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Izedis Apirikubabadazuzukanpa

Izedis Apirikubabadazuzukanpa

Real/full name:
Dustin Jeffries
38 (born Apr 27th, 1981)
Feb 2020
Place of origin:
United States (California)


Creator of Death Roots Syndicate, a free digital download label and community dedicated to Dark Roots music.


Electronics (2013-2015)


As Izedis:
Vocals (2001)

2001 Nuclear Bloodbath (EP) Vocals
2012 Chernobog / Willowbrook (Split) Vocals
2015 Nuclear NunTwat (Split) Vocals


Vocals, Keyboards, Noise (2000-?), Bass, Drum programming (2001-?), Guitars (2002-2020)

2000 Satanic Killing of Christ in the Pagan Forest on Fullmoon Night (Demo) Vocals
2000 Goatsodomy (Demo) Vocals, Keyboards
2001 Satan's Poop (Split) Vocals (as "GoatSodomizer")
2001 Blasfemia Occidental De Samoan (Demo) Bass, Keyboards, Electronic Drums, Vocals (as "Izedis")
2001 Filthy Satanic Pork (Demo) Vocals, Bass, Drum programming (as "Izedis")
2001 NunTwat Armageddon (Demo) Vocals (as "Izedis")
2002 You Will Be Gluttoned!!!! (Demo) Drum programming, Vocals, Bass (as "Izedis")
2002 Cultivating Goat Vomit (Demo) Vocals, Keyboards (as "Izedis")
2002 Devil's Harvest (Demo) Vocals, Bass (as "Izedis")
2002 Enbilulugugal / Lobster Assault (Split) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Drum programming (as "Izedis")
2002 Memento Mori (Split) Vocals (as "Izedis")
2003 Baphofucked Promo Demo '03 (Demo) Vocals, Drum programming (as "Izedis")
2003 Satanic Terrorism (Split) Vocals, Drum programming (as "Izedis")
2004 Noizemongers for GoatSerpent Vocals, Keyboards (as "Izedis")
2009 Blood Cult vs. Enbilulugugal (Split) Vocals (as "Izedis")
2011 SaGoatan RehearsHellz (Demo) Vocals (as "Izedis")
2011 Baphofucked Promo Demo '11 (Demo) Vocals (as "Izedis")
2011 tnepreStaoG (Demo) Vocals (as "Izedis")
2011 Live in Western Samoa, 09​-​26​-​02 (Demo) Vocals, Drum programming (as "Izedis")
2011 taoGtnepreS (Demo) Vocals (as "Izedis")
2011 Bloodbath in Darkness (Single) Vocals (lead) (as "Izedis")
2011 Skeld / Static Goat / Enbilulugugal (Split) Vocals (lead) (as "Izedis")
2011 Prelude to the Apokalypse (Split) Vocals (as "Izedis")
2012 Enbilulugugal / Darkosis (Split) Vocals (as "Izedis")
2012 Agamenon Project / Enbilulugugal (Split) Vocals (lead) (as "Izedis")
2012 Rites ov the Blakk Goat ov the Woods with a Thousand Young... (Split) Vocals (lead) (as "Izedis")
2013 The Day After Vocals (lead), Noise, Samples (as "Izedis")
2013 An Unholy Warunion of HellGoats (Split) Vocals (as "Izedis")
2013 Charred Goat Remains (Split) Vocals (lead) (as "Izedis")
2013 Rock 'n Roll or Fuck Off​!​! (Single) Vocals (as "Izedis")
2013 The Tauro Sessions '09 (Demo) Vocals (as "Izedis")
2014 Earthenwomb / Enbilulugugal / Graveterre / Venowl (Split) Vocals (as "Izedis")
2014 The End Is Extremely Fucking Nigh Vocals (as "Izedis")
2015 Nuclear NunTwat (Split) Vocals (as "Izedis")
2015 Praise the Fukken Lard!!!! Vocals (as "Izedis")
2015 Fukken Fat as Fukkin Fukk (Demo) Guitars
2016 Lardmongers for Curlyton (Demo) Vocals, Guitar, Drum Programming
2016 Black Noise Madness (Split) Vocals, Guitar, Drum programming
2016 Enbilulugugal S4tvr4ti0n Split (Split) Noise, Vocals
2016 Satanism's for Pussy's (Single) Vocals, Effects, Noise
2016 Fukk This World (Compilation) Noise, Vocals, Bass, Drum programming, Guitar
2016 Los Black Noise Mariachi's Vocals (as "Izedis")
2016 Why Don't You Fukk Off? (Demo) Vocals
2016 Enbilulugugal / PKWST (Split) Vocals
2016 Hippy Helloween (Single) Unknown
2017 Lord of the Lard (Demo) Vocals
2017 Los Pooner's Mariachi's (Split) Vocals, Keyboards, Noise, Bass, Drum programming, Guitars
2017 Enbilulugugal / Sloth / Torn from the Roots (Split) Vocals, Effects
2017 SaGoatan Fingerbanger 333 (Demo) Vocals
2017 03-19-2017 (Demo) Vocals (as "Izedis")
2017 33 Traxxx of Fuck You (Split) Guitars
2017 Offerings to Curlyton (EP) Vocals (as "Izedis")
2017 Baphofucked (Compilation) Vocals, Drum programming (as "Izedis")
2017 Pure Fucking Noise! (Split) Vocals
2017 Kardiak Attakk (EP) Vocals
2017 Enbilulugugal / Tomhet (Split) Vocals (as "Izedis")
2018 Not a Black Metal Band (EP) Vocals, Noise (as "Izedis")
2018 Enbilulugugal / DJ Urinal Cake (Split) Vocals
2019 The Sixteenth Six​-​tooth Sub​-​level of Suicide (Split) Vocals, Keyboards, Noise, Bass, Drum programming, Guitars
2019 Offerings to Noizemongers (Compilation) Bass, Drum programming, Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards, Noise
2019 We Hope You Fvkken Hate It Vocals (as "Izedis")
2019 Enbilulugugal / Brokenchelust / Трупнокалиберный Гноемёт (Split) Vocals, Keyboards, Noise, Bass, Drum programming, Guitars
2019 Enbilulugugal / Coprohammer (Split) Vocals
2020 Nunfucking Nuklear Diskography 2000-2019 (Compilation) Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards, Noise, Bass, Drum programming
(show all)

Fearless North Koreans from Hell

Vocals (2017)

Static Goat

Noise, Vocals, Drum programming, Effects (2009-2018)

The Screaming Bugers

Guitars, Vocals (1993)


As Izedis:

2017 Nil Sine Satanas, Fatality for Evil Vocals (track 7)
2018 Food for Moloch Vocals (track 11)


As Izedis:

2012 Under Command of Tjolgtjar Vocals (track 10)
2012 Under Command of Tjolgtjar & Witchcrafts (Compilation) Vocals (track 10)


2001 Satan's Poop (Split) Artwork (as "GoatSodomizer")
2002 Cultivating Goat Vomit (Demo) Artwork (as "Izedis")
2013 The Day After Producer (as "Izedis")
2016 Why Don't You Fukk Off? (Demo) Mixing, Mastering
2016 Enbilulugugal / PKWST (Split) Mixing, Mastering
2017 Lord of the Lard (Demo) Cover art, Mixing
2018 Not a Black Metal Band (EP) Mixing, Mastering (as "Izedis")

Gnashing of Teeth

2012 I Breathe Plagues (EP) Mastering (as "Izedis")
2012 We Each Have Our Daemons (Demo) Mastering (as "Izedis")


2017 Nil Sine Satanas, Fatality for Evil Layout (as "Izedis")
2018 Food for Moloch Layout (as "Izedis")
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