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Jean-François Dagenais

Jean-François Dagenais

Real/full name:
Jean-François Dagenais
44 (born Oct 16th, 1975)
Place of origin:

Ex Deo

Guitars (2009-2014, 2015-present)

2009 Romulus (Single) Guitars
2009 Romulus / Cruise Ship Terror (Split) Guitars
2009 Romulus Guitars (as "J-F Dagenais")
2012 Caligvla Guitars
2017 The Immortal Wars Guitars (as "J-F Dagenais")


Guitars (1991-present)

1992 The Death Gate Cycle of Reincarnation (Demo) Guitars (lead)
1993 The Vortex of Resurrection (Demo) Guitars
1993 Rehearsal (Demo) Guitars
1993 The Mystical Gate of Reincarnation (EP) Guitars
1994 Vision the Chaos (EP) Guitars
1995 Sorcery Guitars
1996 Temple of Knowledge (Kataklysm Part III) Guitars
1998 Northern Hyperblast Live (Live album) Guitars
1998 Victims of This Fallen World Guitars
2000 The Prophecy (Stigmata of the Immaculate) Guitars
2001 Nuclear Blast Festivals 2000 (Split) Guitars
2001 Nuclear Blast Festivals 2000 (Split video) Guitars
2001 Epic (The Poetry of War) Guitars
2002 Shadows & Dust Guitars (lead)
2004 Serenity in Fire Guitars
2006 In the Arms of Devastation Guitars
2007 Live in Deutschland - The Devastation Begins (Live album) Guitars
2008 Prevail Guitars
2008 Taking the World by Storm (Single) Guitars
2010 Cross the Line of Redemption (Single) Guitars
2010 Determined (Vows of Vengeance) (Single) Guitars
2010 Heaven's Venom Guitars
2012 Iron Will (Single) Guitars
2012 Iron Will: 20 Years Determined (Video) Guitars
2013 Waiting for the End to Come Guitars
2015 Of Ghosts and Gods Guitars (as "J-F Dagenais")
2018 Gathered at the Altar of Blast (Split) Guitars (as "J-F Dagenais")
2018 Meditations Guitars (as "J-F Dagenais")
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2013 Rise of the Elder Ones Guitars (lead) (track 3)


1995 Apocalyptic Dawning Producer
1998 L.I.F.E. Engineering


1997 Le Mensonge de Massada Mixing, Engineering
2000 Lands of War Engineering, Mixing
2004 Against You All... Producer, Engineering, Mixing


2006 Chapter Chaos Begins Engineering, Mixing, Producer


1998 Beyond the Infinite Horizon (EP) Engineering, Engineering, Mixing, Producer, Producer
2002 Arcane in Thalassa Producer, Engineering, Mixing (track #7)


2004 Concealed Mixing, Recording (guitar solos)
2009 Fragmentary Evidence Mixing (as "J-F Dagenais")


2001 Abstract Evolution Recording, Mixing


2006 An Unrelenting Assault Producer, Engineering, Mixing

Code Black

2004 Penetration Producer


2011 Résistance (Demo) Producer

Dark Supremacy

1994 Escape from Reality (Demo) Recording


2006 Sacrifice Mixing


2007 Deathmarch Mastering

Dei Aemeth

2013 Apotheosis Mastering


2017 In Nomine Romae Mastering


2019 Garden of Stones (EP) Mastering


2006 Blood Source Mixing (as "J-F Dagenais")


2015 Demonikhol Mastering

Ex Deo

2009 Romulus Producer
2012 Caligvla Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
2017 The Immortal Wars Engineering (as "J-F Dagenais")


2004 Web of Faith Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2010 Conspiracy of Mass Extinction Engineering, Mixing (as "J-F Dagenais")


1997 Intense Producer


2017 The Healer (EP) Mixing, Mastering (as "J-F Dagenais")
2018 Slaves and Gods Mastering, Mixing (as "J-F Dagenais")


1996 Temple of Knowledge (Kataklysm Part III) Producer, Engineering, Mixing
1998 Victims of This Fallen World Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2000 The Prophecy (Stigmata of the Immaculate) Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2001 Epic (The Poetry of War) Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2002 Shadows & Dust Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2004 Serenity in Fire Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2004 Northern Hyper Blast / Victims of This Fallen World (Compilation) Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2006 In the Arms of Devastation Producer, Engineering
2007 Live in Deutschland - The Devastation Begins (Live album) Mixing, Mastering
2008 Prevail Producer, Recording, Engineering
2008 Taking the World by Storm (Single) Producer, Engineering
2010 Determined (Vows of Vengeance) (Single) Producer
2010 Heaven's Venom Producer, Engineering
2012 Iron Will (Single) Producer
2013 Waiting for the End to Come Engineering
2015 Of Ghosts and Gods Recording (drums, guitars, bass) (as "J-F Dagenais")
2016 Sorcery & the Mystical Gate of Reincarnation / Temple of Knowledge (Compilation) Remastering, Producer
2016 Serenity in Fire / Shadows & Dust (Compilation) Remastering, Producer
2016 The Prophecy (Stigmata of the Immaculate) / Epic (The Poetry of War) (Compilation) Remastering, Producer
2018 Gathered at the Altar of Blast (Split) Recording (as "J-F Dagenais")
2018 Meditations Engineering (as "J-F Dagenais")
(show all)

Körperlose Stimme

2017 Souls of the Forest Mixing, Mastering

Malevolent Creation

2002 The Will to Kill Mixing (as "Jean-Francois Dagenais")
2004 Warkult Mixing, Producer (as "Jean-Francois Dagenais")
2008 The Will to Kill + Warkult (Compilation) Mixing (as "Jean-Francois Dagenais")

Man Must Die

2004 ...Start Killing Producer, Mixing, Engineering
2007 The Human Condition Producer (as "Jean François Dagenais")

Misery Index

2003 Retaliate Producer, Engineering, Mixing


1999 Pharaoh of Gods Mixing
2013 Rise of the Elder Ones Mastering, Mixing
2016 Advent of the Human God Mixing, Mastering (as "JF Dagenais")

Necrotic Mutation

1999 Necrotic Mutation (EP) Mastering


2008 Atonements Mastering, Mixing


1997 Imagery Engineering (as "J-F Dagenais")
2004 Truth | Imagery | Passage (Compilation) Producer, Engineering
2007 Live Progression (Live album) Mixing


2010 Lost in the North Mastering (as "Jeff Dagenais")

November Grief

1995 To This World of Chaos (Demo) Producer, Mixing, Engineering

Obscene Crisis

1994 Modern Hypocrisy (Demo) Engineering

Profugus Mortis

2007 So It Begins Engineering

Quo Vadis

2000 Day into Night Recording (as "Jean-Francois Dagenais")
2001 Passage in Time (Compilation) Mixing (tracks #4-#5) (as "J-F Dagenais")
2005 Defiant Indoctrination (Video) Recording & Sound Engineering, Editing, Mixing
2007 Live in Montreal (Live album) Recording, Engineering, Mixing


2010 Lords of Torment Mixing, Mastering


1998 Seized (Compilation) Producer on Tracks 8-9

Skin the Lamb

2016 Monolithic (EP) Mixing, Mastering


2019 Death Radiation Mastering (as "Jeff Dagenais")


2006 Re-Activate Co-producer


2014 Deserve the Throne Mixing, Mastering


2014 Thoughts & Thunder Mixing + Mastering


1997 Truculent Engineering, Producer (as "Jeff Dagenais")
2000 Grossly Unfair... Recording, Mixing, Co-producer (as "J.F. Dagenais")


2005 Imminence of Death Producer

We Are Legion

2013 Exit Humanity Mixing, Mastering
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