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Ice Dale

Ice Dale

Real/full name:
Arve Isdal
46 (born Aug 28th, 1977)
Place of birth:
Norway (Bergen, Vestland)

Audrey Horne

As Arve Isdal:
Guitars (2002-present)

2005 Confessions & Alcohol (EP) Guitars (as "Arve Squanky")
2005 No hay banda Guitars (as "Arve Squanky")
2007 Le∙Fol∙ Guitars, Bass, Songwriting (tracks 1-11)
2009 Audrey Horne Guitars
2013 Youngblood Guitars
2014 Pure Heavy Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2017 This Is War (Single) Guitars
2017 Audrevolution (Single) Guitars
2018 Satellite (Single) Guitars
2018 Blackout Guitars
2020 Waiting for the Night (Live album) Guitars
2022 Devil's Bell Guitars
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Guitars, Bass (2007-?)

2007 Promo (Demo) Guitars, Bass
2011 March of the Norse Guitars, Bass


As Arve Isdal:
Guitars (2020-present)


As Arve Isdal:
Guitars (lead) (2002-present), Vocals (backing) (2015-present)

2003 Below the Lights Guitars (lead)
2003 Live Retaliation (Video) Guitars (lead)
2004 Isa Guitars (lead)
2005 Return to Yggdrasill - Live in Bergen (Video) Guitars (lead)
2006 Ruun Guitars (lead)
2008 Vertebrae Guitars (lead)
2009 Live at the Rock Hard Festival (Live album) Guitars (lead)
2010 Axioma Ethica Odini Guitars (lead)
2011 The Watcher (Live) (Single) Guitars (lead)
2011 The Sleeping Gods (EP) Guitars (lead)
2011 Thorn (EP) Guitars
2012 Riitiir Guitars (lead)
2015 In Times Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2016 The Sleeping Gods / Thorn (Compilation) Guitars (lead)
2017 Roadburn Live (Live album) Guitars (lead)
2017 Storm Son (Single) Guitars (lead)
2017 Live in Plovdiv (Split) Guitars (lead)
2017 E Guitars (lead)
2020 Homebound (Single) Guitars (lead)
2020 Utgard Guitars (lead, acoustic), Vocals (backing) (track 1)
2021 Chronicles of the Northbound (Live album) Guitars (lead)
2021 Utgard: The Journey Within (Live album) Vocals (backing), Guitars (lead)
2021 The Rise of Ymir (Live album) Guitars (lead)
2021 Below the Lights (Live album) Guitars (lead)
2021 Caravans to the Outer Worlds (EP) Guitars (lead; electric), Guitars (acoustic)
2022 Kingdom (Single) Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
2022 Congelia (Single) Guitars (lead)
2022 Caravans to the Outer Worlds (Single) Guitars (lead)
2023 Heimdal Guitars (lead)
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Malignant Eternal

As Arve Isdal:
Guitars (1998-2001, 2017-present)

1999 Alarm Guitars

Bourbon Flame



As Arve Isdal:


Guitars (lead) (2005-2007)

2006 Sampler (Split) Guitars (lead)
2006 Between Two Worlds Guitars

Temple of the Black Moon

Guitars (2012-?)


As Arve "Ice Dale" Isdal:

2008 Travel Now Journey Infinitely Guitars


Bass (2022-present)


Guitars (2008)

Paul Di'Anno

As Arve Isdal:
Guitars (2002-2003)

God Seed

2012 Live at Wacken (Live album) Guitars


As Arve Isdal:

2023 War Against All Guitars (additional), Bass

Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik

2021 Hardanger (EP) Guitars (acoustic)

Paul Di'Anno

As Arve Isdal:

2003 The Beast in the East (Video) Guitars

Audrey Horne

2005 Confessions & Alcohol (EP) Producer (as "Arve Squanky")
2005 No hay banda Producer (as "Arve Squanky")
2007 Le∙Fol∙ Producer
2009 Audrey Horne Producer, Recording (additional)
2020 Waiting for the Night (Live album) Editing (blu-ray), Producer (as "Arve Isdal")
2022 Devil's Bell Producer, Recording (as "Arve Island")


2010 Brenn alle bruer (EP) Engineering
2012 Holmengraa Engineering (as "Arve Isdal")
2014 Evig Heder (Single) Engineering (as "Arve Isdal")
2014 Flammenes Virke (Single) Engineering (as "Arve Isdal")
2014 H7 Engineering (as "Arve Isdal")


2010 Black Earth Engineering
2011 Of Death Producer


2011 March of the Norse Producer


2008 Vertebrae Engineering
2010 Axioma Ethica Odini Engineering
2012 Riitiir Engineering (as "Arve Isdal")
2015 In Times Engineering
2017 Storm Son (Single) Engineering
2017 E Engineering
2020 Utgard Recording, Engineering
2021 Caravans to the Outer Worlds (EP) Recording, Engineering
2022 Kingdom (Single) Recording (lead guitars) (as "Arve Isdal")
2022 Congelia (Single) Recording (lead guitars) (as "Arve Isdal")
2022 Caravans to the Outer Worlds (Single) Recording (lead guitars) (as "Arve Isdal")
2023 Heimdal Recording (lead guitars) (as "Arve Isdal")
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2010 Torturmantra Recording (as "Arve Isdal")


2006 Between Two Worlds Producer


2023 War Against All Recording, Producer (as "Arve Isdal")

Octavia Sperati

2005 Winter Enclosure Co-engineering (as "Arve "Squanky" Isdal")
2007 Grace Submerged Co-engineering


2010 III Co-producer, Engineering


2007 Days of Wrath Producer

The Gathering

2012 Disclosure Engineering (vocals) (as "Arve Isdal")


2012 Extinctionist Engineering (vocals)

Vulture Industries

2007 The Dystopia Journals Engineering (additional) (as "Arve Isdal")
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