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Hugh Syme

Hugh Syme

Real/full name:
Hugh Syme
71 (born 1953)
Place of birth:


Hugh Syme is an award-winning graphic artist best known as the man responsible for all but the first two of Rush's album cover art. He also created Rush's famous starman logo, though he never imagined the band would use it, nor that it would gain such international recognizably as their main logo. He collaborated with Ian Thomas as both keyboardist and songwriter from 1973 to 1980, eventually ...


1976 2112 Keyboards (track 5)
1980 Permanent Waves Piano (track 5)
1981 Moving Pictures Keyboards (track 6)


2012 Betrayer Art direction, Design

Byron Nemeth Group

2007 The Force Within Design, Art direction, Artwork


2022 Ravages of Fate Art direction, Cover art

Damn the Machine

1993 Damn the Machine Art direction, Design

Def Leppard

1993 Retro Active (Compilation) Art direction, Design, Illustration

Dream Theater

2005 Octavarium Design, Artwork, Art direction
2007 Systematic Chaos Art direction, Design, Artwork
2008 Greatest Hit (...and 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs) (Compilation) Design, Artwork, Photography
2008 Chaos in Motion 2007-2008 (Video) Artwork
2009 Black Clouds & Silver Linings Art direction, Design, Artwork
2011 A Dramatic Turn of Events Design, Artwork, Art direction
2013 Dream Theater Art direction, Design, Artwork
2013 Live at Luna Park (Live album) Artwork, Art direction, Design
2019 Distance over Time Art direction, Design, Artwork
2020 Distant Memories - Live in London (Live album) Art direction, Design
2021 Lost Not Forgotten Archives: A Dramatic Tour of Events – Select Board Mixes (Live album) Art direction, Design
2021 A View from the Top of the World Art direction, Design, Artwork
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2003 Synergy Cover art

Fates Warning

1989 Perfect Symmetry Art direction, Design
1991 Parallels Art direction, Design
1994 Inside Out Cover art, Art direction, Design


2010 Eyewitness of Life Cover art

Iron Maiden

1995 Man on the Edge (Single) Cover art
1995 The X Factor Cover art, Art Direction, Design, Digital Illustration
1996 Lord of the Flies (Single) Cover art
1996 Virus (Single) Artwork


1992 Countdown to Extinction Art direction, Design
1992 Exposure of a Dream (Video) Artwork
1994 Youthanasia Art direction, Design, Digital illustration
1997 Cryptic Writings Design, Art direction
2001 The World Needs a Hero Artwork


1989 Absolute Power Art direction


1994 Promised Land Artwork, Art direction, Design
1997 Hear in the Now Frontier Artwork
2000 Greatest Hits (Compilation) Art direction, Design
2007 Sign of the Times: The Best of Queensrÿche (Compilation) Artwork
2009 American Soldier Design, Artwork

Quiet Riot

1986 QR III Design, Cover art
1988 QR Cover art


1975 Caress of Steel Cover art
1976 2112 Cover art
1976 All the World's a Stage (Live album) Cover art
1977 A Farewell to Kings Cover art
1978 Hemispheres Cover art
1980 Permanent Waves Cover art, Art direction, Cover concept
1981 Exit... Stage Left (Video) Cover art
1981 Moving Pictures Cover art, Design, Cover concept
1981 Exit... Stage Left (Live album) Cover art
1982 Signals Design, Cover concept, Artwork
1984 Grace Under Pressure Cover art, Art direction
1985 Power Windows Cover art, Art direction
1986 Grace Under Pressure Tour (Video) Creative director
1987 Hold Your Fire Cover art
1989 A Show of Hands (Video) Cover art
1989 A Show of Hands (Live album) Cover art
1989 Presto Cover art
1990 Chronicles (Compilation) Layout
1991 Roll the Bones (Single) Design
1991 Roll the Bones Cover art
1993 Counterparts Art direction, Design, Cover art
1996 Test for Echo Digital illustration, Cover art, Art direction
1997 Retrospective I (Compilation) Art direction
1997 Retrospective II (Compilation) Art direction, Cover art
1998 Different Stages • Live (Live album) Art direction, Design, Cover art
2002 Vapor Trails Cover art, Art direction
2003 The Spirit of Radio: Greatest Hits 1974-1987 (Compilation) Cover art
2003 Rush in Rio (Live album) Design, Cover art, Art direction
2003 Rush in Rio (Video) Cover art, Art direction, Design
2004 Feedback (EP) Art direction, Artwork, Design
2005 R30: 30th Anniversary World Tour (Video) Cover art
2006 Gold (Compilation) Cover art
2006 Replay x3 (Boxed set) Cover art
2007 Snakes & Arrows Design, Illustrations, Artwork
2008 Snakes & Arrows Live (Live album) Art direction, Cover art, Design
2008 Snakes & Arrows Live (Video) Cover art, Art direction, Cover art, Design
2009 Retrospective 3 (Compilation) Cover art
2009 Working Men (Video) Art direction, Artwork, Design
2009 Working Men (Compilation) Artwork
2010 Caravan (Single) Art Direction, Design, Horologist
2011 Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland (Live album) Art direction, Artwork, Design
2011 Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland (Video) Art direction, Artwork, Design
2012 Clockwork Angels Art direction, Design, Illustrations
2013 The Studio Albums 1989-2007 (Boxed set) Cover art
2013 Clockwork Angels Tour (Live album) Art direction, Desing, Illustrations
2013 Clockwork Angels Tour (Video) Art direction, Desing, Illustrations
2015 R40 Live (Live album) Art direction, Art direction, Design, Design
2017 Cygnus X-1 (Single) Artwork
2017 Closer to the Heart (Single) Artwork
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2017 Hell's Inc. Artwork
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