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Knyaz Perepelok

Knyaz Perepelok

Real/full name:
Алег Зелянкевіч / Aleh Zielankievič
Place of origin:



Vapor Hiemis

As Aleh Z.:
Vocals, Lyrics (2018-present)

2018 Ад сонца прэч (Single) Vocals
2019 Чараўніца смерці Vocals, Lyrics


As Aleh Zielankievič:
All instruments, Vocals (2016-present)

2016 Dundara žorny (Single) All instruments, Vocals
2016 Vaśmikancovaja Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Songwriting, Lyrics
2019 Vaśmikancovaja (Instrumental) Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Songwriting



2009 Хороводы (Demo) Vocals
2011 Zorny šlach (Single) Vocals
2013 Paŭstań Vocals
2013 Źmiej voziera (Single) Vocals
2014 Heritage (Single) Vocals
2014 Kurjan Vuitti (Single) Composing, Keyboards, Vocals (as "Aleh Zielankievič")
2015 Azure Lakes Vocals (as "Aleh Zielankievič")


As Orm Embar:

2014 Across the Northern Storms Vocals (track 3)


As Aleh:

2014 Молатакрыж Vocals (track 3)


2014 Across the Northern Storms Cover art (as "Orm Embar")
2017 We Struck with Our Swords (Single) Cover art (as "Orm Embar")

Among Your Gods

2019 Flight to Immortality (Single) Cover art (as "Oleg Zelenkevich")

Return of the Soul

2019 Interlacing of Worlds Artwork (as "Aleh Zielankievič")
2019 Interlacing of Worlds (Instrumental Edition) Artwork (as "Aleh Zielankievič")

Second to Sun

2011 Gal agnostiske drømmer Cover art (as "Oleg Zelenkevich")
2014 Three Fairy Tales (EP) Cover art (as "Orm Embar")
2015 The First Chapter Artwork (as "Aleh Zelenkevich")
2016 Slaves Shall Serve (Single) Artwork (as "Aleh Zelenkevich")
2016 GladWeHaveAnUnderstanding (Single) Artwork (as "Aleh Zelenkevich")
2016 Blackbound Artwork (as "Aleh Zelenkevich")
2016 Transilvanian Hunger (Single) Design (as "Oleg Zelenkevich")
2017 Alyoshenka (Single) Cover art (as "Oleg Zelenkevich")
2017 Devil (Single) Cover art (as "Oleg Zelenkevich")
2017 Вирго Митт (Single) Cover art (as "Oleg Zelenkevich")
2017 Дух Кусото (Single) Cover art (as "Oleg Zelenkevich")
2018 Jaktens tid (Single) Cover art (as "Oleg Zelenkevich")
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Tragedy in Hope

2019 Smile at Death (EP) Logo, Artwork

Vapor Hiemis

2015 Чорны арнамент зімы Artwork (as "Aleh Zielankevich")
2017 Miortvaja halava Artwork, Design (as "Aleh Zelenkevich")
2019 Чараўніца смерці Artwork, Design (as "Aleh Z.")


2016 Dundara žorny (Single) Artwork (as "Aleh Zielankievič")
2016 Vaśmikancovaja Artwork (as "Aleh Zielankievič")
2019 Vaśmikancovaja (Instrumental) Artwork (as "Aleh Zielankievič")


2015 Azure Lakes Artwork (as "Aleh Zielankievič")

Коло Прави

2012 Было. Есть. Будет. Cover art (as "Oleg "Holg Wyvern" Zelenkevich")

Сказки Ино

2019 Соната (EP) Artwork, Design (as "ZLY Design")
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