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Jaymes Grundmann

Jaymes Grundmann

Real/full name:
Jaymes Grundmann
25 (born Oct 11th, 1991)
Place of origin:
United States (Littleton, Colorado)


Cum of God (a.k.a., CxOxGx) was a 1-man goregrind/noisegrind project.
Block Watch is a hardcore band.

Block Watch

Guitars (2013-present)

Breathing Tumor

Everything (2017-present)

Dragging Entrails

Vocals (2011-present), Drums (2016-present)

2011 Demo 2011 (Demo) Drum programming, Vocals
2011 Demo 2011 (Demo) Vocals
2013 Landfill of the Butchered Vocals
2016 Penetrating Her Syphilic Cadaver Vocals, Drum programming


Vocals (2016-present)

Entrenched Ingurgitation

As Jizzlar:
Guitars, Bass, Drum programming (2012-2013, 2017-present)

2013 Promo 2013 (Demo) Guitars, Bass, Drum programming
2013 Genesis of Heterogeneous Guitars, Bass, Drum programming


Guitars, Drum programming (2012-present), Vocals (2015-present)

2012 Promo 2012 (Demo) Guitars, Bass, Drum programming
2013 Promo 2013 (Demo) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drum programming
2013 Geriatric Coprophilia Guitars, Bass, Drum programming, Songwriting
2013 Demo 2013 (Demo) Guitars, Drum programming
2013 Mutilation Fetish Promo 2013 (Demo) Guitars, Drum programming
2014 Interspecies Bondage Guitars, Drum programming
2015 Bitch Asphyxiation (Compilation) Vocals, Guitars, Drum programming
2015 Pathology of Anomalous Origin (Split) Guitars
2016 No Lives Matter (Demo) Vocals
2016 Emetophilia Live EP (Live album) Vocals
2017 Rarities of Fetishism (Compilation) Guitars, Drum programming, Vocals
2017 BBC Bludgeoning 2017 Demo (Single) Vocals, Guitars, Drum programming
2017 Cumrag Ballgag (Single) Bass, Vocals
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All instruments (2014)

Cerebral Incubation

Vocals (2010)

Cum of God

Everything (2012-2013)


Vocals (2010-2013)

2010 Viscera Insufflation (Demo) Vocals
2013 Viscera Insufflation (Demo) Vocals
2013 Dementia Tremens Vocals

Habitual Defilement

Bass (2013-2014)

Intestinal Alien Reflux

Vocals (2013)

2013 Benzodiazipine Ingurgitation (Single) Vocals

Intracranial Butchery

Vocals (2009-2010)

2009 Promo 2009 (Demo) Vocals
2010 Keepin' It Grind Vocals


Vocals, Drum programming (2007-2012)


As Jaymes Beam:

Cerebral Engorgement

As "Jaymes Oral Jones" Jaymes Grundmann:

2011 Orgasmica Vocals (Track 10)


2011 Goremonger / Newtdick (Split) Vocals (track 2)
2012 Regurgitate / Fornicate / Repopulate Vocals (track 5)
2013 Schlong Song Too (Single) Guest vocals


As Jaymes G:

2017 $lam $eason (Split) Vocals (track 10)


2013 Geriatric Coprophilia Mixing, Mastering (as "Jaymes")
2017 BBC Bludgeoning 2017 Demo (Single) Mixing
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