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Joe Hasselvander

Joe Hasselvander

Real/full name:
Joseph Hasselvander
67 (born Dec 30th, 1956)
Place of birth:
United States (Washington, D.C.)


Joe Hasselvander was the drummer in successful rock act The Boyz, when he was introduced to Victor Griffin, via the latter's sister, whom he dated at the time. Craving an outlet for his creativity (The Boyz were mostly a covers band), Joe left them for Death Row. Thus began his career in doom metal, which has spanned several influential bands.

In the late 80s, Joe also joined NWOBHM heroes ...


Overlord's other members were Vance Bockis, Richard Kueht, Norman Lawson, and singer Rick Tigner. One of their original songs was titled "Hellion", a song that later gave name to the band Hellion.

He also played on Blue Cheer's album What Doesn't Kill You....

Shortly after originally leaving Death Row, he auditioned and briefly joined hard rockers White Lion (of "When the Children Cry" and ...

Armageddon USA


1989 The Money Mask Drums (tracks 2-4, 10)
2015 Up in Flames Guitars, Drums, Bass

Death Row

Drums (1981-1983, 2000-2001, 2009-?)

1982 All Your Sins (Demo) Drums (as "Joseph Hasselvander")
1983 Through the Shadow (Video) Drums
1983 Whore (Demo) Drums
2001 Death Row Reunion 2000 (Split) Drums

Joe Hasselvander

Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals

1985 Lady Killer Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals
2000 Road Kill Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals

The Hounds of Hasselvander

Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals (2007-present)

2007 The Hounds of Hasselvander All instruments, Vocals
2009 Further Torments of the SG (EP) Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals
2011 The Ninth Hour Guitars, Drums, Vocals
2015 Midnight Howler Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals
2016 Ancient Rocks Guitars, Vocals, Bass (track 9)
2021 Another Dose of Life Guitars, Bass (as "Joseph Hasselvander")

Black Manta

Drums (2004-2006)

2004 Fuck Them All but Six (EP) Drums

Blue Cheer

Drums (2005)

Devil Childe

As Matthew Hopkins:
Vocals, Drums (1984-1985)

1985 Devil Childe Vocals, Drums

Guardians of the Flame

Drums (2002-2004)

2003 Under a Savage Sky Drums, Guitars (additional)

Mind Assassin

Drums (2015)

2015 The Pay Off (EP) Drums


Drums (1976)




Drums (1978-1979, 1993-2002), Bass, Guitars (1999-2002)

1979 Livin' in a Ram's Head / When the Screams Come (Single) Drums
1985 Pentagram Drums
1987 Day of Reckoning Drums (track 5)
1993 Day of Reckoning Drums
1993 Relentless Drums
1993 Relentless / Day of Reckoning (Single) Drums (track 1)
1994 Be Forewarned Drums, Percussion
1996 Demo 1996 (Demo) Drums
1999 Review Your Choices All instruments
2001 Sub-Basement All instruments
2002 Turn to Stone (Compilation) Drums, Bass, Guitars
2003 A Keg Full of Dynamite (Live album) Drums
2005 Day of Reckoning Drums
2012 Change of Heart (Compilation) Drums
2015 All Your Sins: Video Vault (Split video) Drums
(show all)

Phantom Lord

Drums (1984-1986)

1985 Phantom Lord Drums, Percussion (as "Wolfgang Messerrine Gundermann II")
1986 Evil Never Sleeps Drums (as "Wolfgang Messerrine Gundermann II")
2014 Phantom Lord / Evil Never Sleeps (Compilation) Drums

Ra Notra Sextet

Drums (1973-?)


Drums (1988-2018)

1988 Nothing Exceeds like Excess Drums
1989 Ultimate Revenge 2 (Split) Drums
1989 Ultimate Revenge 2 (Split video) Drums
1991 Architect of Fear Drums
1991 Heads Up! (EP) Drums, Vocals
1991 Electro Shock Therapy (Video) Drums
1992 Radio Hell: The Friday Rock Show Sessions (Split) Drums
1994 Glow Drums, Vocals
1995 Destroy All Monsters - Live in Japan (Live album) Drums
1997 Everything Louder Drums, Vocals
1999 Raw Tracks (Compilation) Drums
1999 One for All Drums
2006 Demo (Demo) Drums
2010 Walk Through Fire Drums
2015 Destroy All Monsters (Single) Drums
2015 ExtermiNation Drums, Percussion (as "Joe "The Baron" Hasselvander")
2015 Party Killers (EP) Drums
2022 Leave 'Em Bleeding (Compilation) Drums
(show all)


Guitars, Vocals (1983-1987)



The Boyz

Drums (1973-1978, 1981)

White Lion

Drums (1983)


Drums (1994)


2004 The Serpent's Gold (Compilation) Drums (track 21)


1982 You're Not Welcome Here (Demo) Songwriting (track A1)

Armageddon USA

2015 Up in Flames Producer, Mixing

Death Row

1982 All Your Sins (Demo) Producer, Art concept

Guardians of the Flame

2003 Under a Savage Sky Producer (as "JoeHasselvander")


1979 Livin' in a Ram's Head / When the Screams Come (Single) Producer
1999 Review Your Choices Songwriting (tracks 2, 4, 8, 10, 12), Producer
2001 Sub-Basement Producer, Recording (assistant), Cover art (front)
2011 Be Forewarned Liner notes

Phantom Lord

1985 Phantom Lord Producer (as "Wolfgang Messerrine Gundermann II")

The Hounds of Hasselvander

2007 The Hounds of Hasselvander Producer
2009 Further Torments of the SG (EP) Producer
2011 The Ninth Hour Producer
2015 Midnight Howler Producer, Cover concept, Recording
2016 Ancient Rocks Producer
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