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L. Longinus

L. Longinus

Real/full name:
Adrián Longinus Nuñez
36 (born Jun 9th, 1986)
Place of birth:
Argentina (Buenos Aires)


Known for creating logos and artwork for many albums and bands around the world, mostly under the "AtmospherArt" signature.

Wolves' Winter

Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing) (2009-2019)

2011 A Ceremony with the Darkness (Live album) Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
2011 Spell of Necromancy (Demo) Vocals (backing), Guitars (lead)
2011 Lycanthropus Legionis (Compilation) Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
2012 Argentinian and Dutch Violation (Split) Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
2012 Rehearsal (Demo) Guitars (lead) (as "Longinus")
2018 Necrosophic Illumination (EP) Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing) (as "Longinus")

Ages of Blood

2021 Vestiges of a Fallen Empire Layout (as "Longinus")

Blood of Perversion

2017 Covenant Ritual (Split) Logo (as "Longinus")
2017 Blood of Perversion / Profanación / Legión (Split) Logo (as "Longinus")
2020 Revelación Proclamación (EP) Logo (as "Longinus")

Capel Beulah

2021 Capel Beulah / Olkoth (Split) Cover art (as "Adrián Núñez Longinus")

Dark Morbid Frost

2017 Acts ov Rebellion (II: Belial) Artwork (as "Longinus")
2020 Demo II: Hiems Noctibus (Demo) Artwork (as "Adrián Nuñez Longinus")


2021 Cloak of Despondency (EP) Artwork (as "Adrián Nuñez Longinus")


2019 El legado (Compilation) Cover art (as "Adrián Longinus (AtmospherArt)")
2020 El legado (Compilation) Cover art (as "Adrián Longinus (AtmospherArt)")
2020 La contingencia sobre valores negativos (Split) Cover art
2021 Regresiones dentro de otros planos Cover art (as "Longinus")

Eternal Sun Temple

2022 Vol I. Drawings (as "Adrian Longinus")


2018 Apoteosis fallida Cover artwork

Grima Morstua

2020 Exaltatio (Compilation) Cover art (as "Adrian Longinus")


2018 Demo One (Demo) Logo, Artwork (as "Longinus")


2020 Desolado y Frío (Demo) Artwork


2017 Los nuevos absolutos: acto segundo Logo (Disc)
2017 Providencia Logo
2017 ἑτοιμασία 2 (Single) Logo (as "Longinus")
2017 Venilia Mons (Single) Logo (as "Longinus")
2017 Huszar / Youth Against Christ (Split) Logo
2020 Los nuevos absolutos de todos los días quemados Logo (as "Longinus")

Lamp of Murmuur

2020 Thunder Vigil and Ecstasy (Demo) Artwork (as "Longinus")


2020 Ton (Single) Logo (as "Longinus")
2020 Mob (Single) Logo (as "Longinus")
2020 Ego (Single) Logo (as "Longinus")


2020 Tongue Nailing (EP) Cover art (as "Longinus")


2017 Lunar Womb (Demo) Logo (as "Longinus")


2019 Dae of Nox (Compilation) Artwork (as "Longinus")

Sepulchral Triumph

2022 Saturnian Mysticism Logo, Artwork & Layout


2017 No hay fin para lo terrible en esta tragedia (Single) Logo (as "Longinus")
2017 Detrás de la pared de las gemelas siniestras del sueño (Single) Logo (as "Longinus")
2017 La patria que danza en rabia (Compilation) Logo (as "Longinus")
2019 El genocidio primordial llevará el nombre infinito de la empatía Logo (as "Longinus")


2020 Germen humano Cover art (as "Longinus")


2019 Spiritual Famine Artwork (as "Adrián Longinus Nuñez")

Wolves' Winter

2018 Necrosophic Illumination (EP) Artwork (as "Longinus")

Ysyry Mollvün

2022 Ysyry Mollvün Layout, Artwork (as "Longinus")
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