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Jörg M. Knittel

Jörg M. Knittel

Real/full name:
Jörg Michael Knittel
Place of origin:


Founder of Vile Music. Co-founder of Iron Glory Records (with Jens Sonnenberg and Andreas Preisig).

Dawn of Winter

Guitars (1992-present)

1993 Celebrate the Agony (EP) Guitars, Keyboards
1994 Doomcult Performance Live (Demo) Guitars
1995 Black Revelations (Demo) Guitars
1996 In Servitude to Destiny (Demo) Guitars, Vocals
1998 In the Valley of Tears Guitars, Vocals
2001 Slow Is the Suffering (EP) Guitars, Vocals
2008 The Peaceful Dead Guitars, Vocals (backing) (track 9)
2012 The Skull of the Sorcerer (EP) Guitars, Songwriting
2018 Pray for Doom Guitars

Goblins Blade

Guitars (2018-present)

2019 Awakening (EP) Guitars
2020 Of Angels and Snakes Guitars

My Darkest Hate

Guitars (1998-present)

1998 Blood Pounding Black (Demo) Music, Lyrics, Guitars
2001 Massive Brutality Guitars, Songwriting (tracks 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10), Lyrics (tracks 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10)
2002 To Whom It May Concern Guitars, Songwriting, Lyrics
2004 At War Lyrics, Guitars, Songwriting (tracks (1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10)
2006 Combat Area Guitars (as "Jörg Michael Knittel")
2016 Anger Temple Guitars

Sacred Steel

Guitars (1997-2006)

1997 Reborn in Steel Guitars (lead)
1998 Wargods of Metal Guitars (lead)
2000 Bloodlust Guitars
2002 Slaughter Prophecy Guitars
2004 Open Wide the Gate (Single) Guitars
2004 Iron Blessings Guitars (lead), Keyboards
2006 Live Blessings (Live album) Guitars

Tragedy Divine

Guitars (1994-1996)

1994 Apostles of Deceit (Demo) Guitars
1996 Visions of Power Guitars

Variety of Arts

Guitars (1990-1994)

1992 Dreams of Perfection (Demo) Guitars

Beyond the Dark

As J.M. Knittel:

1993 Last Days '93 (Demo) Keyboards


2004 Soul Taker Layout

Dawn of Winter

1998 In the Valley of Tears Logo
2008 The Peaceful Dead Recording (bass, guitars, vocals), Layout
2012 The Skull of the Sorcerer (EP) Cover art, Layout
2018 Pray for Doom Cover art


1999 Immortal Sun Layout
2000 Behind the Mask Layout

Iron Cross

2001 Iron Cross (Compilation) Layout

Manilla Road

2000 Crystal Logic Layout
2001 Atlantis Rising Layout
2005 Gates of Fire Layout

Mighty D.

2004 The Last Rise Layout

My Darkest Hate

1998 Blood Pounding Black (Demo) Producer
2006 Combat Area Producer (guitars, bass)

Sacred Steel

1997 Reborn in Steel Logo
2000 Bloodlust Mastering, Layout, Logo
2002 Slaughter Prophecy Mixing, Mastering, Layout, Logo
2004 Iron Blessings Layout


1999 Victory's in Sight Layout, Photography
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