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Johan Hegg

Johan Hegg

Real/full name:
Johan Hans Hegg
50 (born Apr 29th, 1973)
Place of birth:
Sweden (Stockholm)


Johan is best known as the frontman of the Swedish melodic death metal band Amon Amarth and a previous incarnation of them as Scum.


Hegg spoke of Amon Amarth's unwillingness to be labelled viking metal and insisted that they've never called themselves such.

Together with his wife, Maria Rizell Hegg, he is featured in Norwegian band Audrey Horne's music video for "Out of the City".

He had a supporting role in the 2014 film Northmen: A Viking Saga.

Amon Amarth

Vocals (1992-present)

1994 The Arrival of the Fimbul Winter (Demo) Vocals (as "Johan")
1996 Sorrow Throughout the Nine Worlds (EP) Vocals
1998 Once Sent from the Golden Hall Vocals, Lyrics
1999 The Avenger Vocals, Lyrics
2001 The Crusher Vocals, Lyrics
2002 Versus the World Vocals
2004 Fate of Norns Release Shows (Split) Vocals
2004 Fate of Norns Vocals
2005 Rrroooaaarrr (Split) Vocals
2006 Wrath of the Norsemen (Video) Vocals
2006 With Oden on Our Side Vocals
2008 Twilight of the Thunder God Vocals
2010 Hymns to the Rising Sun (Compilation) Vocals
2011 Surtur Rising Vocals
2013 Under the Influence (EP) Vocals
2013 Deceiver of the Gods Vocals
2016 Live at La Laiterie (Video) Vocals
2016 First Kill / At Dawn's First Light (Single) Vocals
2016 Jomsviking Vocals
2018 The Pursuit of Vikings: 25 Years in the Eye of the Storm (Video) Vocals
2019 Raven's Flight / Crack the Sky (Single) Vocals
2019 Berserker Lyrics, Vocals
2020 Guardians of Asgaard (Single) Vocals
2021 Warriors of the North (Single) Vocals
2021 War of the Gods (Single) Vocals
2022 Put Your Back into the Oar (Single) Vocals
2022 Get in the Ring (Single) Vocals
2022 Heathen Hammer (Compilation) Vocals
2022 The Great Heathen Army Vocals
2023 Heidrun (EP) Vocals
(show all)


Vocals (1992)


2018 All for Metal (Single) Vocals (additional) (tracks 1, 2)
2018 Forever Warriors, Forever United Vocals (CD1 tracks 1, 3)
2019 Backstage to Heaven (EP) Vocals (track 4)


2012 Illusions of Grandeur Vocals (additional) (track 8)


2020 Grandpa Metal Vocals (track 4)


2021 Call of the Wild Vocals (Disc 2: track 3)
2021 Call of the Wild Vocals (Disc 2: track 3)
2021 Call of the Wild Vocals (Disc 2: track 3)
2022 Nightside of Siberia (Single) Vocals (track 2)


As Johan "The Bastard" Hegg:

2000 Blessed with Flames of Hate Vocals


2018 Thunderbolt Vocals (growls) (track 6)

The Project Hate MCMXCIX

2009 The Lustrate Process Vocals (additional) (track 4)
2017 Of Chaos and Carnal Pleasures Vocals (track 2)
2018 Death Ritual Covenant Vocals (additional) (tracks 2, 4, 5)
2023 Abominations of the Ageless Vocals (track 2)
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