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Real/full name:
Marko Jerković
43 (born 1977)
Place of origin:
Serbia (Belgrade)


Marko “Kozeljnik” Jerković is a black metal musician from Belgrade, Serbia. He plays in serbian black metal bands May Result and The Stone, as well as having his own self-titled solo project in which he does vocals, guitar and bass.


He played a live show with Debauchery at Hellhammer Festival 2003 in Pančevo, Serbia.

Owner of Mizantropeon Records.


As K.:
Vocals, Guitars, Bass (2006-present)

2007 Wrecked in Ruins of Solitude (EP) Vocals, Guitars, Bass (as "K")
2008 Sigil Rust Vocals, Guitars, Bass (as "K")
2010 Deeper the Fall Vocals, Guitars, Bass
2013 Null: The Acheron of Multiform Negation (EP) Guitars, Vocals (as "K")
2016 Death Gives unto Life (EP) Vocals, Guitars

May Result

Guitars (1995-present)

1996 Ignoramus et Ignorabimus (Demo) Guitars
2000 Gorgeous Symphonies of Evil Guitars
2001 Tmina Guitars, Vocals (backing), Lyrics
2004 Svetogrđe Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2007 Деценија црног пламена - Live in Belgrade 2005 (Live album) Guitars
2008 Слава смрти Guitars (as "Козељник")


Guitars (2001-2003, 2007-present)

2014 King of Tyranny (EP) Guitars


Vocals, Guitars

2017 The Apostate of Light Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
2020 Relinquishment of Existence (EP) Vocals

Ophidian Coil

Guitars, Bass, Vocals (additional) (2014-present)

2019 Vortex (Split) Guitars, Bass, Vocals (additional)

The Stone

Guitars, Bass (2001-present)

2002 Словенска крв Guitars, Bass
2003 Трагом хромога вука (Compilation) Guitars
2004 Закон Велеса Guitars, Bass, Vocals (additional)
2004 Чујете ли, смеју нам се мртви... (EP) Guitars
2006 Live Curse from the East (Split video) Guitars
2006 Магла Guitars, Bass
2007 Triumph - Dark - Brotherhood (Split) Guitars
2007 Неке ране крваре вечно Guitars
2008 Serbian Woods (EP) Guitars
2009 The Ancestral Alliance (Split) Guitars, Bass
2009 Umro Guitars, Bass
2010 Old Wounds Bleed Misanthropy (EP) Guitars, Bass
2011 Golet Guitars, Songwriting (tracks 1-4, 6-8), Arrangements
2014 Waiting for the Darkest Day (Split) Guitars
2014 Nekroza Guitars, Songwriting (tracks 1-5, 7-10)
2016 Necrotic God (Split) Guitars, Bass
2017 Teatar apsurda Guitars, Vocals (clean)
2019 Kruna praha (EP) Guitars
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1994 8Va Cloudaft (Demo) Guitars
1996 Rehearsal (Demo) Guitars (as "Marko "Kozeljnik" Jerković")
1996 Rev11 Tunel (Demo) Guitars
2007 Legions of Gore and Death (Split) Guitars, Music


Unknown (1992-?)

Stone to Flesh

As Marko "Kozeljnik" Jerković:
Guitars (1996-2001)

1997 Serbian Woods (Demo) Guitars
1998 Killed by the Sun (Demo) Guitars
2000 Some Wounds Bleed Forever Guitars


Guitars (2003)


Guitars (2009)


2007 Anger Will Remain Guitars (lead)
2017 Addicted to Flesh Unknown (tracks 4, 7)

Space Eater

2014 Passing Through the Fire to Molech Guitars (solo) (track 7)


2009 Onward to Destroy Cover art, Design


2010 Deeper the Fall Cover concept (as "K")
2016 Death Gives unto Life (EP) Layout (as "K.")


2014 King of Tyranny (EP) Design (as "Wrath Design")


2020 Relinquishment of Existence (EP) Cover art (as "Wrath Design")

The Stone

2006 Магла Layout
2011 Golet Design, Layout
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