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Lars Eric Mattsson

Lars Eric Mattsson

Real/full name:
Lars Eric Mattsson
Place of birth:
Åland Islands (Godby, Finström)


Lars was first discovered by Mike Varney (Guitar Player Magazine and Shrapnel Records ) in 1985. After playing and touring with various local hard rock bands Lars recorded and released the 4 track vinyl EP “Can’t Go On Without Your Love” in 1987. Soon after this Lars signed to Black Dragon Records, a French indie label for which he recorded 3 albums Eternity (1988), No Surrender (1989) and the ...


Founder and owner of Lion Music.

Lives in Geta, Ahvenanmaa, Finland.

His birthday is in July 24.

Book of Reflections

Bass, Guitars, Keyboards

2004 Book of Reflections Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
2006 Chapter II: Unfold the Future Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
2012 Relentless Fighter Bass, Guitars, Keyboards
2019 Eternity Calls (Single) Bass, Guitars, Keyboards

Condition Red

Guitars, Bass, Keyboards (2000-present)

2000 Condition Red Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
2003 Condition Red II Guitars, Bass, Sitar, Keyboards
2015 Tomorrow Never Knows (Single) Guitars, Bass, Vocals
2016 Illusion of Truth Vocals, Guitars, Bass


Guitars, Bass, Keyboards

2008 Darkness Will Fall Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals (backing) (track 5)

Lars Eric Mattsson

All instruments (1987-present)

1987 The Final Poem (Demo) All instruments
1987 Can't Go On Without Your Love (Single) All instruments
1988 Eternity Bass, Guitars, Keyboards
1989 No Surrender Guitars, Vocals (backing)
1991 Electric Voodoo Guitars, Guitar Synthesizer, Keyboards, Bass, Electric Percussion, Other Strange Sounds
1998 Obsession Guitars, Keyboards, Electric Sitar, Bass
2000 Another Dimension Keyboards, Guitars, Bass
2003 Power Games Bass, All instruments, Keyboards, Guitars
2005 War Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals (additional)
2005 Earthbound Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Eletric Sitar, Bass, Keyboards
2008 Dream Child Bass, Keyboards, Guitars
2009 No Surrender + Live Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Vocals
2010 Tango Sitar, Bass, Vocals (lead, backing) (tracks 4, 8), Keyboards, Guitars
2011 Aurora Borealis Guitar, Bass
2013 Epicentre Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
2015 Songs from a Different Room Vocals , Guitars
2017 Sand and Blood Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
2019 Into the Unknown Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
2021 Broken Heart Blues (Single) Songwriting, Vocals, All instruments
2021 It's Too Late (Single) Songwriting, Keyboards, Guitars, Songwriting, Bass, Vocals
2023 Evolution Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
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Astral Groove

Guitars, Bass, Keyboards (1994-?)


Guitars, Bass

1986 Joe Cool / Lasse Mattsson's Eternity (Split) Keyboards (track 7-12), Guitars, Drums (track 7-12), Bass (track 7-12) (as "L E Mattsson")
1986 October 1986 (Demo) Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
1987 Let Me Rock You / Take Me Home (Single) Guitars, Bass

Joe Cool

Guitars (1983-1985)


Guitars, Bass, Keyboards (1991-?)

Zero the Hero


Bob Katsionis

As Lars Erik Mattsson:

2008 Noemon Guitars (lead) (track 5)

Iron Mask

2009 Shadow of the Red Baron Guitars (track 5)


As Lasse Mattson:

2005 Oniric Metal Guitars (solo) (track 2)

Locomotive Breath

2005 Change of Track Guitars (track 13)

Torben Enevoldsen

2001 Guitarisma Drum programming, Bass (track 13)

Vargton Projekt

2011 ProgXpriMetal Guitar solos (track 7)


2001 Valley of the Lost Keyboards
2003 The Second Coming Vocals (choirs)

Bob Katsionis

2002 Turn of My Century Mixing, Mastering (as "Lars Eric Mattson")

Condition Red

2000 Condition Red Producer
2003 Condition Red II Production, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering

Contamination of Expressions

1992 36 Miles to Babylon (Demo) Engineering Assistant


2008 The Cosmic Year Executive producer


2008 Darkness Will Fall Producer, Engineering

Elias Viljanen

2002 Taking the Lead Mastering (as "Lasse Mattson")


2005 Oniric Metal Mastering (as "Lasse Mattson")

Lars Eric Mattsson

1987 The Final Poem (Demo) Producer
1987 Can't Go On Without Your Love (Single) Producer
1988 Eternity Producer
1989 No Surrender Producer, Mastering, Engineering, Mixing
1991 Electric Voodoo Production, Engineering, Mixing
1998 Obsession Producer
2000 Another Dimension Mastering, Artwork, Mixing, Producer, Engineering
2003 Power Games Mixing, Engineering, Mastering, Producer
2005 War Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2005 Earthbound Production, Arrangements, Engineering, Mixing
2008 Dream Child Mixing, Engineering, Mastering, Producer
2009 No Surrender + Live Production, Engineering
2010 Tango Mixing, Engineering, Mastering, Producer
2011 Aurora Borealis Production, Engineering, Arrangements, Mixing, Mastering
2013 Epicentre Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2015 Songs from a Different Room Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2017 Sand and Blood Mixing, Mastering, Producer
2019 Into the Unknown Mixing, Mastering, Producer
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Lord of Mushrooms

2005 Seven Deadly Songs Mastering (as "Lasse Mattson")


2008 Let the Metal Do the Talking Mastering (as "LarsEric Mattsson")

Section A

2003 The Seventh Sign Engineering

Seree Lee

2007 Variation-A Mastering
2011 Into the Mystic Side Mastering

Star Queen

2002 Faithbringer Producer, Mixing


2007 The Music That Will Heal the World Executive producer
2009 The Forbidden City Executive producer
2011 Legacy Executive producer

Vitalij Kuprij

2020 Progression Design, Artwork, Logo


2001 Valley of the Lost Producer, Recording
2003 The Second Coming Producer, Arrangements (keyboards)
2008 Longing for Winter (Compilation) Producer
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