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Knjaz Varggoth

Knjaz Varggoth

Real/full name:
Євген Гапон (Ievgen Gapon)
46 (born Jul 30th, 1974)
Place of origin:
Ukraine (Kharkiv, Kharkiv Oblast)


The word "knjaz" translates as a royal title (i.e. "lord", "prince", etc.) in Slavic languages, so his artist name translates to something like "Lord Varggoth" in English.


As Visions at Radiant Galactic Gates of Torturous Harmonies:
Guitars (2018-present)

2019 The Light Has Never Been Here (EP) Guitars

Nokturnal Mortum

Vocals (lead), Guitars, Keyboards, Weellyre, Drymba, Telynka, Kobza, Percussion (1994-present), Bass (1996)

1995 Twilightfall (Demo) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm) (as "Varggoth")
1995 Black Clouds over Slavonic Lands (Demo) Vocals, Guitars
1996 Lunar Poetry (Demo) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals (as "Varggoth")
1997 Path of the Wolf / Return of the Vampire Lord (Split) Vocals, Guitars
1997 Return of the Vampire Lord (EP) Vocals, Guitars
1997 Marble Moon (EP) Vocals, Guitars
1997 Goat Horns Vocals, Guitars, Bass
1998 To the Gates of Blasphemous Fire Guitars, Vocals
1999 Нехристь Vocals, Guitars, Songwriting, Lyrics
2003 The Taste of Victory (EP) Vocals, Folk instruments, Guitars
2004 Мировоззрение Vocals, Guitars, Folk instruments
2005 Weltanschauung Guitars (electric, acoustic), Vocals, Weellyre, Drymba, Telynka, Kobza, Percussion
2007 Eastern Hammer (Split) Songwriting, Lyrics
2009 Live in Katowice (Live album) Vocals, Guitars
2009 Голос сталі Vocals (lead), Guitars (as "Varggoth")
2011 Коловорот (Live album) Guitars, Vocals (lead)
2012 Коловорот (Video) Guitars, Vocals (lead)
2016 The Spirit Never Dies (Split) Songwriting (tracks 2, 3), Lyrics (track 3), Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards (additional)
2017 Істина Vocals (lead), Guitars, Keyboards
(show all)

Aryan Terrorism

As KV:

2002 War Unknown

Crucified Eternity

Unknown (1994)

Crystaline Darkness

Vocals, Guitars (1993-1994)

1993 Mi Agama Khaz Mifisto (Demo) Vocals, Guitars


Unknown (?-1991)

Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra

Everything (1994-2000)

1996 Paganism (Demo) Everything
1996 Wolf's Eye (Demo) Everything
1997 Midnight Fullmoon Everything
1997 When (Demo) Everything
1999 The Key to the Gates of Apocalypses Everything




Guitars (1991-1993), Vocals (lead) (1991-1992)

1992 Ecclesiastical Blasphemy (Demo) Vocals, Guitars





2001 Defenders of the Blood Vocals
2003 Aryan Nation's Rebirth Vocals
2004 Explosion (Split) Vocals
2006 Bloodthunder Vocals


As Varggoth:


2014 Bramy Nawii Vocals


1996 Path of Wolf (Demo) Vocals (backing) (track 2), Guitars (track 3)
1997 Path of the Wolf / Return of the Vampire Lord (Split) Vocals (backing) (track 2), Guitars (track 3)
1997 Сквозь равнодушное небо (Demo) Bass
1999 Instinct Prevelance (Compilation) Bass (tracks 6-10), Vocals (track 2), Guitars (track 3)

The Wolves of Avalon

As Varggoth:

2014 Boudicca's Last Stand Vocals (track 7)
2014 Witchclan / The Wolves of Avalon (Split) Vocals


As Varggoth:

2003 Горизонты... Vocals (screams) (track 3)

Nokturnal Mortum

1997 Goat Horns Cover concept
2004 Мировоззрение Artwork
2005 Weltanschauung Artwork (direction)
2009 Голос сталі Producer, Art direction (as "Varggoth")
2016 The Spirit Never Dies (Split) Engineering, Producer
2017 Істина Engineering, Producer
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