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Kärtsy Hatakka

Kärtsy Hatakka

Real/full name:
Hatakka Kari Arvo Ilari
53 (born Dec 17th, 1967)
Place of origin:
Finland (Helsinki)


Before Waltari, he had been playing with Jariot Lehtinen in a band called The Draculas for some years.

Released a solo album titled "Duty Freedom" in 2010.

He also composed the soundtracks for the computer games Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne.

Kärtsy Hatakka

Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Songwriting, Lyrics


Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Programming (1986-present)

1988 Waltari (EP) Vocals, Bass (as "Kartsy Hatakka")
1989 Rap Your Body Beat (Single) Vocals, Bass
1990 Mut hei (EP) Bass, Vocals, Synthesizer (track 1), Lyrics (as "Kärtsy")
1991 Monk-Punk Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Piano, Percussion (as "Kärtsy")
1992 Torcha! Vocals, Bass, Piano, Keyboards, Drum programming, Melodica (as "Kärtsy")
1994 So Fine! Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Drums (track 3), Drum programming (tracks 3, 8), Guitars (track 13) (as "Kärtsy")
1995 Big Bang Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Samples, Programming, Guitars (track 12)
1996 Move (Single) Bass, Vocals
1996 Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die! - Death Metal Symphony in Deep C Vocals, Bass (as "Computerbrain, John Doe")
1997 Space Avenue Vocals, Keyboards, Bass
1999 Evankeliumi (Video) Vocals, Bass, Narration
1999 Radium Round Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Programming
2000 Channel Nordica (Collaboration) Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Programming
2001 Back to Persepolis (EP) Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Programming
2004 Rare Species Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Programming
2005 Rare Species Alive (Video) Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Programming
2005 Blood Sample Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Programming (as "Kärtsy")
2007 Release Date Vocals, Bass, Programming
2009 Below Zero Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Programming
2011 Covers All! - 25th Anniversary Album Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Programming
2015 You Are Waltari Programming, Vocals (lead), Keyboards, Percussion, Bass
2020 Global Rock Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Programming
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Bass (2011-2013)

2012 Worldwide Hypnotize Bass

The Draculas



Vocals (2007)


2016 Blacktracks Vocals (additional), Shaker


2008 Amortean Producer


1990 Mut hei (EP) Recording (Bass) (as "Mouse")
1994 So Fine! Lyrics (as "Kärtsy")
1994 So Fine (Single) Lyrics (as "Hatakka")
1995 Big Bang Lyrics
1996 Move (Single) Producer, Mixing (as "Kärtsy")
1996 Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die! - Death Metal Symphony in Deep C Lyrics
1997 Blind Zone (Single) Lyrics
1997 Space Avenue Lyrics (as "Hatakka")
1999 Evankeliumi (Video) Lyrics (as "Kaertsy Hatakka")
1999 Radium Round Lyrics (as "Kärtsy")
2000 Channel Nordica (Collaboration) Mixing (track 8) (as "Kärtsy")
2004 Rare Species Lyrics (as "Hatakka")
2005 Not Enough (Single) Lyrics (as "Hatakka")
2005 Blood Sample Recording (assistant) (as "Kärtsy")
2007 Release Date Producer, Recording, Mixing
2009 Below Zero Producer, Engineering (assistant) (track 3), Mixing, Lyrics (as "Hatakka")
2015 You Are Waltari Recording (additional), Lyrics
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