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Joe Proell

Joe Proell

Real/full name:
Joachim Pröll
Place of origin:
Germany (Neckarbischofsheim)

Baleful Abyss


2019 Death Propaganda Guitars (as "Joe Azazel")

Ghost of Decline

As Joe P.:


As Torturer of Lacerated and Satanic Tits:
Guitars (1991-1995, 1999, 2004-present)

1991 Drowning in Female Excrements (Demo) Guitars (as "Azazel")
1992 Spermanys Most Wanted (EP) Guitars
1994 Hyper-Intestinal Vulva Desecration (EP) Guitars
1994 Fistful of Sperm / Brain Damage (Split) Guitars (track 1 to 3)
1994 Cripple Bitch / The Misanthrope (Split) Guitars (as "Torturer Of Cacerated + Satanic Tits")
1994 Gut / Morphea (Split) Guitars (as "Torturer Of Lacerated + Satanic Tits")
1994 Twat Enema / Untitled (Split) Guitars
1995 Odour of Torture Guitars
1995 Pussyfied - Assyfied (EP) Guitars
1995 Want Some Nuke or Gut? (Split) Guitars (track 30 to 56)
2000 The Singles Collection (Compilation) Guitars
2006 Pimps of Gore (Collaboration) Guitars, Bass (as "G.Cheezus Aka Electrojesus")
2006 The Cumback 2006 Guitars, Bass, Vocals (additional) (as "G. Cheezus aka Torturer of Lacerated and Satanic Tits")
2006 Yellow Tea for Free / The Hooker Ballett (Split) Guitars, Bass (as "G-Cheezus Aka Electrojesus")
2007 Gigolo Warfare / Distorted Impalement (Split) Guitars (as "Electrojesus")
2020 Disciples of Smut Guitars
(show all)

Nunwhore Commando 666

As Electro Jesus:
Guitars, Programming, Effects (1995-2007, 2011-present)

2002 World Whore III (EP) Guitars, Electronics, Drum programming (as "Cuntshredding Electro Jesus")
2004 Home Sweet Home Guitars, Drum programming (as "Cuntshredding Electro Jesus")
2005 World Wide War (EP) Guitars, Programming, Effects (as "Cuntshredding Electro Jesus")
2005 Filthiest Babies Alive!!! / Killapornia Dreamz (Split) Guitars, Programming, Effects (as "Cuntshredding Electro Jesus")
2012 The Legacy Guitars, Programming, Effects (as "Electrojesus")
2014 Nunwhore Commando 666 Guitars, Electronics (as "Electrojesus")
2019 Psycho / Nunwhore Commando 666 (Split) Guitars (as "Cuntshredding Electro Jesus")


As Joe 'Azazel' Proell:
Bass (1991-1994)

1991 Ode to the Churning Seas of Nar-Mataru (Demo) Bass, Vocals (backing)
1992 Sacrificious Profanity (Single) Bass
1992 Rise of the Unholy (EP) Bass
1992 Ignis Creatio (EP) Bass
1994 Waves of Erotasia (EP) Bass
1994 Sweet X-Rated Nothings Bass
1995 Underneath... (Single) Bass
2017 Symphonies of Death (Split) Bass


As Joe:

Gonorrhea Pussy

2006 Yellow Tea for Free / The Hooker Ballett (Split) Artwork (Gut) (as "Electrojesus")


2000 The Singles Collection (Compilation) Remastering (as "Torturer of Lacerated and Satanic Tits")
2006 The Cumback 2006 Mastering, Design (as "Cuntshredding Electrojesus")

Nunwhore Commando 666

2002 World Whore III (EP) Mixing, Mastering (as "Electro Jesus")
2004 Home Sweet Home Layout (as "Electro Jesus")
2005 World Wide War (EP) Mastering, Cover art, Layout (as "Electro Jesus")
2012 The Legacy Mixing, Mastering (as "Electrojesus")
2014 Nunwhore Commando 666 Mixing, Mastering (as "Electrojesus")


1992 Ignis Creatio (EP) Cover concept (as "Joe 'Azazel' Proell")
1994 Waves of Erotasia (EP) Mixing (as "Joe 'Azazel' Proell")
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