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Kevin Bernsten

Kevin Bernsten

Real/full name:
Kevin Bernsten
Place of origin:
United States


Producer/engineer and owner of Developing Nations recording studio in Baltimore, MD.

Eye Flys



2014 Anicon / Belus (Split) Recording, Mixing


2012 Maladapted (EP) Recording
2013 Consequences (EP) Recording
2016 Motherfucker Recording
2018 Death Residue (EP) Recording

Bastard Sapling

2014 Instinct Is Forever Recording, Mixing


2013 Deserted (EP) Mixing, Recording

Black Blizzard

2020 Reading Gaol Recording

Cemetery Piss

2011 Rest in Piss (Demo) Recording

Dagger Moon

2016 Citadel Mastering


2018 Second Sight Recording, Mixing

Full of Hell

2011 Roots of Earth Are Consuming My Home Recording
2012 Full of Hell / The Guilt Øf... (Split) Recording
2013 Rudiments of Mutilation Recording
2016 Amber Mote in the Black Vault (EP) Recording
2016 Nails / Full of Hell (Split) Recording
2020 Full of Health (Collaboration) Recording

Full of Hell / Merzbow

2014 Full of Hell - Merzbow (Collaboration) Recording

Gateway to Hell

2017 Clovers (EP) Recording


2011 The Show That Ends the World (Split) Recording, Mixing

Genocide Pact

2014 Desecration (Single) Mastering
2015 Forged Through Domination Recording
2018 Order of Torment Recording

Gravity Kong

2020 Snailed Recording


2014 Circle of Death Recording


2011 Hooded Menace / Ilsa (Split) Recording
2012 Intoxicantations Recording
2013 Seven Sisters of Sleep / Ilsa (Split) Recording
2015 The Felon's Claw Recording
2016 Coffins / Ilsa (Split) Recording
2018 Corpse Fortress Recording


2017 Howling, for the Nightmare Shall Consume Recording
2018 Integrity / Krieg (Split) Recording
2019 All Death is Mine (Single) Recording
2019 Integrity / Psywarfare (Split) Recording


2020 Ixias / Neckbreather (Split) Recording (instruments), Mixing (as "Developing Nations")

Midnight Eye

2012 Sign Recording, Engineering, Mixing


2012 Death Ritual (EP) Recording, Mixing
2014 Cursed to See the Future Recording, Mixing
2015 Mortals / Repellers (Split) Mixing, Mixing, Recording

Mother Brain

2012 Straight to Business (EP) Recording

Musket Hawk

2019 Upside of Sick Recording

Mutilation Rites

2011 Batillus / Mutilation Rites (Split) Recording
2012 Devoid (EP) Recording
2012 I Am Legion (EP) Recording, Mixing
2012 Empyrean Recording, Mixing
2014 Harbinger Recording, Mixing

Narrow Grave

2015 Under the Earth (EP) Mastering


2019 Neolithic (EP) Recording, Noise


2013 Agony Defined Recording
2014 Defiled (Single) Recording
2015 Blossoming Decay Producer
2019 Cease to Exist Recording


2010 II Engineering, Mixing

Outer Heaven

2018 Into Hellfire (Single) Recording

Pig Destroyer

2019 The Cavalry (Single) Recording

Police State

2014 Rot in Prejudice Producer, Mixing

Pulling Teeth

2010 Pulling Teeth / Shin To Shin (Split) Recording, Mixing
2011 Lightning Strikes Twice (Single) Recording
2011 Funerary Recording
2017 Martyr Immortal (10th Anniversary Edition) Remixing


2014 Chaos Awaits (EP) Recording, Mastering

Red Death

2014 Demo 2014 (Demo) Recording
2015 Permanent Exile Recording


2012 Stigmatas in the Flesh (Live album) Recording


2016 Echoes of Dismemberment Recording, Mixing


2016 Sick/Tired / Sea of Shit (Split) Mixing
2016 Triac / Sick/Tired (Split) Mixing


2016 Well of Despair (Single) Producer, Recording, Engineering
2016 The Apothic Gloom (EP) Recording, Engineering, Producer


2013 Holy Ground (EP) Recording

Tomb Warden

2018 Reflection of the Mistake (EP) Recording, Mixing, Mixing
2019 Flash Out / Tomb Warden (Split) Recording, Mixing


2018 Coffin Texts (EP) Recording, Mixing
2020 Haze Mage / Tombtoker (Split) Recording

Writhing Mass

2016 Human Capital (EP) Recording
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