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Igor Lobanov

Igor Lobanov

Real/full name:
Игорь Лобанов
51 (born Jul 4th, 1969)
Place of origin:
Russia (Moscow)


Igor Lobanov competed in luge from the late 1980s to 1990, representing the Soviet Union. He won the bronze medal in the mixed-team event at the 1990 FIL World Luge Championships in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Forces United

Vocals (2015-present)

2015 Forces United - IV Vocals (track 8), Co-songwriting (track 8)




Vocals, Guitars (1999-2001, 2016-present)


As Игорь "Кэш" Лобанов:
Vocals (2002-present)

End Zone

Guitars, Vocals (1993-2001)

1995 First Bequest Vocals, Guitars
1995 First Bequest / The Sign of 2-nd Sun (Compilation) Guitars, Vocals
1996 Θάλαττα καί θανατος Guitars (rhythm), Guitars (acoustic)
1998 Eclectica Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)


Guitars (1997-1999)

1999 Images of the Innocent Guitars


Vocals (2016)


Guitars, Vocals (1992)


As Igor Lobanov "Cache":

2008 Lifelong Days Vocals (track 4)


2019 Фобия. Мураками. Вторник (Single) Vocals (track 2) (as "Igor "Cache" Lobanov")
2019 Вентиль. Провокация Vocals (track 3) (as "Игорь «Кэш» Лобанов")


2000 Memories Progression Vocals (additional)


As Cache:

2014 Это не грех (EP) Vocals (track 3)


As Игорь [Кэш] Лобанов:

2008 Пополни ряды Vocals (additional) (track 11)


As Игорь Лобанов:

2016 Виновен тем, что жив Vocals (choirs) (track 11)

Олег Мишин

As Игорь Лобанов:

2007 Ангел Vocals (choirs) (track 2)


2004 О скитаниях вечных и о земле Mastering (as "Игорь Лобанов")


2002 The Wings Mastering


2003 Имаго Remixing (tracks 1, 8) (as "Игорь Лобанов")
2004 Призрачный свет (EP) Recording (keyboards) (as "Игорь Лобанов")
2005 Крылья Recording (keyboards) (as "Игорь Лобанов")

End Zone

1995 First Bequest Producer
1996 Θάλαττα καί θανατος Producer, Design
1998 Eclectica Producer, Mixing, Design

Forces United

2014 Forces United - I (EP) Design (as "Игорь Лобанов")
2015 Forces United - IV Cover art
2017 Forces United - V (EP) Cover art (as "Igor "Cache" Lobanov")
2017 Egorov Cover art (as "Игорь Лобанов")
2017 Мавзолей (Рок-опера) Cover art (as "Игорь Добанов")
2018 Симфония Холстинина Cover art (as "Игорь "Кэш" Лобанов")


1996 Border of Misty Times Producer, Recording (assistant), Mixing (assistant), Design
2008 Lifelong Days Pre-production (as "Igor Lobanov "Cache"")


2016 Дым. Крепости. Волк Photography (as "Игорь "Кэш" Лобанов")


2002 Blind Faith Design


2000 Memories Progression Producer, Mixing

Nova Art

2005 The Art of Nova Recording, Mixing

Scrambled Defuncts

2002 Pre-natal Whittling (EP) Engineering, Recording, Mixing
2003 Pre-natal Whittling / Life Kills / Into the Sickest Depth (Split) Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Engineering (tracks 1-4)


2014 Это не грех (EP) Lyrics (track 3) (as "Игорь "Кэш" Лобанов")


1998 Сделано в России (Video) Design (as "Игорь Лобанов")
1999 2000 и одна ночь Design (as "Игорь Лобанов")
2004 Беспечный ангел (Compilation) Artwork, Cover art
2006 Армагеддон Lyrics (tracks 1, 5), Design (as "Игорь Лобанов")
2007 Пляска ада (Live album) Artwork (as "Игорь [КЭШ] Лобанов")
2007 Пляска ада (Video) Artwork (as "Игорь [КЭШ] Лобанов")
2008 Герой асфальта: 20 лет (Live album) Artwork (as "Игорь [КЭШ] Лобанов")
2008 Герой асфальта: 20 лет (Video) Artwork (as "Игорь [КЭШ] Лобанов")
2011 Феникс Lyrics (tracks 4, 7, 9), Design (as "Игорь Лобанов")
2012 Live in Studio Cover art, Photography, Design (as "Игорь [Кэш] Лобанов")
2012 В жёлтом круге арены (Live album) Cover art, Design (as "Игорь (кэш) Лобанов")
2014 Через все времена Lyrics (track 10), Design (as "Игорь (Кэш) Лобанов")
2015 30 (1985-2015) (Compilation) Cover art, Lyrics (CD2 tracks 7, 9) (as "Игорь Лобанов")
2016 Классическая Ария (Live album) Photography, Design, Layout (as "Игорь "Кэш" Лобанов")
2016 30 лет! Юбилейный концерт (Live album) Design, Layout (as "Игорь "Кэш" Лобанов")
2018 Проклятье морей Lyrics (tracks 2, 4) (as "Лобанов")
(show all)


2010 Пять баллов (Video) Design (as "Igor "Cache" Lobanov")


2002 Думать о тебе Design (as "Игорь Лобанов")
2005 Mystical Mass Mastering, Design
2008 Пополни ряды Lyrics (track 11), Design, Photography, Co-producer (as "Игорь [Кэш] Лобанов")

Константин Селезнёв

2011 Территория... [X] Design (as "Кэш (Игорь Лобанов)")
2016 Война за мир Design (as "Игорь Лобанов")

Олег Мишин

2007 Ангел Recording (vocals) (as "Игорь [Кэш] Лобанов")

Сергей Маврин

2007 Live Design (as "Игорь Лобанов")
2007 Made in Питер (Video) Design (as "Игорь [КЭШ] Лобанов")
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