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Ken Kelly

Ken Kelly

Real/full name:
Kenneth W. Kelly
74 (born May 19th, 1946)
Place of origin:
United States (New London, Connecticut)


Ken Kelly paints within the subgenres of sword & sorcery, heroic fantasy & science fiction. His renderings have depicted Robert E. Howard´s Conan the Barbarian & Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan & he's painted the original series of Robert Adam’s Horseclans novels. He also illustrated the covers of the KISS albums Destroyer & Love Gun.

Kelly is the nephew of Frank Frazetta.


2004 Night Stalker Cover art


1986 In the Ancient Days Cover art


2002 Crucify the Priest Cover art


2002 Immortal Stories Cover art


2009 HolyHell Artwork


1998 Skull's Hunter (Demo) Cover art

Legion of the Damned

2010 Slaughtering... (Live album) Cover art


2010 Vol.1 Cover art


2002 Sword & Sorcery Cover art


2012 Triumph and Glory Cover art


1987 Blow Your Speakers (Single) Artwork
1987 Fighting the World Artwork
1988 Kings of Metal Cover art
1992 Metal Warriors (Single) Cover Art
1992 The Triumph of Steel Cover art
1996 Return of the Warlord (Single) Artwork
1996 Louder than Hell Cover art
1999 Hell on Stage Live (Live album) Cover art
2002 Warriors of the World Cover art
2002 Warriors of the World United (Video) Cover art
2002 Fire and Blood: Hell on Earth Part II + Blood in Brazil (Video) Cover art
2003 Hell on Earth III (Video) Cover art
2005 Hell on Earth IV (Video) Cover art
2007 Gods of War Cover art
2008 Kings of Metal / The Triumph of Steel (Compilation) Cover art
2009 Hell on Earth V (Video) Cover art
2012 The Lord of Steel Cover art
2014 Kings of Metal MMXIV Artwork
2019 The Final Battle I (EP) Cover art
(show all)

Morbid Jester

1994 Until the Battle Is Won Cover art
1996 Irony of Fate Cover art


2001 Feel the Pain (EP) Cover art


1976 Rising Artwork


2002 Fist for Fight (Compilation) Cover art

Shadows of Iga

2002 The Dark Side Cover art


2001 Reign in Hell Cover art
2003 King of Dreams Cover art

Steel Prophet

2002 Unseen Artwork


2019 Shadow Rising Artwork


2010 Upon Haunted Battlefields Cover art
2013 Anteinferno Cover art

The Gates of Slumber

2006 Suffer No Guilt Cover art
2008 ...the Awakening Cover art
2012 ...the Awakening Cover art


1996 Hednaland (Demo) Cover art
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