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L-G Petrov

L-G Petrov

Real/full name:
Lars-Göran Petrov
49 (born Feb 17th, 1972)
Mar 7th, 2021
Died of:
Bile duct cancer
Place of birth:
Sweden (Stockholm)


L-G Petrov was part Macedonian, and part Finnish (his father's name was Toivo Taivalmäki from Virrat, Pirkanmaa, Finland). His mother is from North Macedonia (formerly Yugoslavia).


He was diagnosed in 2020 with cancer of the bile duct (also called cholangiocarcinoma), which is extremely rare.

Ulf Cederlund was his bandmate in Infuriation (at least 2 rehearsals recorded in the late '80s).

Black Satan

Drums (1988-1991)




Vocals (1991)

1991 Merciless / Comecon (Split) Vocals
1992 Megatrends in Brutality Vocals
2008 The Worms of God (Compilation) Vocals (tracks 1-11, Disc 1)


Vocals (1989-1991, 1992-2014)

1989 But Life Goes On (Demo) Vocals
1990 Left Hand Path Vocals (as "Lars-Göran Petrov")
1992 Gods of Grind (Split) Vocals
1993 Wolverine Blues (Special Advance Copy) (Demo) Vocals
1993 Hollowman (EP) Vocals (as "Lars-Göran Petrov")
1993 King Kong 4 (Split) Vocals
1993 Wolverine Blues Vocals
1994 Out of Hand (Single) Vocals
1995 Night of the Vampire (Split) Vocals
1997 DCLXVI: To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth! Vocals, Piano
1997 Entombed (Compilation) Vocals
1997 Wreckage (EP) Vocals
1998 Two Track Sampler (Single) Vocals
1998 Same Difference Vocals
1999 Black Juju (EP) Vocals
1999 Monkey Puss (Live in London) (Live album) Vocals
1999 Monkey Puss (Live in London) (Video) Vocals
2000 Spring Flavor (Split) Vocals
2000 Uprising Vocals (lead)
2001 Morning Star Vocals
2002 Sons of Satan Praise the Lord (Compilation) Vocals
2003 Inferno Vocals, Piano
2005 Unreal Estate (Live album) Vocals, Piano
2006 When in Sodom (EP) Vocals
2007 Serpent Saints (The Ten Amendments) Vocals (lead)
2012 Amok (2012 Ninetone Version) (Single) Vocals
2012 When in Sodom Revisited (Single) Vocals
2013 Candlemass vs. Entombed (Split) Vocals
2013 Drowned (Split) Vocals
2014 To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth (EP) Vocals
(show all)

Entombed A.D.

Vocals (2014-2021)

2014 Back to the Front Vocals
2016 Dead Dawn Vocals (as "LG Petrov")
2016 Fall / Gospel of the Horns (Split) Vocals
2018 Fit for a King (Single) Vocals
2019 Bowels of Earth Vocals (as "Lars Göran Petrov")


Vocals (2014-2021)

2015 Lucifer Has Spoken (Single) Vocals
2015 Shadow Realms Vocals (as "LG Petrov")
2017 Blood Eagle (Single) Vocals
2017 Death by Impalement (Single) Vocals
2017 Serpent of the Ocean (Single) Vocals
2017 The Reprobate Vocals (as "LG Petrov")
2019 The Great One (Single) Vocals
2019 The Hunter (Single) Vocals
2019 The Gallows End (Single) Vocals
2019 Abominate Vocals (as "LG Petrov")


As Lars-Göran Petrov:


As Drutten:
Drums (1987-1988)

1987 December Moon (Demo) Drums, Vocals (backing)
1988 Last Supper... (Demo) Drums (as "L.G.")
2000 Live in Stockholm (Live album) Drums
2001 Death Execution III (Live album) Drums
2010 Ancient Morbidity (EP) Drums


Vocals (1988-1989)

1989 Only Shreds Remain (Demo) Vocals
1989 Drowned (Demo) Vocals
1990 Hard Raw Fast (Split) Vocals
2005 Nihilist (1987-1989) (Compilation) Vocals (as "Lars-Göran Petrov")

Amon Amarth

2008 Twilight of the Thunder God Vocals (track 3)
2010 Hymns to the Rising Sun (Compilation) Vocals (additional) (track 2)


2018 The Splendid Iniquity Vocals (track 4)


2018 Okkult II Vocals (track 10)

Caliber 666

2010 Blood Fueled Chaos Vocals (track 6)


2013 Wake Vocals (track 5)


2013 Ritual Death Metal Vocals (track 6)


1996 Edge of Existence Vocals (tracks 5, 9)


1993 Suck My Heaven Vocals (backing)


As LG Petrov:

2023 Memento Mori Vocals (additional) (track 10)


2017 Mefisto Vocals (additional) (track 4)
2018 I in the Sky / Let Go of Life (EP) Vocals (backing) (track 2)


As L.G.:

1988 Premature Autopsy (Demo) Vocals


2003 Killing Angels Vocals (additional) (track 10)

Pungent Stench

2018 Smut Kingdom Vocals (track 6)

Rotten Sound

2011 Cursed Vocals (tracks 2, 4)

The Project Hate MCMXCIX

1999 1999 Demo (Demo) Vocals
2003 Killing Hellsinki (Live album) Vocals (additional)
2009 The Lustrate Process Vocals (additional) (tracks 1, 2, 5) (as "L.G. Petrov")

The Very End

2012 Turn Off the World Vocals (track 4)


2019 Fake (Single) Vocals
2021 The Road Vocals (track 5)


2019 World of Chaos Vocals (track 2)


2012 Ruins of Gomorrah Vocals (tracks 2, 3, 7, 8)


2011 Live from Beyond Hell / Above Heaven (Live album) Vocals (additional) (track 7)
2011 Live from Beyond Hell / Above Heaven (Video) Vocals (additional) (Disc 1, track 9; Disc 3, track 7)


1993 Wolverine Blues Art assistance (as "L-G")
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