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Jonas Kjellgren

Jonas Kjellgren

Real/full name:
Per Jonas Kjellgren
46 (born Jul 4th, 1977)
Place of birth:
Sweden (Avesta, Dalarna)


Jonas Kjellgren is a Swedish musician and producer, now residing in Grangärde, Sweden. He owns and operates Black Lounge Studios which many Swedish metal bands use to record, mix and master their albums. Jonas is known for playing 7-string guitars. He was previously endorsed by Jackson, but now plays on a White 7-string Dean Razorback.

Bourbon Boys

Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing) (2012-present)


Guitars, Bass (2020-present)

2021 The Unbreathing (Single) Guitars, Bass
2022 Abusing the Exorable (Single) Guitars, Bass
2022 Thy Ancient Fire Guitars, Bass
2023 Weapons of Spiritual Carnage Guitars, Bass


Vocals, Guitars

2024 Origin of Terror (Single) Vocals, Guitars


Bass (2011-present)

Roadhouse Diet

Vocals, Guitars

World Below

Guitars, Vocals (1999-present)

2004 Sacrifices to the Moon Guitars, Strings, Organ, Mandolin, Vocals
2005 Maelstrom Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards, Songwriting
2006 Repulsion Guitars

Carnal Forge

Vocals (lead) (1997-2004)

1998 Who's Gonna Burn Vocals
2000 Firedemon Vocals
2001 Please... Die! Vocals
2003 The More You Suffer Vocals
2004 Aren't You Dead Yet? Vocals
2004 Destroy Live (Video) Vocals


Guitars (1998-2006)

1999 Bloodhunt (EP) Guitars
2000 Apocalyptic Armageddon (EP) Guitars
2000 Hellbrigade Guitars
2002 Diabolical Desolation Guitars, Vocals (additional) (track 4)
2003 Hail Germania (Split) Guitars
2004 Decadence - Prophecies of Cosmic Chaos Guitars
2004 Live Devastation (EP) Guitars
2005 World Declension Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2013 Teutonische Invasion (EP) Guitars


As Jonas "The Box" Kjellgren:
Vocals (1994-2002)

1995 Drunk in the Abyss (Demo) Vocals
1996 Everything You Hate Vocals (as "Jonas Dellamorte")
1997 Dirty / Corned Beef (Split) Vocals
1997 Fall from Grace (Split) Vocals
1997 Uglier and More Disgusting Vocals (as "Jonas "Krutov" Kjellgren")
1999 Home Sweet Hell... Vocals
2001 Fuck Me Satan (EP) Vocals


Vocals, Guitars (1992-1995)

1993 A New Beginning of Unfaithful Life (Demo) Vocals, Guitars
1994 Live från Musikhuset (Split) Vocals, Guitars

Quest of Aidance

Guitars, Vocals (additional)

Runes Postlåda


Scar Symmetry

Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals (backing) (2004-2013)

2004 Seeds of Rebellion (Demo) Guitars, Keyboards (programming)
2005 Symmetric in Design Songwriting (tracks 1, 4, 6-8, 11, 12), Guitars, Keyboards
2006 The Neckbreakers Ball (Split) Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
2006 Pitch Black Progress Songwriting (tracks 2, 4, 7-12), Guitars, Keyboards
2006 The Illusionist / Mind Machine (Single) Guitars
2008 Holographic Universe Guitars
2008 Morphogenesis (Single) Guitars
2009 Noumenon and Phenomenon (Single) Guitars, Keyboards
2009 Dark Matter Dimensions Songwriting, Guitars
2009 Ascension Chamber (Single) Guitars, Keyboards
2011 The Unseen Empire Guitars (rhythm), Songwriting
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Guitars, Vocals

1996 Welcome to the Inside (Demo) Guitars, Vocals




2009 The Reckoning Guitars (lead) (track 1)


2003 Deathlike Recollections (Single) Guitars (rhythm)


2007 Incinerate Disintegrate (EP) Vocals (additional)


2013 End of Disclosure Guitars (lead) (track 2)

In Mourning

2010 Monolith Guitars (lead) (track 4)


2003 Chaos Complete Guitars (lead) (track 3), Vocals (additional) (tracks 6, 8-10)


2007 Conjuration of the Sepulchral (Split) Guitars (lead) (tracks 6, 8)

Joe Lynn Turner

2022 Belly of the Beast Vocals (choirs)

Misery Speaks

2009 Disciples of Doom Guitars (lead) (track 8)


2016 Coming Home Guitars (slide lead) (track 7)


2020 Damnation (EP) Guitars (lead)


2016 The Last Stand Bagpipes (track 3)
2019 The Great War Didgeridoo, Vocals (backing)
2019 Soundtrack to the Great War Didgeridoo, Vocals (backing)
2022 The War to End All Wars Vocals (backing)

Scum Scunge

2016 Scum Scunge Guitars (lead)

Sonic Syndicate

2010 We Rule the Night Guitars (lead)

Steel Attack

2006 Diabolic Symphony Keyboards, Programming

The Absence

2007 Riders of the Plague Vocals (track 9), Guitars (lead) (tracks 11, 12), Vocals (track 9)

The Fading

2009 In Sin We'll Find Salvation Guitars (lead) (track 7)

The Unguided

2011 Nightmareland (EP) Bass
2011 Betrayer of the Code (Single) Bass
2011 Inherit the Earth (Single) Bass
2011 Hell Frost Bass
2012 Phoenix Down (Single) Bass

Truth Corroded

2011 Worship the Bled Guitars (lead) (Track 1)


2016 Liturgy (EP) Guitars (lead) (tracks 1, 2)


2008 Blood Cure Guitars (lead) (track 3)

21 Lucifers

2002 Retaliation (Demo) Engineering
2004 Hope Fades (Demo) Producer, Recording
2006 In the Name of... Recording, Producer


2021 Redefine (Single) Mixing, Mastering
2022 Evil Ways Mixing, Mastering
2024 The Jester Bird (Single) Producer


2006 The Fallen Empire Producer, Mixing, Mastering

Altered Aeon

2004 Dispiritism Producer, Mixing


2013 Hopeless Days (Single) Mastering
2013 The Wanderer (Single) Mastering
2013 Circle Mastering


2004 The Final Demand Engineering

Astral Doors

2014 Notes from the Shadows Mixing, Mastering
2014 Notes from the Shadows Mastering, Mixing

Berzerker Legion

2023 Choirs of Anguish (Single) Mastering, Producer, Mixing
2023 Chaos Will Reign Mastering, Producer, Mixing


2011 Unholy Cross Mixing, Mastering
2012 In the Name of Metal Mastering, Mixing
2014 Stormborn Mixing, Mastering
2017 War of Dragons Mixing, Mastering
2019 Slayer of Kings (Single) Mixing, Mastering
2019 Rise of the Dragon Empire (Single) Mixing, Mastering
2019 The Warlock's Trail (Single) Mixing, Mastering
2019 Rise of the Dragon Empire Mixing, Mastering
2021 When Fate Is Calling (Single) Mixing, Mastering
2021 Creatures of the Dark Realm (Single) Mixing, Mastering
2021 March into War (Single) Mixing, Mastering
2021 Creatures of the Dark Realm Mastering, Mixing
2023 Odin’s Prayer (Single) Mixing, Mastering
2023 The Raven's Cry (Single) Mastering, Mixing
2023 1066 (Single) Mixing, Mastering
2023 Drink with the Gods (Single) Mixing, Mastering
2023 Tales from the North (Single) Mastering, Mixing
2023 Tales from the North Mixing, Mastering
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2002 Kaos och djävulskap Recording
2003 Livets låga slocknar (EP) Recording (as "Jonas "Lådan" Kjellgren")
2004 Bombstrike / Legion 666 (Split) Recording (as "Jooonas")

Carnal Forge

2000 Firedemon Mixing, Recording (Tracks 5 - 9)
2001 Please... Die! Recording (vocals)
2003 The More You Suffer Engineering
2004 Aren't You Dead Yet? Engineering
2007 Testify for My Victims Mixing


2012 Deathmask Mastering


2008 Dead Reflection (EP) Mastering


1999 Bloodhunt (EP) Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
2000 Hellbrigade Engineering (as "J. Kjellgren")
2002 Diabolical Desolation Engineering, Mixing
2003 Malleus Maleficarum Remastering
2003 Bloodhunt / Reborn Through Flames (Compilation) Remastering, Engineering (tracks 1-6), Mixing (tracks 1-6)
2003 Hail Germania (Split) Engineering, Mixing
2003 Hellbrigade Remastering
2003 Deathlike Recollections (Single) Mastering, Re-recording (rhythm guitars), Remixing
2004 Decadence - Prophecies of Cosmic Chaos Mixing, Mastering
2005 World Declension Engineering, Mixing
2013 Teutonische Invasion (EP) Engineering, Mixing
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2007 Silence Equals Death (Demo) Recording, Mixing
2009 A Season of Hates Perfection Mixing, Mastering

Civil War

2012 Civil War (EP) Mixing, Mastering
2013 The Killer Angels Mixing, Mastering
2015 Gods and Generals Mixing (bonus tracks), Mastering (bonus tracks), Mastering
2016 The Last Full Measure Mixing, Mastering
2022 Invaders Mixing, Mastering


2001 God After Me (Demo) Recording

Dawn of Silence

2006 Moment of Weakness Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2010 Wicked Saint or Righteous Sinner Mastering, Mixing, Producer

Deals Death

2012 Elite Mixing, Mastering
2013 Point Zero Solution Producer, Mixing, Mastering


2009 Out of Body Experience Producer, Engineering
2010 Human Nature (EP) Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2011 A World Destroyer Producer, Engineering, Mixing


2007 Servants of the Unlight Engineering (drums)
2009 Hellsworn Mastering
2010 Imperial Anthems No. 1 (Split) Mastering
2014 European Deathcharge (Split) Mastering


2005 Inside (Demo) Recording, Mixing


2021 In Continuum Mixing, Mastering


2008 Project Destiny Mixing


2016 End of Days Mastering


2010 Echoing Lullabies Mastering, Mixing, Recording (guitars)


2012 Sultans of Sin Mastering
2014 Renatus Engineering, Recording
2016 Roar of the Underdog (Single) Mastering
2016 The Human Paradox (Single) Mastering
2016 Titanic Mass Mastering (as "Jonas Källgren")
2018 Breathe with Me (Single) Recording, Mixing
2018 The Grey (Single) Mixing, Mastering
2018 Firesign (Single) Mixing, Mastering
2018 Firesign Mastering, Mixing


2021 Live by Fire II (Live album) Mastering (additional)


2013 Last Night of Solace Mastering

Eternal of Sweden

2012 Chapter I Mastering
2016 Heaven's Gate Mastering


2004 Bloodred Hell Producer, Recording, Mixing, Mastering (as "Jonas "Karaoke" Mats Kjellgren")
2008 Dead, Rotten and Hungry Recording, Mixing, Mastering
2010 Infected Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
2012 Zombie God (Single) Engineering, Mixing, Mastering

Faithful Darkness

2012 Black Mirrors Reflection Engineering, Producer, Mixing, Mastering

Final Strike

2023 Finding Pieces Mixing, Mastering, Producer


2007 Incinerate Disintegrate (EP) Producer, Mixing

Frantic Amber

2012 Bleeding Sanity (Single) Mixing, Mastering


2009 Off the Face of the Earth Mastering, Mixing


2014 The Hook Mastering


2010 Burn with Grace Engineering
2013 The Dead Justifies the Means Engineering (drums)


2012 Batavi Mastering

Hell Patrol

2004 At the Depths of Despair (Demo) Producer, Mixing, Recording


2017 Einherjr (Single) Mixing, Mastering
2017 Kven Mixing, Mastering (as "Jonas "Vultwulf" Kjellgren")
2021 Ragnarök Mixing, Mastering, Producer


2009 A Taste of Extreme Divinity Mastering
2011 Eraser (Single) Mastering
2011 Hell over Sofia - 20 Years of Chaos and Confusion (Video) Mastering
2012 Beast of Hypocrisy (Compilation) Mastering
2013 End of Disclosure Mastering


2009 Metalwar Mastering


2011 Ikhon (EP) Mixing, Mastering


2009 All Shall Fall Mastering
2010 The Seventh Date of Blashyrkh (Video) Mastering
2018 Northern Chaos Gods Mastering

In Mourning

2006 Grind Denial (Demo) Producer, Recording, Mixing
2008 Shrouded Divine Mixing, Producer, Mastering, Recording
2010 Monolith Producer, Mastering, Engineering, Mixing
2012 The Weight of Oceans Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
2019 Garden of Storms Mixing, Mastering


2003 Chaos Complete Engineering, Producer, Recording


2007 Ikon Engineering, Mixing, Mastering


2007 Conjuration of the Sepulchral (Split) Engineering, Mixing


2021 The Unbreathing (Single) Mixing, Mastering, Producer
2022 Abusing the Exorable (Single) Mastering, Producer, Mixing
2022 Thy Ancient Fire Mastering, Producer, Mixing
2023 Weapons of Spiritual Carnage Recording, Mixing, Mastering


2012 Refract the Fears Mixing, Mastering, Re-amping

Julie Laughs Nomore

2001 From the Mist of the Ruins Producer, Engineering, Mixing (as "Jonas Källgren")


2011 Mare Mastering
2014 Djevelmakt Mastering, Producer, Engineering (as "Jonas "Proffs" Kjellgren")
2015 Profan Mixing, Recording (drums), Mastering, Engineering (drums)
2019 Ofidians manifest Producer, Engineering
2022 Til klovers takt Mixing, Mastering


2001 Tonight's Music (Single) Engineering
2005 The Black Sessions (Compilation) Engineering


2009 Tall Poppy Syndrome Mixing, Mastering, Recording

Lost in Grey

2019 The Waste Land Mastering, Mixing
2024 Odyssey into the Grey Mixing, Mastering


2008 The Passing Recording


2020 A Christmas Carol Mixing, Mastering


2015 Enki Mastering, Mixing

Misery Speaks

2009 Disciples of Doom Recording, Mixing, Mastering

My Cold Embrace

2004 Katharsis Mastering
2008 Hausgeist Mixing, Mastering


2013 Regreso del abismo (EP) Mixing (track 4)


2024 Origin of Terror (Single) Producer, Mixing, Mastering

New Mexican Doom Cult

2018 Seventh Sun (Single) Mastering
2018 Cosmic Druids (Single) Mastering


2005 Symphony of the Night Mixing, Mastering


2010 Death Culture Mastering


2019 Welcome to Paradise Mixing, Mastering

Nuclear Blast Allstars

2007 Out of the Dark Recording (additional)

October Tide

2010 A Thin Shell Mixing, Producer
2013 Tunnel of No Light Recording, Mixing, Mastering


2016 NekroRegime Mastering

One Man Army and the Undead Quartet

2008 Grim Tales Producer, Mastering
2011 The Dark Epic... Producer, Mixing, Mastering


2010 Bring Me the Night (Single) Mastering
2010 Ironbound Mastering


2011 You Only Live Twice Mastering, Songwriting (track 7)
2012 We Come in Peace (Video) Mixing
2016 Coming Home Mastering


2020 Damnation (EP) Producer


2019 Shadowcult (EP) Mastering
2019 Revelations of Oblivion Mastering

Project Arcadia

2014 A Time of Changes Mixing, Mastering


2005 A Journey to a Greater End... (EP) Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2006 A Frozen World Unknown Producer, Mixing

Royal Jester

2010 Night Is Young Mixing, Mastering


2011 World War Live: Battle of the Baltic Sea (Live album) Mixing, Mastering
2012 Uprising (live) (Single) Mixing, Mastering
2012 Carolus Rex Recording (additional), Engineering, Mastering
2014 Heroes Recording (additional), Engineering, Mastering
2015 Live on the Sabaton Cruise 2014 (Live album) Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
2016 Heroes on Tour (Video) Mixing, Mastering
2016 The Last Stand Mastering
2019 Fields of Verdun (Single) Producer
2019 Soundtrack to the Great War Engineering, Mixing
2019 The Great War Engineering, Mixing
2020 The Attack of the Dead Men (Live in Moscow) (Single) Mixing
2021 The Royal Guard (Single) Mixing, Recording
2021 Defence of Moscow (Single) Recording, Mixing
2021 Kingdom Come (Single) Mixing, Mastering (track 1), Recording
2021 Kingdom Come (Single) Recording, Mixing (track 2)
2021 The Great Show (Video) Mixing
2021 20th Anniversary Show - Live at Wacken (Video) Mixing
2022 The War to End All Wars Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
(show all)

Scar Symmetry

2005 Symmetric in Design Mixing, Engineering, Songwriting (tracks 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12)
2006 Pitch Black Progress Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
2008 Holographic Universe Producer, Recording, Mixing
2009 Dark Matter Dimensions Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2011 The Unseen Empire Producer, Mixing


2008 Крик мёртвой свободы Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2011 Там, где время молчит Mixing, Producer


2010 The Vampire from Nazareth (Single) Mastering
2011 The Great Mass Mastering

Silver Ocean Storm

2010 Architect of the Dying Sun Mixing, Mastering, Producer


2009 Fractal (EP) Mixing, Mastering (track 4)
2009 Esoteric Mixing, Mastering

Sonic Syndicate

2007 Psychic Suicide / Denied (Single) Mixing, Producer, Mastering, Engineering
2007 Only Inhuman Mixing, Producer, Mastering, Engineering
2008 Love and Other Disasters Songwriting (track 6), Producer, Engineering
2009 Burn This City (Single) Producer
2010 We Rule the Night Engineering (keyboards), Songwriting (track 9)


2012 We Curse, We Trust Mastering


2013 Mondo Illustrated Mastering

Steel Attack

2004 Enslaved Recording, Mixing
2006 Diabolic Symphony Producer, Recording, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering


2012 Angels for Breakfast ...and God for Lunch Mixing, Mastering
2019 For a Thousand Mothers (Single) Mixing

Stonewall Noise Orchestra

2016 The Machine, the Devil & the Dope Mixing, Mastering
2020 Deathtripper Mixing, Mastering

Survivors Zero

2008 Extinction - Demotape 2008 (Demo) Mixing
2009 CMXCIX Producer, Engineering, Mixing

Tad Morose

2018 Chapter X Mastering
2022 March of the Obsequious Mastering

The Absence

2007 Riders of the Plague Mastering, mixing, Producer, Songwriting (track 10), Engineering
2010 Enemy Unbound Mixing, Mastering, Editing
2021 Coffinized Mastering

The Fading

2007 Chaos in Flesh (EP) Mastering, Mixing
2009 In Sin We'll Find Salvation Mastering, Mixing

The Troops of Doom

2022 Altar of Delusion (Single) Mastering
2022 A queda (Single) Mastering
2022 Antichrist Reborn Mastering

The Unguided

2011 Nightmareland (EP) Producer
2011 Betrayer of the Code (Single) Producer
2011 Inherit the Earth (Single) Producer
2011 Hell Frost Recording (bass), Mixing, Producer, Mastering, Recording
2012 Deathwalker (Single) Producer
2014 Fragile Immortality Recording (guitars)
2016 Lust and Loathing Re-amping (lead guitars)

Thobbe Englund

2017 Sold My Soul Mastering


2003 Light Creates Shadows (Demo) Producer


2004 Yersinia Pestis Producer, Engineering

Trail of Murder

2012 Shades of Art Mixing, Mastering

Truth Corroded

2008 Upon the Warlords Crawl Mixing, Mastering
2011 Worship the Bled Mixing, Mastering


2008 Blood Cure Mixing, Mastering, Recording, Producer
2011 Coordinated Mutilation Recording, Mixing, Producer

World Below

2004 Sacrifices to the Moon Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Lyrics (tracks 1, 2, 3, 7, 8), Music
2005 Maelstrom Mixing
2006 Repulsion Mixing, Mastering, Recording


2006 Rendered in Vain (Demo) Mixing, Mastering
2007 Infamy and the Breed Mixing, Mastering
2012 Arrival of the Red Sun Recording (drums), Producer
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