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Real/full name:
Chris Edward Brown
30 (born Mar 22nd, 1992)
Place of birth:
United States (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Black Reaper

Cello (2014)

Curse the Gods

As Christopher Brown:
Cello (studio) (2011)

Empyrean Throne

Cello, Orchestrations (2011-2016)

2013 Demonseed (EP) Cello, Orchestrations
2014 Lachdanan's Curse (Single) Cello, Orchestrations
2015 Blood in the Ardennes (Single) Cello, Orchestrations
2016 Ov Fire and the Void (Single) Cello, Orchestrations
2016 Haereticus Stellarum Part II (Single) Cello, Orchestrations
2017 Chaosborne Cello, Orchestrations

Through the Thorns

As C. B. "Kaakophonix":
Cello (2012)

2012 Woodland Horizons Cello

Abigail Williams

As Christopher Brown:
Cello (2012, 2018-?)

A Hill to Die Upon

As Christopher Edward Brown:

2017 Via Artis Via Mortis Cello (tracks 1, 9)

Abigail Williams

2016 The Final Failure (Single) Cello (as "Christopher Brown")
2019 Walk Beyond the Dark Cello (as "Chris "Kakophonix" Brown")


2020 A Convocation of Spirits (Single) Cello
2020 Adora Vivos / Amiensus (Split) Cello
2020 Abreaction Cello
2021 Leaves Will Grow Anew (Single) Cello


2019 Keres Melanos Thanatoio (EP) Cello
2022 Saturnine December Cello (track 6)

Chrome Waves

2020 Where We Live Cello
2022 Where You Live (EP) Cello (as "Christopher Brown")

Draconian Oracle

2020 The Ascending Flame Cello (track 7)

Grave Gnosis

2021 Lux Nigredo Cello
2022 Preview 2022 (EP) Cello
2022 Towards the Nameless Darkness (Split) Cello


2022 Scourge of the Realm Cello (track 7)

Light Being

2016 Where Stars Blossom (Single) Cello
2021 A Way in to Dreams Cello (Track 8) (as "Christopher Edward Brown")


As Christopher Brown:

2013 The Final Journey Cello

Oak Pantheon

2023 The Absen­ce Cello (tracks 1, 4, 7, 8)


2021 Brasov 1898 (Single) Cello, Ambience
2022 Resurrectionist Cello (tracks 2, 4, 7, 8), Choir arrangements (tracks 2, 8)

Empyrean Throne

2016 Haereticus Stellarum Part II (Single) Recording (Strings)
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