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Kurt Ballou

Kurt Ballou

Real/full name:
Kurt Parker Ballou
46 (born Feb 1st, 1974)
Place of origin:
United States (Massachusetts)


Kurt Ballou is the guitarist from Massachusetts-based band Converge. Aside from his role in Converge, he is the recording engineer and owner of Godcity Recording Studio, as well as a prolific producer.


Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Theremin (1990-present)

2012 Converge / Napalm Death (Split) Guitars

Blue/Green Heart


Kid Kilowatt



Guitars, Saxophone

The Huguenots


All Pigs Must Die

2017 Hostage Animal Guitars (lead) (track 4)


2007 Animal Saxophone (track 10)

Black Breath

2012 Sentenced to Life Vocals (backing)

Full of Hell

2017 Trumpeting Ecstasy Bass (track 10)

High on Fire

2012 De Vermis Mysteriis Guitars (additional) (tracks 5, 10)
2015 Luminiferous Vocals (backing) (track 4)

Old Man Gloom

2003 Christmas Eve I & II + 6 (EP) Unknown
2004 Christmas Guitars
2012 No Guitars

The Year of Our Lord

1999 The Frozen Divide (EP) Vocals (backing) (track 1), Keyboards (track 1)


2008 Meanderthal Guitars

Trap Them

2007 Sleepwell Deconstructor Guitars (track 6, 11)
2008 Seizures in Barren Praise Guitars on Track 5, Guitars, Bass on Track 7
2010 Filth Rations (EP) Glockenspiel
2014 Blissfucker Guitars (lead) on 1, Guitar noise on 10


2007 ...I Carry (EP) Recording
2010 Felo De Se (EP) Mixing

All Pigs Must Die

2010 All Pigs Must Die (EP) Recording, Mixing
2011 God Is War Producer, Recording, Mixing
2013 Silencer (EP) Recording, Mixing
2013 Nothing Violates This Nature Recording
2017 Hostage Animal Recording, Mixing
2017 A Caustic Vision (EP) Recording, Mixing


2007 Animal Recording, Mixing

Artillery Breath

2009 Inhuman Recording

Beyond the Sixth Seal

2002 Earth and Sphere Producer, Engineering, Mixing

Black Breath

2010 Heavy Breathing Recording, Producer
2012 Sentenced to Life Engineering, Mixing, Producer
2015 Slaves Beyond Death Producer, Recording


2014 Dropdead / Brainoil (Split) Recording

Buried Inside

2009 Spoils of Failure Producer, Recording


2020 Powdered Producer, Recording


2016 The Teeth & the Wounds Recording, Mixing


2001 Deeper the Wound (Split) Engineering, Producer

Darkest Hour

2017 Godless Prophets & the Migrant Flora Producer, Engineering, Mixing

Dead Empires

2015 True Believer (Single) Producer


2019 I, the Devil Producer


2009 The Clearing Recording


2005 Black Thunder Recording, Mixing
2005 Live at the Middle East (Live album) Editing
2009 Darkness Come Alive Engineering, Mixing
2013 Grand Blood Engineering


2015 Expander (EP) Engineering, Mixing
2017 Endless Computer Engineering
2020 Neuropunk Boostergang Engineering, Mixing

Full of Hell

2017 Trumpeting Ecstasy Producer
2019 Weeping Choir Producer, Recording

Fuming Mouth

2019 The Grand Descent Engineering, Recording, Producer, Mixing


2016 Sonoran Depravation Mixing
2017 Sweltering Madness (EP) Mixing
2018 Iron Reagan / Gatecreeper (Split) Mixing
2019 Social Decay (Single) Mixing
2019 Deserted Mixing

Generation of Vipers

2011 Howl and Filth Recording, Mixing


2015 La ira Mixing


2014 Crystalline Mixing

High on Fire

2012 Fertile Green (Single) Producer
2012 De Vermis Mysteriis Producer, Recording, Mixing
2015 Luminiferous Producer, Recording, Mixing
2018 Electric Messiah Recording (drums), Mixing
2019 Bat Salad (EP) Mixing

Immortal Bird

2013 Akrasia (EP) Mixing

Iron Reagan

2014 The Tyranny of Will Mixing
2017 Crossover Ministry Producer, Mixing
2018 Iron Reagan / Gatecreeper (Split) Mixing
2018 Dark Days Ahead (EP) Mixing


1998 Mosquito Control (EP) Producer, Engineering
1999 Sawblade (EP) Producer, Engineering
1999 The Red Sea (EP) Producer, Recording
2000 Isis / Pig Destroyer (Split) Engineering
2002 The Mosquito Control EP / The Red Sea (Compilation) Recording (CD 2, Tracks 1-3 & 8), Engineering (CD 1)
2008 Shades of the Swarm (Boxed set) Engineering


2007 Redemption Through Looseness Mixing
2010 For Death, Glory and the End of the World Producer, Engineering, Mixing

Misery Index

2008 Traitors Engineering


2010 Unsilent Death Engineering, Mixing
2012 Obscene Humanity (EP) Recording
2013 Abandon All Life Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2016 You Will Never Be One of Us Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2019 I Don't Want to Know You (Single) Mixing


2011 Mælstrøm Mixing
2013 Eros|Anteros Engineering, Producer

Old Man Gloom

2001 Seminar III: Zozobra Engineering
2001 Seminar II: The Holy Rites of Primitivism Regressionism Engineering
2003 Christmas Eve I & II + 6 (EP) Recording (tracks 1, 3, 7)
2004 Christmas Engineering [Sound Capturing And Organization]
2012 No Mixing, Engineering
2014 The Ape of God Recording, Mixing, Engineering
2014 The Ape of God Recording. Mixing, Engineering
2020 Seminar IX: Darkness of Being Recording, Mixing (tracks 2, 4 & 7)
2020 Seminar VIII: Light of Meaning Recording, Mixing (tracks 1, 3, 4, 5)
2020 ZOZOBURN: Old Man Gloom + Zozobra LIVE at Fiesta Roadburn (Live album) Mixing

Organ Dealer

2016 Insomnia Chamber (Single) Recording


2019 Paninoteca Mixing

Phantom Glue

2009 Phantom Glue (EP) Mixing, Engineering
2013 A War of Light Cones Recording, Mixing
2014 Angels of Meth (Demo) Recording, Mixing

Ramming Speed

2015 Don't Let This Stay Here (Single) Recording
2015 No Epitaphs Producer, Recording

Sevenday Curse

1999 After the Storm Recording, Engineering, Producer


2013 Serpents Unleashed Engineering, Producer
2018 Devouring Radiant Light Producer


2015 The Deal Mixing
2016 What One Becomes Recording, Mixing
2018 American Dollar Bill - Keep Facing Sideways, You're Too Hideous to Look at Face On (Collaboration) Mixing
2018 Love in Shadow Recording, Mixing
2020 St Vitus 09​/​07​/​2018 (Live album) Mixing
2020 May You Be Held Recording

The Matador

2014 Destroyer Mixing

The Secret

2010 Solve et Coagula Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2012 Agnus Dei Recording, Mixing

The Year of Our Lord

1997 The Year of Our Lord / Fortydaysrain (Split) Recording
1999 The Frozen Divide (EP) Recording (track 1)
1999 The Frozen Divide (EP) Recording, Engineering
2009 Dead to You (Compilation) Producer, Engineering


2008 Meanderthal Engineering, Mixing
2009 Healer / Across the Shields (EP) Recording, Mixing (tracks: 1, 2)
2012 Harmonicraft Mixing
2015 Restarter Mixing

Toxic Holocaust

2013 Chemistry of Consciousness Mixing
2013 Life Is a Lie (Single) Mixing

Trap Them

2007 Cunt Heir to the Throne (EP) Engineering, Mixing
2007 Sleepwell Deconstructor Producer
2007 Séance Prime (EP) Recording, Mixing
2008 Seizures in Barren Praise Producer, Engineering
2010 Filth Rations (EP) Engineering
2010 Filth Rations (EP) Recording
2011 Darker Handcraft Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2014 Blissfucker Engineering, Mixing
2016 Crown Feral Producer, Recording

Umbra Vitae

2020 Shadow of Life Recording, Mixing


2014 The Great Divide (Single) Engineering, Mixing, Producing
2014 Splinters Producer, Recording, Mixing
2017 Fear Those Who Fear Him Producer
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