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Ivan Loi

Ivan Loi

Real/full name:
Ivan Loi
38 (born Apr 17th, 1983)
Place of origin:
Italy (Gonnesa , South Sardinia)


Vocals (2004-present)

2005 Jan AG / Extreem Bloedbad / Cannibe (Split) Vocals (as "Ivan")
2005 Demo 2004 (Demo) Vocals (as "Loj")
2006 Cannibe / Bestial Vomit (Split) Vocals (as "Ivan")
2007 Cannibe / Alchemy of Sickness (Split) Vocals (as "Ivan")
2007 Devoured by Vermin vs Cannibe (Split) Vocals (as "Ivan")
2008 Cannibe / Disinvolve (Split) Vocals
2008 6 Way to Put Your Shit Out (Split) Vocals
2008 Horrible Experimental / Dawn of the Corpse, Night of the Cannibal (Split) Vocals
2009 5 Way Underground for Life (Split) Vocals
2010 Extreme Manual of Splatter Anatomy (Split) Vocals
2010 Purulent Devourments & Cannibalism (Split) Vocals
2010 Mondo Cadavere / Telecockies (Split) Vocals
2010 Days of Morgue (Split) Vocals (as "Ivan")
2011 Untitled / Massive Cannibalism (Split) Vocals, Keyboards (as "Ivan")
2011 Diary of the Deranged / Files of a Mental Disturbed (Split) Vocals (as "Ivan")
2011 Hideous Human Vintage Vocals, Keyboards
2011 Sociopathological Society (Split) Vocals
2012 The Mind Is Collapsed Vocals, Keyboards
2013 Pulmonary Fibrosis / Fecalizer / Cannibe / Olocausto (Split) Vocals
2014 5 Ways Brain Tumors and Elevated Intracranial Pressure to Overexposure to Ionizing Radiation (Split) Vocals
2014 Necrosplattered Anal Vomit Fistfuck (Split) Vocals
2014 A Basket of Vaginal Maggots (Unreleased Collection of Purulent Stuff) (Compilation) Gargling of fecal pus
2014 Laboratorio de anatomia (Demo) Vocals
2014 Cannibe / Kadaverficker (Split) Vocals
2015 Best Gorempilation of Necromucus (Compilation) Vocals
2015 VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxCx / Bizarre Ejaculation / Cannibe / Wombstomp (Split) Vocals
2015 7 Way Split (Split) Gargling of Fecal Pus
2015 Beast from Zhytomyr Vocals (as "Ivan")
2015 Human Flesh in Putrefaction (Split) Vocals
2016 The International Gore-Trafficking of Human Cadavers (Split) Vocals (as "Ivan")
2016 Pedofilia castrados (Split) Vocals
2017 We'll Just Have to Acclimatize Ourselves to the Post-Cannibal Era! (Split) Vocals
2018 Violent Massacre (Split) Vocals (as "Ivan")
2018 Sardinia/Polish Alliance (Split) Vocals
2018 El sabor del Cerebro / Infantofilo toldders / Planet Fiesta (Split) Vocals (as "Ivan")
2019 Sapor Sanguinus (EP) Vocals
2019 Muerte y miseria / Serenades of Oncology - A Brief Look on Malignancy Variations (Split) Vocals
2020 Sacrificio Umano Vocals (as "Ivan")
2021 Anger Blast / Deathrow / Cannibe / Carnal Trash (Split) Vocals
2021 Devoured by Hate / Severe Facial Collisions (Split) Vocals
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Congenital Interior Defects

As Mega Direttore Cobran:
Everything (2008-present)





2015 Decay Is Just the Beginning (EP) Vocals

Red Bible Black


2011 Red Bible Black (Demo) Vocals


As Ivan:
Vocals (2010)

Santa Sangre

Bass (2012-2013)

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