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Kimi Kärki

Kimi Kärki

Real/full name:
Kimi Ervo Petteri Kärki
47 (born Apr 16th, 1976)
Place of birth:
Finland (Rauma, Satakunta)


Kimi Kärki was "christened" Peter Vicar by Sami Hynninen when they founded Reverend Bizarre, because he was already married and led a "serious" life. He kept the name throughout Reverend Bizarre's career, then changed it to Peter Inverted, after Saint Peter, who asked to be crucified inverted (upside down), when he founded Lord Vicar. By the time of their second album, however, he was using his ...


Released a solo folk album, "The Bone of My Bones", on Svart Records, in December 2013. The album features Mat McNerney, John Richardson, the professor of musicology in the University of Turku with whom Kimi played in Two Plus One, that includes Anna-Elena Pääkkölä, one of the two backing vocalists on the album, the other being Pirita Känkänen, who is Kimi's neighbour. The album was engineered ...

E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr

Guitars, E-bow, Effects (2008-present)

Kimi Kärki

Guitars, Vocals

Lord Vicar

Guitars (2007-present)

2008 The Demon of Freedom (EP) Guitars, Everything (track 1) (as "Peter Inverted")
2008 Fear No Pain Guitars, Hammond, Mellotron, Vocals (backing) (as "Peter Inverted")
2011 Lord Vicar / Griftegård (Split) Guitars (as "Peter")
2011 Lord Vicar / Funeral Circle (Split) Guitars (as "Peter")
2011 Signs of Osiris Guitars, Mellotron, Vocals (backing), Lyrics
2012 Lord Vicar / Revelation (Split) Guitars, Lyrics (as "Kimi")
2016 Gates of Flesh Songwriting, EBow, Bass, Vocals (backing), Mellotron, Guitars
2019 The Black Powder Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals (backing)


Guitars (2001-present)

2006 The Conjuration by the Fire Guitars, Vocals (backing) (as "Hierophant Kimi Kärki")
2010 Orne / Blizaro (Split) Guitars, Hammond, Mellotron, Songwriting, Lyrics
2011 The Tree of Life Guitars, Mellotron, Lyrics


Guitars (2013-present)

Annankatu Five




Kasarmin Valo



Guitars (1997-2001)

2000 A Beginning (Demo) Guitars, Songwriting
2002 A Beginning (Demo) Guitars, Songwriting

Reverend Bizarre

As Peter Vicar:
Guitars (1994-2007)

1996 Practice Sessions (Demo) Guitars
1999 Slice of Doom (Demo) Guitars
2002 In the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend Guitars
2003 You Shall Suffer! (Demo) Guitars
2003 Blood on Satan's Claw / Death in Spring (Split) Guitars
2003 Harbinger of Metal (EP) Guitars
2004 Reverend Bizarre / Orodruin (Split) Guitars
2004 Black (Magic) Triangle / Apocalyptic Riders (Split) Guitars
2004 Slice of Doom 1999-2002 (Compilation) Guitars
2005 Slave of Satan (Single) Guitars
2005 II: Crush the Insects Guitars (as "Father Peter Vicar")
2006 Thulsa Doom (EP) Guitars
2006 Under the Sign of the Wolf (Split) Guitars (as "Peter")
2007 Teutonic Witch (Single) Guitars
2007 III: So Long Suckers Guitars
2007 Knock 'Em Down to Size Part I (Split) Guitars (as "Viðarr")
2008 Reverend Bizarre / Kuolema (Split) Guitars
2008 Reverend Bizarre / Rättö ja Lehtisalo (Split) Guitars
2008 Dark World / Deceiver (EP) Guitars
2008 Electric Wizard / Reverend Bizarre (Split) Guitars
2008 Mr Velcro Fastener / Reverend Bizarre (Split) Guitars
2008 The Goddess of Doom (Single) Guitars
2011 Return to the Rectory (EP) Guitars
(show all)


2008 Blue Tape (Demo) Guitars (acoustic), whistling on Track 7


As Peter Vicar:

2010 Destroyers of the Faith Guitars (lead), Harmony (track 3)

Lord Vicar

2008 The Demon of Freedom (EP) Recording, Layout, Lyrics (as "Peter")
2008 Fear No Pain Recording, Engineering, Mixing, Layout, Lyrics (as "Peter")
2011 Lord Vicar / Funeral Circle (Split) Recording, Layout (as "K. Kärki")
2011 Signs of Osiris Recording
2012 Lord Vicar / Revelation (Split) Recording (as "Kimi")
2016 Gates of Flesh Recording (lead and harmony guitars)
2019 The Black Powder Recording (lead guitar), Lyrics


2011 The Tree of Life Layout

Reverend Bizarre

2007 III: So Long Suckers Producer (as "Peter Vicar")


2011 The Demo Tapes (Compilation) Liner notes

Wreck of the Hesperus

2011 Light Rotting Out Recording (guest vocals) (as "Peter Vicar")
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