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Julio Viterbo

Julio Viterbo

Real/full name:
Julio Viterbo
52 (born May 10th, 1971)
Place of birth:
Mexico (San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí)


Guitars (1994-1998, 2018-present)

1994 Riding Our Black Oceans Guitars
1996 Epic Rites (9 Epic Tales & Death Rites) Guitars
1998 The Last Epic Age (Live album) Guitars

Heavens Decay

Bass, Guitars (2015-present)

2016 The Great Void of Mystery Bass, Guitars


Bass, Guitars

2013 The Unreachable Salvation Bass, Guitars on tracks 2, 4, 5 and 7


As Kalvator:
Bass, Guitars

2002 Lucifer Master Bass, Guitars

Shub Niggurath

Guitars, Bass, Keyboards (1990-1997, 2011)

1990 Horror Creatures (Demo) Guitars
1991 Unknown Adorer (EP) Guitars
1992 Blasphemies of Nether World (EP) Guitars (as "Julio")
1994 Evilness and Darkness Prevails (EP) Guitars (as "Julio")
1997 The Kinglike Celebration (Final Aeon on Earth) Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Effects
2008 Inverted Dimensions (Split) Guitars (as "Julio V.")
2011 A Deadly Call from the Stars Guitars, Bass, Keyboards

The Chasm

Bass, Guitars (1999-?)

1999 Promotional CD 1999 (Demo) Guitars
2000 Procession to the Infraworld Guitars
2000 Reaching the Veil of Death (EP) Guitars
2002 Conjuration of the Spectral Empire Guitars
2004 The Spell of Retribution Guitars, Bass (tracks 2, 3. 5, 7, 10)
2009 Farseeing the Paranormal Abysm Guitars, Bass



1989 Visions of Darkness (Demo) Guitars (as "Julio V.")
2004 Visions of Darkness (Compilation) Guitars
2011 Beholding the Endless Pestilence (Compilation) Guitars

Question of Madness

Guitars (lead)

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