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Janne Warman

Janne Warman

Real/full name:
Janne Viljami Wirman
40 (born Apr 26th, 1979)
Place of origin:
Finland (Espoo)


Born in the town of Espoo, Finland, Janne Wirman began playing the piano at the age of five. For most of his early life he focused his style on jazz, switching his main interest to heavy metal music once he joined the metal band Children of Bodom in 1997.

He graduated from the Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory at the age of sixteen and was subsequently invited by Jaska Raatikainen to join ...


Janne and Antti Warman are brothers.

Throughout most of his career, Janne relied on the Korg X5D keyboard to play live, although he only uses it as a master MIDI controller - the synth rack/module setup he's controlling onstage has varied. Janne's lead sound was crafted by Jens Johansson. It's a Korg Polysix emulation patch Jens made for the JV1080.

Janne has had bad experiences with ...

Children of Bodom

Keyboards, Vocals (backing) (1997-present)

1997 The Carpenter (Split) Keyboards
1997 Something Wild Keyboards
1998 Children of Bodom (Split) Keyboards
1998 Downfall (Single) Keyboards (as "Janne "Warman" Wirman")
1999 Hatebreeder Keyboards (as "Janne Warman Pimeys")
1999 Tokyo Warhearts (Live album) Keyboards (as "Janne "Warman" Wirman")
2000 Hate Me! (Single) Keyboards (as "Janne "Warman" Wirman")
2000 Follow the Reaper Keyboards
2002 You're Better Off Dead! (Single) Keyboards (as "Janne "Warman" Wirman")
2003 Hate Crew Deathroll Keyboards
2003 Needled 24/7 (Single) Keyboards
2004 Trashed, Lost & Strungout (Single) Keyboards (as "Janne "Warman" Wirman")
2004 Trashed, Lost & Strungout (EP) Keyboards (as "Janne "Warman" Wirman")
2004 Trashed, Lost & Strungout (Video) Keyboards
2005 In Your Face (Single) Keyboards (as "Janne "Warman" Wirman")
2005 Are You Dead Yet? Keyboards
2005 In Your Face (Video) Keyboards
2006 Chaos Ridden Years - Stockholm Knockout Live (Live album) Keyboards
2006 Chaos Ridden Years - Stockholm Knockout Live (Video) Keyboards
2007 The Unholy Alliance (Split video) Keyboards
2008 Are You Deaf Yet? (Compilation) Keyboards
2008 Blooddrunk (Single) Keyboards (as "Janne "Warman" Wirman")
2008 Blooddrunk Keyboards (as "Janne "Warman" Wirman")
2008 Hellhounds on My Trail (EP) Keyboards (as "Janne "Warman" Wirman")
2008 Smile Pretty for the Devil (Single) Keyboards (as "Janne "Warman" Wirman")
2009 Lookin' Out My Backdoor (Single) Keyboards
2009 Skeleton in the Coffin (EP) Keyboards (as "Janne "Warman" Wirman")
2011 Shovel Knockout (Single) Keyboards
2011 Was It Worth It? (Single) Keyboards (as "Janne "Warman" Wirman")
2011 Relentless Reckless Forever Keyboards
2011 Roundtrip to Hell and Back (Single) Keyboards (as "Janne "Warman" Wirman")
2012 Holiday at Lake Bodom (15 Years of Wasted Youth) (Compilation) Keyboards
2013 Transference (Single) Keyboards
2013 Halo of Blood Keyboards
2015 Morrigan (Single) Vocals (backing), Keyboards
2015 Tales from Lake Bodom (Split) Keyboards
2015 I Worship Chaos Keyboards, Vocals (backing) (as "Janne Wirman")
2018 Under Grass and Clover (Single) Keyboards
2019 This Road (Single) Keyboards
2019 Platitudes and Barren Words (Single) Keyboards
2019 Hexed Keyboards
(show all)


As Janne "Warman" Wirman:
Keyboards (2004-2008)

2002 Beginning (Single) Keyboards
2004 Reasons (Single) Keyboards (as "Janne Wirman")
2004 Coldness Keyboards (as "Janne Wirman")
2004 Take Me Away (Single) Keyboards
2007 Sleep Well (Single) Keyboards
2007 Serenity Keyboards (as "Janne Wirman")


Keyboards (2000-present)

2000 Unknown Soldier Keyboards
2001 Alone (Single) Keyboards
2001 Beyond Abilities Keyboards, Piano
2005 Somebody's Watching Me (Single) Keyboards
2005 Accept the Fact Keyboards
2005 They All Blame Me (Single) Keyboards
2009 Japanese Hospitality Keyboards
2014 First of the Five Elements Keyboards


Keyboards, Vocals (backing) (1997)


Keyboards (2001-2002)


Keyboards (2017)

2017 The Anniversary Song (Single) Keyboards

Ari Koivunen

As Janne Wirman:

2007 Fuel for the Fire Keyboards

Corruption Inc.

1999 Pain O.D (EP) Keyboards (track 1)


As Janne "Warman" Wirman:

2002 Waiting for the Dawn Keyboards


2002 Enlighten Me (EP) Keyboards
2003 Masterplan Keyboards

Children of Bodom

2008 Blooddrunk (Single) Engineering (keyboards)
2008 Blooddrunk Engineering (keyboards)
2008 Smile Pretty for the Devil (Single) Engineering (keyboards)
2011 Shovel Knockout (Single) Engineering (keyboards)
2011 Was It Worth It? (Single) Engineering (keyboards) (track 1)
2011 Relentless Reckless Forever Engineering (keyboards)
2011 Roundtrip to Hell and Back (Single) Engineering (keyboards)
2013 Halo of Blood Recording (keyboards) (as "Janne Wirman")
2015 I Worship Chaos Recording (keyboards)
2019 Hexed Recording (keyboards)


2004 Iron Recording (acoustic & folk instruments, female vocals)


2004 Coldness Engineering (as "Janne Wirman")


2000 Unknown Soldier Producer, Recording (as "J. Wirman")
2001 Beyond Abilities Producer, Recording
2005 Accept the Fact Producer, Recording
2009 Japanese Hospitality Producer, Engineering, Mixing
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