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John Gallagher

John Gallagher

Real/full name:
John Gallagher
64 (born Oct 8th, 1958)
Place of birth:
United Kingdom (Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, England)


Not to be confused with John Gallagher of Dying Fetus.

Brother of Mark Gallagher.

He has relocated to the United States.

Helms Deep

Bass, Vocals

2023 Treacherous Ways Bass, Vocals (backing)


Vocals, Bass (1974-present)

1980 Don't Need Your Money (Single) Vocals, Bass
1981 Hard Ride (Single) Bass, Vocals
1981 Rock Until You Drop Bass, Vocals, Guitars (classical)
1982 Crash, Bang, Wallop / Rock Hard (Single) Bass, Vocals
1982 Crash Bang Wallop (EP) Bass, Vocals
1982 Wiped Out Bass, Vocals (lead)
1983 Break the Chain (EP) Bass, Vocals
1983 Break the Chain (Single) Vocals, Bass
1983 All for One Vocals, Bass
1983 Born to Be Wild (Single) Bass, Vocals
1984 Live at the Inferno (Live album) Bass, Vocals
1985 Stay Hard Bass, Vocals
1985 Restless Child (Single) Bass, Vocals
1985 On and On (Single) Bass, Vocals
1985 Pray for the Sun (EP) Bass, Vocals
1985 The Devil's Carrion (Compilation) Vocals, Bass
1986 The Pack Is Back (Single) Vocals, Bass
1986 Gimme Some Lovin' (Single) Bass, Vocals
1986 The Pack Is Back Bass, Vocals
1986 Mad (EP) Bass, Vocals
1987 Life's a Bitch Bass, Vocals
1988 Nothing Exceeds like Excess Bass, Vocals
1989 Ultimate Revenge 2 (Split) Bass, Vocals
1989 Ultimate Revenge 2 (Split video) Vocals, Bass
1990 Unreleased Tracks (Compilation) Vocals, Bass
1991 Architect of Fear Bass, Vocals
1991 Heads Up! (EP) Bass, Vocals (lead)
1991 Electro Shock Therapy (Video) Vocals, Bass
1992 Radio Hell: The Friday Rock Show Sessions (Split) Vocals, Bass
1994 Glow Bass, Vocals (lead)
1995 Destroy All Monsters - Live in Japan (Live album) Bass, Vocals
1997 Everything Louder Bass, Vocals (lead)
1999 Raw Tracks (Compilation) Vocals, Bass
1999 One for All Bass, Vocals
2002 All Systems Go - The Neat Anthology (Compilation) Vocals, Bass
2004 For the Future: Live! (Video) Bass, Vocals
2006 Demo (Demo) Bass, Vocals
2010 Walk Through Fire Bass, Vocals
2015 Destroy All Monsters (Single) Vocals, Bass
2015 ExtermiNation Vocals, Bass, Synthesizers, Guitars (acoustic)
2015 Party Killers (EP) Vocals, Bass
2019 Hung, Drawn & Quartered (Single) Vocals, Bass
2019 Screaming Murder Death from Above: Live in Aalborg (Live album) Vocals, Bass
2020 Top of the Mountain (Single) Vocals, Bass
2020 Metal City (Single) Vocals, Bass
2020 Metal City Vocals, Bass
2020 Not So Easy (Single) Vocals, Bass
2022 Rock This Town (Single) Vocals, Bass
2022 Leave 'Em Bleeding (Compilation) Vocals, Bass
2023 Go for the Gold (Single) Vocals, Bass
2023 All Hell's Breaking Loose Vocals (lead), Bass
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Bass (1990-1992)

1990 Assault on South America (Live album) Bass


Vocals (2017)

A Sound of Thunder

2012 Out of the Darkness Vocals (6)
2015 Pleasure Slave (EP) Vocals (track 4 and 5)


2020 Ballistic, Sadistic Vocals (backing)


2016 System Deceive Bass
2016 System Deceive Bass

Bestial Invasion

2015 Act of Retribution Vocals, Bass solo (track 3)
2017 Contra Omnes Vocals (11)
2017 Contra Omnes Vocals (track 11)
2021 Gluttony (Single) Bass
2021 Divine Comedy: Inferno Bass (track 3)


2017 Störtebeker Vocals (track 9)


2022 Cancer City Vocals (track 14)


2021 Alliance Vocals (additional) (track 1)


2007 Regeneration Vocals (lead) on track 10

Violent Omen

2013 L.U.N.A.C.Y. Vocals (track 3), Bass (lead) (track 3)


2020 Alps on Fire Vocals, Guitars (solo) (track 12)


1987 Life's a Bitch Cover art
1988 Nothing Exceeds like Excess Cover Concept, Engineering
1997 Everything Louder Cover concept
1999 Raw Tracks (Compilation) Producer
2023 All Hell's Breaking Loose Producer
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