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Jukka Nevalainen

Jukka Nevalainen

Real/full name:
Jukka Antero Nevalainen
46 (born Apr 21st, 1978)
Place of birth:
Finland (Kitee, Pohjois-Karjala)


Nevalainen started playing drums in Kitee at the age of eleven, and used to rehearse with Emppu Vuorinen in their teens. Vuorinen later introduced Nevalainen to Tuomas Holopainen to start an acoustic music project that would later become Nightwish.

On 6 August 2014 it was announced that Nevalainen would not be able to take part of Nightwish's 8th album and its tour due to health issues, thus ...


Nevalainen lives with his wife Satu and their children Luna (born 2003), Niki (born 2005) and Lara (born 2010) in Joensuu, Finland. He is a vegetarian.


Drums (1994-1996)

Bitch Driven

As Yucca Banderas:


Drums (1994-1996)


Drums, Percussion (1997-2019)

1997 The Carpenter (Split) Drums
1997 Angels Fall First Drums, Percussion (as "Jukka")
1998 Sacrament of Wilderness (Split) Drums
1998 Oceanborn Drums, Percussion (as "Jukka")
1999 Walking in the Air (Single) Drums
1999 Sleeping Sun (4 Ballads of the Eclipse) (EP) Drums
2000 Wishmastour 2000 (EP) Drums
2000 Wishmaster Drums, Percussion
2000 Deep Silent Complete (Single) Drums
2001 From Wishes to Eternity (Live album) Drums
2001 Over the Hills and Far Away (EP) Drums
2001 From Wishes to Eternity (Video) Drums
2002 Ever Dream (Single) Drums
2002 Century Child Drums, Percussion
2002 Bless the Child (Single) Drums
2003 End of Innocence (Video) Drums, Percussion
2004 Nemo (Single) Drums
2004 Once Drums, Percussion
2004 Wish I Had an Angel (Single) Drums
2004 Tales from the Elvenpath (Compilation) Drums
2004 Kuolema tekee taiteilijan (Single) Drums
2005 Bestwishes (Compilation) Drums
2005 The Siren (Single) Drums
2005 Highest Hopes: The Best of Nightwish (Compilation) Drums
2005 Sleeping Sun (Single) Drums
2006 End of an Era (Live album) Drums
2006 End of an Era (Video) Drums
2007 Eva (Single) Drums
2007 Amaranth (Single) Drums
2007 Amaranth (Single) Drums
2007 Amaranth (Video) Drums
2007 Dark Passion Play Drums, Percussion
2007 Hi Five: Female Fronted Metal (Split) Drums
2007 Erämaan viimeinen (Single) Drums
2008 Bye Bye Beautiful (Single) Drums
2008 The Islander (Single) Drums
2008 The Sound of Nightwish Reborn (Compilation) Drums
2009 Made in Hong Kong (and in Various Other Places) (Live album) Drums
2009 Amaranth (live) (Single) Drums
2011 Walking in the Air - The Greatest Ballads (Compilation) Drums, Percussion
2011 Storytime (Single) Drums, Percussion, Arrangements
2011 Imaginaerum Drums, Percussion
2012 The Crow, the Owl and the Dove (Single) Drums, Percussion
2012 Trials of Imaginaerum (EP) Drums
2012 Imaginaerum - The Score Drums, Arrangements
2013 From Wishes to Eternity at Over the Hills and Far Away (Compilation) Drums
2013 Storytime (live) (Single) Drums
2013 Ghost Love Score (live) (Single) Drums
2013 Showtime, Storytime (Live album) Drums
2013 Showtime, Storytime (Video) Drums
2014 The Three Goddesses (Split) Drums
2018 Decades (An Archive of Song 1996-2015) (Compilation) Drums, Percussion (CD1 tracks 4-9; CD2)
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2003 Into the Silence Drums

The Highway

Drums (1990-1993)


2003 Barilari Drums
2003 Barilari (EP) Drums


2003 Barilari Producer
2003 Barilari (EP) Producer
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