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Jason Köhnen

Jason Köhnen

Real/full name:
Jason Köhnen
50 (born 1972)
Place of birth:
Netherlands (Utrecht)


Best known by his stage name Bong-Ra, Jason Köhnen is a breakcore musician who got his start playing in the stoner/doom band Celestial Season. Although his music is predominantly raggacore, gabba and jungle, he has paid tribute to his metal roots on numerous releases, particularly the EPs Sick Sick Sick and Grindkrusher, which were later compiled onto a full-length Full Metal Racket.

Köhnen ...


In his breakcore project he's known to sample bands such as Bolt Thrower and Slayer.


Everything (1997-present)

1998 Darkbreaks Volume 1 (EP) Everything
1998 Darkbreaks Volume 2 (EP) Everything
1998 New Millennium Dreadz Everything
2001 Darkbreaks (EP) Everything
2002 Clash 001 (EP) Everything
2002 Riddim Wars (EP) Everything
2003 Breakcore A Go-Go! - The 666MPH Remixes (EP) Everything
2004 Soundwave / Warhead (EP) Everything
2004 Praying Mantis (EP) Everything
2004 Old-Skool Armageddon (EP) Everything
2004 Renegade Bubblin' (Collaboration) Everything
2004 Conquering Lion (EP) Everything
2004 Blood & Fire (Single) Everything
2005 Warrior Sound (Compilation) Everything
2005 Grindkrusher (EP) Everything
2005 Monsters of Mashup (Split) Everything
2005 Colony of Electric Machines (EP) Everything
2005 I Am the God of Hellfire Everything
2006 Soldaat van oranje Everything
2006 Stereohype Heroin Hooker (EP) Everything
2007 The Kill (Split) Everything
2007 Sick Sick Sick (EP) Everything
2007 Full Metal Racket Everything
2007 Lupe Kick Push / Sissy Spacek (Split) Everything
2008 Vitus Blister (EP) Everything
2008 Panther Fight (EP) Everything
2010 Clash013 (EP) Everything
2010 Megasaurus / Gargantuan (EP) Everything
2010 Monster (EP) Everything
2010 Electronic Explorations Mix (Split) Everything
2011 Grindin' The Goldtooth (EP) Everything
2012 To All Pagan Boys and Girls (EP) Everything
2012 The Abominable / Blood Clot Techno (Split) Everything
2012 The Hard Way (Collaboration) Everything
2012 Scapu Lox Remixes (Collaboration) Everything
2012 Megasaurus (Niveau Zero Remix) (Single) Everything
2012 Monolith Everything
2013 Peel Session (EP) Everything
2013 Monolith - The Remixes (EP) Everything
2013 Tombs / Pallbearer (Collaboration) Unknown
2013 On Your Knees, Motherfucker. (EP) Everything
2013 Annus Horribilus [2013​-​2014] (Compilation) Everything
2014 Axe to Grind / Sickness of the Underground (Collaboration) Everything
2015 Experiments in Nihilism (Split) Everything
2016 Palestina (EP) Everything
2017 Hell of a Ride! (Compilation) Everything
2017 Monsters of Mash Up (Split) Everything
2017 Gwaan (Single) Everything
2017 Fiyah! (EP) Everything
2018 Antediluvian Bass, Electronics, Piano
2022 Meditations Bass, Guitars, Piano, Chants, Choirs
(show all)

Celestial Season

Drums (1991-1997), Bass (1996-1997), Various (2011-present)

1992 Promises (Demo) Drums
1993 Flowerskin (Single) Drums
1993 Anthology of Doom Tour (Split) Drums
1993 Forever Scarlet Passion Drums
1994 Promo 1994 (Demo) Drums
1994 Fire in the Winter / Above Azure Oceans (Split) Drums
1995 Solar Lovers Drums
1995 Sonic Orb (EP) Drums
1996 3 Track Demon (Demo) Bass
1997 Black Queen Is Dynamite (Single) Bass
1997 Orange Bass
2020 The Secret Teachings Various
2020 The Merciful (Compilation) Drums
2022 Mysterium I Various, Drums
(show all)

Köhnen Pandi Duo

Electronics (2016-2017)


Unknown (2019-present)

The Answer Lies in the Black Void

Unknown (2021-present)

The Hard Way


The Lovecraft Sextet


The Thing With Five Eyes




White Darkness



As Bong-Ra:

Barney U.V.


1992 Buckwheat (Demo) Guitars (as "Jason")


Bass, Vocals (1989-1993)

1989 Vegetables of Doom (Demo) Bass, Vocals
1990 Pious Decay (Demo) Vocals, Bass
1990 Suffer Within (EP) Bass, Vocals
1991 Cronology of Death (Split) Bass, Vocals
1992 In My Embrace Vocals, Bass
2015 Suffer Within (25 Years of Suffering) (Compilation) Bass, Vocals


As Bong-Ra:
Sound engineering



Killahman Machine




1992 Prolong the Agony (Demo) Vocals (as "Jake")
2015 Unique Remains (Compilation) Vocals

La Tentatrice



Vocals (screams), Bass (1993)

1993 Morph (Demo) Bass, Vocals (screams)
1994 Druid (Demo) Vocals (screams)

Pagan Bacchus


Porcelain Minotaurs


The Giants of Húsavík


The Goat of Mendes


The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble

Guitar, Bass, Production (2000-2014)

The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation

Bass, Guitar


1990 Suffer Within (EP) Cover art
1992 In My Embrace Design (as "J. Kohnen")
2015 Suffer Within (25 Years of Suffering) (Compilation) Remastering


2003 Breakcore A Go-Go! - The 666MPH Remixes (EP) Remixing (Tracks 1, 4)
2005 Warrior Sound (Compilation) Artwork
2010 Electronic Explorations Mix (Split) Remixing (Track 4), DJ Mix
2012 The Abominable / Blood Clot Techno (Split) Remixing (Track 2)
2015 Experiments in Nihilism (Split) Remixing (Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
2018 Antediluvian Producer
2022 Meditations Producer

Celestial Season

1993 Flowerskin (Single) Design (as "J. Kohnen")
1993 Forever Scarlet Passion Design, Layout
1997 Orange Artwork
2020 Solar Lovers Artwork
2020 The Secret Teachings Mixing, Producer, Artwork
2020 The Merciful (Compilation) Artwork
2022 Mysterium I Artwork


1993 Morph (Demo) Cover art design, Layout
1994 Druid (Demo) Cover art design, Layout
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