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Joe Petagno

Joe Petagno

Real/full name:
Joseph Petagno
75 (born Jan 1st, 1948)
Place of birth:
United States (Portland, Maine)


Joe Petagno is an artist principally known for creating images used on many rock album covers such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Nazareth, Motörhead, Roy Harper, Nightshade, and many others. He's also renowned for his Motörhead artwork which appeared during the band's late-'70s beginnings. His works have also appeared decorating extreme metal genres & has designed many death metal album covers ...


2000 Evoking the Abomination Cover art
2004 Shatterer Merciless (Single) Artwork
2005 Impaling the Christian Race (Split) Cover art


1999 The Final War (EP) Artwork
1999 Curses of the Deadly Sin (Compilation) Cover art


1999 Dark Side of Mind Cover art
2000 Connecting Animals Cover art


1998 Exterminate Artwork
1999 The Inexorable Cover art
2002 Death Dragons of the Apocalypse (Live album) Cover art


2009 Armour Cover art

Attica Rage

2008 Ruin Nation Cover art
2011 Road Dog Artwork, Logo
2012 88MPH Logo


2013 The Headless Ritual Cover art


1997 Pentagram Prayer Cover art

Burnt Offering

1998 Walk of the Dead Cover art (as "Petagno")

Christ Denied

1998 Impale the Fraud (Demo) Cover art
2000 Christ Denied / Bastard Saints (Split) Cover art
2003 The Blood Shall Flow / ...Got What He Deserved (Split) Artwork (tracks 2:1-2:10)
2006 ...Got What He Deserved Cover art


2009 Filipino Antichrist Cover art
2019 I, the Devil Artwork


1997 The Empire of Agony Cover art, Logo art (as "Petagno")


1998 Supreme Evil Artwork
2001 Subterraneal Magnitude Artwork
2001 Vengeance Ascending Artwork
2010 Excisions of Exorcisms Artwork


2001 Synergy Cover art
2002 A Thousand Deaths Cover art

Dies Ater

1999 Reign of Tempests Cover art


2000 Carnal Souls Entwine Cover art


1998 Laeh Cover art, Artwork (Page backgrounds)


2021 Malignance (Single) Cover art
2021 Curtain Fire (Single) Cover art
2021 Kill Grid Artwork
2023 Hanged by My Hand (Single) Cover art
2023 Starve (Single) Cover art
2023 War Remains Artwork

Ethan Brosh

2014 Live the Dream Design, Artwork

Ever Dark

1997 Not of God Cover art


2020 Welcome to Hel Cover art, Logo


2007 Road of Bones Cover art


2000 Retro Cover art

Joe Thrasher

2011 Cries of War Cover art


2000 Conquerors of Armageddon Cover art
2001 Ageless Venomous Cover art
2015 Forged in Fury Cover art

La Grind Danse Macabre

2020 MMXX (Single) Artwork

Magic Circle

2015 Journey Blind Cover art

Mammoth Grinder

2009 Extinction of Humanity Cover art
2013 Underworlds Artwork
2018 Cosmic Crypt Artwork


2000 Infernal Eternal (Live album) Cover art

Mega Slaughter

2013 Calls from the Beyond & the Demos (Compilation) Cover art


2021 Nightmare Lord Cover art


1977 Motörhead Logo
1979 Overkill / Too Late, Too Late (Single) Cover art
1979 Overkill Cover art
1979 Bomber War-Pig logo
1980 Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers (EP) Logo
1983 Another Perfect Day Cover art
1986 Orgasmatron Cover art
1987 Eat the Rich (Single) Cover art
1987 Rock 'n' Roll Cover art
1991 The Better Late than Never Fan Club Flexi (Single) Logo
1993 Bastards Cover art (as "Joe Patagno")
1995 Sacrifice Cover art
1998 Snake Bite Love Cover art
2000 We Are Motörhead Cover concept, Cover art
2001 25 & Alive - Boneshaker (Live album) Cover art
2002 Hammered Cover concept, Artwork
2003 Stone Deaf Forever! (Compilation) Cover art
2004 Inferno Cover art
2005 Stage Fright (Video) Cover art
2006 Kiss of Death Artwork
2012 Complete Early Years (Boxed set) Logo
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2012 To the Death Artwork


1999 Diabolical Bloodshed Cover art

Nothing Sacred

1988 Let Us Prey Cover art
2014 Let Us Prey (Compilation) Cover art

Pretty Maids

1984 Pretty Maids (EP) Cover art
1987 Future World Cover art
1990 Jump the Gun / Lethal Heroes Cover art


2004 Naxzgul Rising Artwork

Raw Power

2014 Tired and Furious Cover concept, Cover art


1997 Void Cover art


2007 Eraser Cover art

Ritual Carnage

2005 I, Infidel Artwork

Rusty Eye

2009 Possessor Cover art


2008 Into Abaddon Cover artwork
2008 Into Abaddon Gatefold Artwork

Serpent Obscene

2003 Devastation Cover art
2006 Chaos Reign Supreme Cover art


2016 Decision Day Cover art
2020 Genesis XIX Cover art

Spirit Adrift

2017 Curse of Conception Cover art
2019 Divided by Darkness Cover art


2005 Fallen Cover art


1998 Deathraider (EP) Cover art (as "Petagno")

The Black Dahlia Murder

2009 Majesty (Video) Artwork


2000 Ocean of Blasphemy Cover art


2002 Legend Cover art, Layout (as "Petagno")


2008 Hwainoo Cover art


1997 Schwarzwald Cover art
2000 Gladiator Cover art
2002 Lord of Beneath Artwork


2014 Tibi et Igni Cover art
2016 Iron Times (EP) Cover art
2016 The Empire Cover art

Wykked Wytch

2001 Angelic Vengeance Back cover art
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