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Klaus Meine

Klaus Meine

Real/full name:
Klaus Meine
72 (born May 25th, 1948)
Place of origin:
Germany (Hannover, Lower Saxony)


He is a supporter of the football club Hannover 96.


Vocals (1969-present)

1972 Lonesome Crow Vocals (lead)
1974 Fly to the Rainbow Vocals (tracks 1-2, 4-7), Vocals (backing) (track 3)
1975 Life's like a River / Dark Lady (Single) Vocals
1975 Fuchs geh' voran (Single) Vocals
1975 Speedy's Coming (Single) Vocals
1975 In Trance Vocals, Songwriting (tracks 2-6)
1976 Virgin Killer (Single) Vocals
1976 In Trance (Single) Vocals (lead)
1976 Virgin Killer Vocals
1977 He's a Woman - She's a Man (Single) Vocals
1977 Pictured Life (Single) Vocals
1977 Taken by Force Vocals
1978 Tokyo Tapes (Live album) Vocals (lead), Vocals (additional) (Track 2-7)
1978 The Sails of Charon (Single) Vocals
1979 Another Piece of Meat (Single) Vocals
1979 Holiday / Always Somewhere (Single) Vocals
1979 All Night Long (Single) Vocals
1979 Lovedrive (Single) Vocals
1979 Always Somewhere / Is There Anybody There? (Single) Vocals
1979 Is There Anybody There / Can't Get Enough (Single) Vocals
1979 Lovedrive Vocals
1979 Loving You Sunday Morning / Coast to Coast (Single) Vocals
1979 Best of Scorpions (Compilation) Vocals (all tracks, except track 6)
1980 Make It Real (Single) Vocals
1980 Hey You (Single) Vocals
1980 Only a Man (Single) Vocals
1980 Monsters of Rock (Split) Vocals
1980 Animal Magnetism Vocals
1980 Lady Starlight / Hold Me Tight (Single) Vocals
1980 The Zoo (Single) Vocals
1982 Now! (Single) Vocals
1982 Taken by Force / Virgin Killer (Compilation) Vocals
1982 No-One like You (Single) Vocals
1982 Blackout Vocals, Songwriting (tracks 1-3, 5-6, 8-9)
1982 Can't Live Without You (Single) Vocals
1983 In Trance / Fly to the Rainbow (Compilation) Songwriting (tracks 2-6), Vocals
1984 Coming Home (Single) Vocals
1984 I'm Leaving You / Loving You Sunday Morning (Single) Vocals
1984 + Heavy (Split) Vocals
1984 Rock You like a Hurricane (Single) Vocals
1984 Still Loving You (Single) Vocals
1984 Love at First Sting Vocals
1984 Best of Scorpions Vol. 2 (Compilation) Vocals
1984 Big City Nights (Single) Vocals
1985 First Sting (Video) Vocals
1985 No One like You (Live!) (Single) Vocals
1985 World Wide Live (Live album) Vocals, Rhythm guitar (on "Coast to Coast")
1985 World Wide Live (Video) Vocals
1988 Savage Amusement Vocals
1988 Rhythm of Love (Single) Vocals
1988 Believe in Love (Single) Vocals
1989 Can't Explain (Single) Vocals
1989 Is There Anybody There (Long Version) (Single) Vocals
1989 To Russia with Love and Other Savage Amusements (Video) Vocals
1989 Passion Rules the Game (Single) Vocals
1990 Tease Me Please Me (Single) Vocals
1990 Holiday (Single) Vocals
1990 Send Me an Angel (Single) Vocals
1990 Crazy World Vocals, Vocals (backing) (tracks 1, 10)
1990 Don't Believe Her (Single) Vocals
1991 Crazy World Tour Live... Berlin 1991 (Video) Vocals
1991 Wind of Change (Single) Vocals
1991 Ветер перемен (Single) Vocals
1992 Living for Tomorrow (Single) Vocals
1992 Hit Between the Eyes (Single) Vocals
1993 Alien Nation (Single) Vocals
1993 Woman (Single) Vocals
1993 No Pain No Gain (Single) Vocals
1993 Face the Heat Vocals, Vocals (backing)
1993 Under the Same Sun (Single) Vocals
1994 White Dove (Single) Vocals
1995 Live Bites (Live album) Vocals
1996 Does Anyone Know (Single) Vocals
1996 Pure Instinct Vocals
1996 You and I (Single) Vocals
1997 When You Came into My Life (Single) Vocals
1997 Where the River Flows (Single) Vocals
1998 The Real Sting (Compilation) Vocals
1999 To Be No. 1 (Single) Vocals
1999 Eye II Eye (Single) Vocals
1999 10 Light Years Away (Single) Vocals
1999 Eye II Eye Vocals
2000 In Trance / Virgin Killer - The Back to Black Collection (Compilation) Songwriting (tracks 2-6), Vocals
2000 Face the Heat / Crazy World (Compilation) Vocals, Vocals (backing)
2000 Moment of Glory (Collaboration) Vocals
2000 Moment of Glory Live (Video) Vocals
2001 When Love Kills Love (Single) Vocals
2001 Acoustica (Video) Vocals
2001 Acoustica (Live album) Vocals
2002 Winning Combinations (Split) Vocals
2002 A Savage Crazy World (Video) Vocals
2004 Unbreakable Vocals
2004 Miracle (Single) Vocals
2005 Unbreakable World Tour 2004: One Night in Vienna (Video) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
2007 Humanity - Hour I Vocals
2008 Live at Wacken Open Air 2006 (Video) Vocals
2009 Amazônia - Live in the Jungle (Video) Vocals
2010 Sting in the Tail Vocals
2011 Get Your Sting & Blackout - Live 2011 (Live album) Vocals
2011 Comeblack Vocals
2011 Get Your Sting and Blackout - Live in 3D (Video) Vocals
2013 MTV Unplugged in Athens (Live album) Vocals (lead), Guitars
2013 MTV Unplugged in Athens (Video) Vocals (lead), Guitars
2014 We Built This House (Single) Vocals
2015 Return to Forever Vocals
2016 Live in Munich 2012 (Video) Vocals
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2010 Dying for an Angel (Single) Vocals
2010 The Wicked Symphony Vocals (lead) (track 4)


2010 25 Years in Rock... and Still Going Strong (Video) Vocals (DVD1 tracks 20, 21)
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