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J. Held

J. Held

Real/full name:
Jean Held
45 (born May 8th, 1979)
Place of birth:

Ecce Hommo

Guitars (2007-present), All instruments, Vocals (2008-present)

2007 Rehearsal Demo (Demo) Guitars
2007 Cantus ad Noctum (Video) Guitars
2008 Ad Astra per Aspera Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums
2008 Eugenic Hammer (Video) Guitars
2011 Mankind Was a Project (EP) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards
2012 N.S.B.M 2012 (EP) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums
2014 From the Past You Can Find Your Inner Truth (Split) Guitars


As J.:
All instruments, Vocals (2000-present)

2002 Rehearsal MM II (Demo) All instruments, Vocals (as "Kuiskivat Saatanan")
2003 Rehearsal Demo (Demo) Guitars (as "J.Held")
2005 Raise After Die (Demo) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums
2006 Fragments of an Existential Superiority (Demo) 1999
2006 Deceptions (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2012 Written on a Cold Stone - Covered by Darkness Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums
2012 Written on a Cold Stone - Covered by Darkness (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2013 Ravens Weeping over Path All instruments, Vocals (as "J.Held")
2014 Rising from the Dark Past All instruments, Vocals (as "J.Held")
2020 Astral Inferior (Split) All instruments, Vocals



2010 Árvore do Terror (Demo) Everything
2015 Southern the Flame Still Burns (Split) Everything
2020 Devorador do Universo (Single) Everything


drums (2019-present)

2020 Where White Gods Rest (Split) Drums

Sopro da Tragédia

Drums, Vocals (backing)

2010 Lembranças da Antiga Terra Hiperbórea (Demo) Drums


Guitars, Vocals, Drums, Bass (2011-present)

2011 Quelle Guitars, Vocals, Drums, Bass
2018 Raíces ancestrales del hombre primordial (Split) Guitars, Vocals, Drums, Bass
2020 Shadows of a Gray Twilight (EP) Guitars, Drums, Bass.


Guitars (2004-2008), All instruments, Vocals (2008-present)

2004 Audial Sedative (Demo) Guitars
2008 Scars from Different Times (Compilation) Vocals (tracks 1, 3, 7), Drums (track 7), Guitars (tacks 1-3, 5-6) (as "J.")
2012 Facta Non Verba All instruments, Vocals


As H.:
Drums (2018-2019)

2022 Pone Diabolus custodiam (EP) Drums

Inmitten des Waldes

Bass, Guitars, Vocals (2001-2011)

2004 Promo '04 (Demo) Bass, Guitars
2005 Traumgarten (EP) Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics
2006 Die stille Sehnsucht (Demo) Guitars, Vocals
2007 Den Vätern zum Gedächtnis Vocals, Bass, Guitars
2009 Inmitten des Waldes / Mortualia (Split) Lyrics, Guitars, Vocals

Namelezz Projekt

As J.:
Strings, Vocals, Drums (2004-2008)

2005 Beyond the Nothing (Demo) Strings (1,4), Drums (2,3)
2005 Into the Circles of the Time (Demo) Guitars (tracks 2, 3), Drums (track 1)
2006 In an Expression of Constant Instability (Demo) Strings, Vocals, Drums


2020 Twelve Paths Vocals (track 7)
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