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Juho Räihä

Juho Räihä

Real/full name:
Juho Räihä
36 (born Oct 2nd, 1984)
Place of origin:
Finland (Heinola, Päijänne Tavastia)


Resident engineer at SoundSpiral Audio, a professional recording studio located in downtown Kouvola, in southern Finland.

Contact: [email protected]

Before the Dawn

Guitars (lead) (2007-2013, 2021-present)

2008 Soundscape of Silence Guitars (rhythm)
2010 Decade of Darkness (EP) Guitars (lead)
2011 Deathstar Rising Guitars (lead)
2012 Rise of the Phoenix Guitars (lead)
2021 Final Storm (Single) Guitars (lead)

Gloria Morti

Guitars (1999-present)

2002 Ephemeral Life Span (Demo) Guitars (lead) (as "Algos")
2004 Lifestream Corrosion Guitars (lead)
2005 Phoenix Caged in Flesh (Demo) Guitars
2008 Eryx Guitars, Programming
2010 Anthems of Annihilation Guitars
2012 Lateral Constraint Guitars
2016 Kuebiko Guitars


Guitars (2019-present)

2019 The Hedonist Anthem (Single) Guitars
2019 Anti-Human Agenda (Single) Guitars
2019 I Guitars

Swallow the Sun

Guitars (2018-present)

2018 Lumina Aurea (Single) Guitars
2019 When a Shadow Is Forced into the Light Guitars


Guitars (2018-present)

Red Moon Architect

Guitars (2014-present)

Swallow the Sun

Guitars (2016)


Guitars (lead) (2015)

Before the Dawn

2006 The Ghost Guitars, Guitars (lead) (Tracks 1, 4)
2007 Deadlight Guitars (lead) (track 3)


2009 Decade of Decapitation (Demo) Recording, Mixing


2012 Essence of Fear Vocals (backing)

...and Oceans

2020 Cosmic World Mother Recording (vocals)


2016 Visions of the Blind Reamping (guitars, bass), Mixing


2011 Deception (Demo) Mixing, Mastering


2019 Beyond the Grasp of Mortal Hands Mastering
2019 Lake in the Moonlight (Single) Mastering

Before the Dawn

2007 Deadlight Producer
2008 Soundscape of Silence Recording
2010 Decade of Darkness (EP) Mixing, Recording
2011 Deathstar Rising Engineering, Mixing, Producer
2012 Rise of the Phoenix Engineering, Mixing, Producer
2021 Final Storm (Single) Mixing, Mastering

Black Sun Aeon

2009 Darkness Walks Beside Me Recording, Mixing
2010 Routa Mixing
2011 Blacklight Deliverance Mixing, Additional vocal recordings

Bloodred Hourglass

2015 Where the Oceans Burn Mixing, Recording
2019 Godsend Recording


2012 Infinite Event (EP) Mixing, Mastering

Countless Skies

2016 New Dawn Mastering, Mixing
2020 Glow Mixing, Mastering


2014 Singularity Mastering, Mixing

Evil Drive

2018 Ragemaker Mastering

From the Void

2018 Hänen valonsa (EP) Mastering, Mixing

Gloria Morti

2008 Eryx Producer, Recording, Engineering, Mixing
2010 Anthems of Annihilation Producer, Mixing, Recording
2012 Lateral Constraint Recording, Producer, Mixing
2016 Kuebiko Recording, Mastering, Producer, Mixing


2017 No Stars upon the Bridge Engineering (guitars)


2019 I Mixing, Recording


2020 Death of the Cosmic (EP) Mastering

Kaunis Kuolematon

2014 Kylmä kaunis maailma Mastering
2017 Vapaus Mastering

Magenta Harvest

2014 Volatile Waters Recording, Mastering, Mixing
2017 ...and Then Came the Dust Recording, Mixing, Mastering


2011 The First Morning and the Last Day (EP) Producer, Mixing, Recording
2017 Smoke Electric (Single) Producer


2013 Starless Aeons (Single) Mixing
2013 Antarctica Mixing


2005 Where Hell Begins (EP) Recording, Mixing
2010 Nothing but Hate Mastering, Recording, Mixing
2012 Essence of Fear Mastering, Mixing, Photography, Recording
2016 Peace with Death Recording, Mastering, Mixing

Ordeal of Soul

2007 Annihilated (Demo) Recording

Pressure Points

2015 False Lights Mixing, Recording


2018 Evoke the Blaze Mixing, Mastering

Riverside Syndicate

2014 Promotional Compilation (Compilation) Mixing, Mastering, Recording

Sacrilegious Impalement

2013 III - Lux Infera Recording, Mixing


2009 Baptized in Disgust (EP) Mixing
2013 Waves of Hate (EP) Mixing, Mastering
2016 The Finish Line Mixing, Mastering

Sole Remedy

2008 The Wounded Ones Engineering, Mixing


2013 Syövereistä (EP) Recording (drums), Mixing, Mastering, Reamping (guitars, bass)

The Drowned

2016 I Became the Fear (EP) Recording

The Final Harvest

2008 The End Recording, Mixing

Thy Kingdom Will Burn

2017 Thy Kingdom Will Burn (Demo) Mastering
2018 Unclean (EP) Engineering, Mixing, Mastering


2015 Cult Mastering, Mixing, Recording

Where's My Bible

2020 Werewolves of Ghost Town (Single) Mastering


2013 Winterborn Mixing, Recording, Mastering
2015 Shadow World Recording, Mixing
2015 Fire and Ice (Single) Recording, Mixing, Mastering
2017 Tyhjyys Recording, Mastering, Mixing
2018 Constellation of the Black Light Recording (guitars, drums), Mastering, Co-producer, Mixing
2020 Wolves of Karelia Mixing, Mastering
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