bass
2014 All I Want (EP) Bass
2015 The Girl with the Raven Mask Bass, Songwriting


Bass, Vocals (1982-1984)

1984 The Day of Retribution (EP) Lyrics, Bass, Vocals
2020 Warrior Queen (EP) Bass, Vocals




Bass (?-1981)


2017 Hurricanes and Halos Songwriting (tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8)
2019 The Fire I Long For Songwriting (tracks 4, 8, 9)


1990 Candlemass Live (Live album) Producer
1992 Kerrang! (Split) Producer
1992 Chapter VI Producer
1993 Candlemass sjunger Sigge Fürst (EP) Producer
1994 The Best of Candlemass: As It Is, as It Was (Compilation) Producer
1998 Dactylis Glomerata Producer, Mixing
1998 Dactylis Glomerata Liner notes
1998 Wiz (Single) Mixing, Engineering, Producer
1999 From the 13th Sun Producer, Mixing
2001 Nightfall Liner notes
2003 Doomed for Live - Reunion 2002 (Live album) Producer, Mixing
2005 Nightfall Liner notes
2007 King of the Grey Islands Producer
2010 No Sleep 'til Athens (Live album) Liner notes
2012 Psalms for the Dead Producer
2016 Death Thy Lover (EP) Songwriting, Lyrics
2018 House of Doom (EP) Lyrics
2020 The Pendulum (EP) Songwriting, Lyrics
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2004 Live Blasphemies (Video) Interviewer (DVD2), Editing


2006 II Photography


1984 The Day of Retribution (EP) Producer
2007 The Day of Retribution (EP) Liner notes

The Crypt

2024 The Crypt Songwriting, Lyrics
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