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Real/full name:
Christoffer Frylmark
29 (born Feb 13th, 1990)
Place of origin:
Sweden (Uppsala)


On November 7-8, 2014 he joined Horse Latitudes on stage to sing "Gathering".

Acolytes of Moros

As Christoffer Frylmark:
Bass, Vocals (2010-present)

2011 Your Fate Is Sealed (Demo) Bass, Vocals
2013 Illusions of Progress (EP) Bass, Vocals
2015 Herald of the Imminent (Demo) Bass, Lyrics (track 2), Vocals (as "Christoffer")
2016 Coalition of the Anathematized (Split) Bass, Vocals
2017 Strength for a New Dawn / The Bitter Wind (Split) Bass, Songwriting, Vocals
2018 The Wellspring Bass, Vocals
2019 Lucifer's Fall / Acolytes of Moros (Split) Guitars (additional) (track 5), Bass, Cowbell, Vocals (as "The Old Wrinkled Man")


As Christoffer:
Guitars (2009-2015)

2010 Dawn of Doom (Demo) Guitars
2011 Funeral Wedding / The Veil (Split) Guitars
2012 Through the Archdemon's Head Guitars, Bass
2013 Anguish / Below (Split) Guitars
2014 Mountain Bass, Guitars


As Xemtoth Bûrzthrakal:
Everything (2008-2013)

2008 Embrace the Sorrow (Demo) Everything
2009 Anguish (Demo) Everything


As Xemtoth Bûrzthrakal:
Everything (2008-2015)

2011 There Is No Light (EP) Everything
2015 Where the Light Doesn't Shine Everything


As Xemtoth:
Guitars, Vocals (2007-2012)

2008 A God Full of Lies (Demo) Guitars, Vocals


As Xemtoth:
Guitars (2011-2012)

Black Anima

As Xemtoth:

2009 Hammer of the North (EP) Vocals (additional) (track 4)
2009 Undecim Vocals (lead) (track 6)
2011 Dark Depressed and Lonely Vocals (lead) (tracks 3, 6)


As Vedermod:

2013 Smutsiga sinnen Vocals (clean) (track 5)
2014 Avoghetens besvärtade åkallelser (Compilation) Vocals (clean) (tracks 6, 8)

Acolytes of Moros

2011 Your Fate Is Sealed (Demo) Producer (as "Christoffer Frylmark")
2013 Illusions of Progress (EP) Producer (as "Christoffer Frylmark")
2015 Herald of the Imminent (Demo) Producer (as "C. Frylmark")
2019 Lucifer's Fall / Acolytes of Moros (Split) Engineering, Mixing, Recording (tracks 4, 5) (as "Christoffer Frylmark")
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