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Joakim Svensson

Joakim Svensson

Real/full name:
Joakim Svensson
41 (born Sep 21st, 1982)
Place of birth:
Sweden (Växjö, Kronoberg, Småland)


As Willy Whiplash:
Bass, Vocals (2007-present)

2008 The Farmers' Wrath Bass, Vocals, Lyrics (as "Panda Flamenco")
2014 Cirkus Kristus / Untitled (Split) Bass, Vocals (as "Panda Flamenco")
2015 Nekroacropolis (Split) Bass, Vocals (as "Gyros "Ouzo" Sverkos")
2017 Birdflesh / Organ Dealer (Split) Bass, Vocals (as "Panda Flamenco")
2019 Extreme Graveyard Tornado Bass, Vocals
2021 All the Miseries (EP) Bass, Vocals (as "Neon Puker")
2023 Sickness in the North Bass, Vocals (as "Tryne Krekvind")


As J.S.:
Bass, Vocals (2008-present)


Bass (2019-present)

2022 In Chaos Ascend Bass


Bass, Guitars, Vocals (2009-present)

2009 Vittra Bass, Guitars, Vocals (as "J. Svensson")
2011 Svitjod Bass, Guitars, Vocals
2012 Eld Lyrics, Bass, Guitars, Vocals (as "J. Svensson")
2014 I döden Bass, Vocals (as "Jocke Svensson")
2018 Skuggorna kallar Bass, Vocals

Toi Toi

All instruments (2020-present)

2021 Thriller (EP) All instruments


As Jocke Svensson:
Bass, Vocals (2009-2016)

2009 Reborn (Demo) Vocals
2009 Human Decay (Demo) Vocals
2010 Tales from the Morgue Bass, Vocals
2011 The Tomb Awaits Bass, Vocals, Lyrics
2012 Ominous Crucifix / Entrails (Split) Vocals
2013 Raging Death Bass, Vocals, Lyrics
2014 Entrails / Graveyard (Split) Bass, Vocals
2014 Berzerk (Single) Bass, Vocals
2014 Resurrected from the Grave (Demo Collection) (Compilation) Bass, Vocals
2015 Obliteration Bass, Vocals, Lyrics

Legio Occulta

As Morbid Angelo:
All instruments, Vocals (2011)

2011 Slime Crawler (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2011 The Cross Turned Upside Down (Demo) All instruments, Vocals, Songwriting, Lyrics


Bass (1997), Guitars (1997)

1997 Wizard of Darkness (Demo) Bass (as "Jocke")


Bass, Vocals (2001-2010)

2001 Staining the Minds of Angels (Demo) Bass, Vocals
2002 Mors Ianua Vitae (Demo) Bass, Vocals
2003 Blessed by a Bullet (Demo) Bass, Vocals
2004 Totalitarian Order (Demo) Bass, Vocals
2006 Hafsutsikt (Demo) Bass, Vocals (as "Jocke")
2008 I skuggan af lifvet (Demo) Bass, Vocals


Guitars (1997)


As J. Sacrilege:
Guitars, Vocals (2013-?)

2013 Effigy of the Grotesque (EP) Guitars, Vocals


As Konsult Coprophagous:
Guitars, Vocals (1997-1999)

Swords of Destiny

Bass (1997-1998)


Bass, Vocals (1998-2003)

1999 The Silence (Demo) Bass
2003 Visions of Deterioration Demo (Demo) Bass, Vocals
2003 Operation Massacre (Demo) Bass, Vocals
2003 Visions of Deterioration Bass, Vocals


2015 The First Offering (EP) Vocals (track 3)


As Willy Whiplash:

2019 Rise of the Reaper Vocals (track 11)


2022 Av stoft Vocals


As Jocke Svensson:

2016 As Dystopia Beckons Vocals (lead) (track 3)

Organ Dealer

2023 The Weight of Being Vocals (additional) (track 16)

This Ending

2024 Crowned in Blood Vocals (track 8)


2022 An Eternal Time of Decay Lyrics (track 5) (as "Jocke Svensson")

Legio Occulta

2011 The Cross Turned Upside Down (Demo) Engineering (as "Morbid Angelo")


2016 As Dystopia Beckons Lyrics (track 3) (as "Jocke Svensson")
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