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Jack Starr

Jack Starr

Real/full name:
Place of birth:
France (Paris, Île-de-France)


Was in a band called California based in France that released records in 1971 and 1973. I recent years, he shaved a decade off of his age, but was actually born in 1951. After California folded Jack worked with the beginnings of the band Trust. Eventually, he moved back to NY where he auditioned for the guitar spot in Kiss. Although he was brought in for the short list, in person audition, the ...

Jack Starr

Guitars (1984-present)

1984 Out of the Darkness Guitars
1990 A minor Disturbance Guitars
2000 Soon Day Will Come Guitars
2001 Before the Steele: Roots of a Metal Master (Compilation) Guitars
2008 Take It to the Bank Guitars, Vocals
2011 Swimming in Dirty Water Guitars, Vocals

Jack Starr's Burning Starr

Guitars (1984-present)

1985 Rock the American Way Guitars
1986 No Turning Back! Guitars
1987 Blaze of Glory Guitars
1989 Jack Starr's Burning Starr Guitars
2009 Defiance Guitars
2011 Land of the Dead Guitars
2017 Stand Your Ground Guitars
2022 Souls of the Innocent Guitars



Cynthia Fever


Devil Childe

As Lucifer:
Guitars (1983-1984)

1985 Devil Childe Guitars

Guardians of the Flame

Guitars (2002-2004)

2003 Under a Savage Sky Guitars

Joe Hasselvander

As Tim Legrette:

1985 Lady Killer Guitars (lead)

Phantom Lord

Guitars (1983-1986)

1985 Phantom Lord Guitars (as "Gunther Wassel")
1986 Evil Never Sleeps Guitars

Smokestack Lightning


Strider (USA)

Guitars (1991)


Guitars (1983-1985)

1985 Burning at the Speed of Light Guitars (lead) (4th, right) (track 7)

Virgin Steele

Guitars (1981-1984)

1982 Demo (Demo) Guitars
1982 Virgin Steele Guitars
1983 A Cry in the Night (Single) Guitars
1983 II: Guardians of the Flame Guitars
1983 Wait for the Night (EP) Guitars
1984 Burn the Sun (Compilation) Guitars


2013 Judgement Day Guitars (lead) (track 8)
2013 Battle Cry (Single) Guitars (lead)


2006 Thrash 'til Death (Video) Guitars (track 23)

Michael Knight

2002 Mechanica Diablo Guitars (lead) track 10


2015 Metal Avenger Guitars (lead) (track 9)

Witches Mark

2013 Witching Metal Ritual Guitar solo (track 3)


2016 Tides of the Final War Guitars (lead) (track 2)

Jack Starr

1984 Out of the Darkness Engineering

Jack Starr's Burning Starr

1985 Rock the American Way Producer
1987 Blaze of Glory Producer
1989 Jack Starr's Burning Starr Producer
1998 Burning Starr (Compilation) Producer

Rock Asylum

1986 Rock Asylum (EP) Producer


1984 Demo 1984 (Demo) Producer
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