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Howie Weinberg

Howie Weinberg

Real/full name:
Howard Weinberg
Place of birth:
United States (New York)


Former senior mastering engineer at New York City's Masterdisk Mastering. In 2011, he opened Howie Weinberg Mastering.

A Perfect Murder

2004 Unbroken Mastering
2005 Strength Through Vengeance Mastering


1983 Cosmic Fantasy (EP) Mastering

All Hail the Yeti

2012 All Hail the Yeti Mastering
2018 Highway Crosses Mastering


2006 1945 Mastering


1985 Spreading the Disease Mastering
1986 Madhouse (EP) Mastering


2003 Hacktivist Mastering


1992 Bucketheadland Mastering
1994 Giant Robot Mastering


1983 No Mercy Mastering
1983 Look Out (Single) Mastering
1983 I Sold My Soul to Rock 'N' Roll (Single) Mastering
1983 I Sold My Soul to Rock 'N' Roll (Single) Mastering
1984 I Sold My Soul to Rock 'N' Roll (Single) Mastering

Celtic Frost

1990 Vanity / Nemesis Mastering
1992 Parched with Thirst Am I and Dying (Compilation) Mastering
2017 Innocence and Wrath (Compilation) Mastering (Disc 2 tracks 9, 12)

Channel Zero

1994 Unsafe Mastering
1995 Heroin (EP) Mastering


1989 Best Wishes Mastering
1992 Alpha Omega Mastering

Cyclone Temple

1991 Words Are Just Words (edit) / Why (Single) Mastering
1991 Words Are Just Words (edit) (Single) Mastering
1991 I Hate Therefore I Am Mastering


2004 New Found Power Mastering
2004 Pride (Single) Mastering
2004 Save Me (Single) Mastering

Damn the Machine

1993 The Mission (Single) Mastering
1993 Silence (Single) Mastering
1993 Lonesome God (Single) Mastering
1993 Damn the Machine Mastering


1988 Danzig Mastering
1992 Danzig III: How the Gods Kill Mastering
1992 Dirty Black Summer (Single) Mastering
2017 Black Laden Crown Mastering
2020 Danzig Sings Elvis Mastering

Dark Angel

1991 Act of Contrition (Single) Editing, Mastering
1991 Time Does Not Heal Mastering
2015 Limited Edition 3 Vinyl Set (Compilation) Mastering


2015 Catalyst for Rage Mastering

Def Leppard

1987 Hysteria Mastering

Die Krupps

1993 Fatherland (Single) Mastering


2000 Make Your Mind Up Mastering

Divine Era

2012 Dead End City Mastering


1994 Doomsday (EP) Mastering

Dream Theater

1989 When Dream and Day Unite Mastering
2003 As I Am (Single) Mastering
2003 Train of Thought Mastering
2004 Live at Budokan (Video) Mastering
2004 Live at Budokan (Live album) Mastering

Drums Are for Parades

2010 Master Mastering

Early Man

2005 Closing In Mastering

Electrik Dynamite

2015 Winter 2-Track 2015 (Demo) Mastering


2019 Zenith Mastering


1998 Same Difference Mastering

Faith No More

1995 Ricochet (Single) Mastering
1995 Digging the Grave (Single) Mastering
1995 King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime Mastering
1995 Evidence (Single) Mastering
1997 Last Cup of Sorrow (Single) Mastering
1997 Ashes to Ashes (Single) Mastering
1997 Album of the Year Mastering
1997 Stripsearch (Single) Mastering
1998 Who Cares a Lot? The Greatest Hits (Compilation) Mastering

Fear Factory

2004 Archetype Mastering

Fear of God

1991 Betrayed / Emily promo (Single) Mastering
1991 Within the Veil Mastering

Flotsam and Jetsam

1992 Selections from Cuatro (Single) Mastering
1992 Wading Through the Darkness (Single) Mastering
1992 Never to Reveal (Single) Mastering
1992 Cuatro Mastering
1993 Cradle Me Now (Single) Mastering
1993 Swatting at Flies (Single) Mastering
1995 Blindside (Single) Mastering
1995 Smoked Out (Single) Mastering
1995 Destructive Signs (Single) Mastering
1995 Drift Mastering


1990 Twisted into Form Mastering

Forced Entry

1991 Bone Crackin' Fever (Single) Mastering
1991 As Above, So Below Mastering

Geoff Tate

2002 Geoff Tate Mastering


2019 200 and 4 (Single) Mastering

Grim Reaper

1985 Fear No Evil (Single) Mastering
1985 Fear No Evil Mastering
1999 Best of Grim Reaper (Compilation) Mastering


1991 America Must Be Destroyed Mastering
1994 This Toilet Earth Mastering
2004 War Party Mastering
2013 Battle Maximus Mastering


2010 Stampede Mastering


1992 Meantime Mastering
1994 Wilma's Rainbow (EP) Mastering
1994 Betty Mastering
2016 Bad News (Single) Mastering
2016 Dead to the World Mastering
2023 Holiday (Single) Mastering
2023 Gun Fluf (Single) Mastering
2023 Left Mastering


2001 Revolution Mastering


1987 Intrinsic Mastering

Iron Maiden

2005 Death on the Road (Live album) Mastering
2006 Death on the Road (Video) Mastering (PCM Stereo)

It Dies Today

2006 Sirens Mastering


2019 Kim (Demo) Mastering

King Diamond

1996 The Graveyard Mastering
2004 King Diamond Platinum Edition (Boxed set) Mastering


2018 No Need to Reason Mastering


1992 Blues for the Red Sun Mastering
1993 Green Machine (Single) Mastering


1989 Born to Expire Mastering
1991 Desperate Measures Mastering
1996 Born to Expire / Desperate Measures (Compilation) Mastering

Lord Dying

2019 Envy The End (Single) Mastering
2019 Mysterium Tremendum Mastering
2019 Freed from the Pressures of Time (Single) Mastering


1988 Locked and Loaded Mastering


1987 Blow Your Speakers (Single) Mastering
1987 Fighting the World Mastering
1988 Kings of Metal / Herz aus Stahl (Single) Mastering (as "Howie "Iron" Weinberg")
1988 Kings of Metal Mastering (as "Howie "Iron" Weinberg")
1992 Metal Warriors (Single) Mastering (as "Howie "Iron" Weinberg")
1992 The Triumph of Steel Mastering (as "Howie "Iron" Weinberg")
2008 Kings of Metal / The Triumph of Steel (Compilation) Mastering (as "Howie "Iron" Weinberg")

Meliah Rage

1988 Enter the Darkness (Single) Mastering
1988 Kill to Survive Mastering
1990 No Mind (Single) Mastering
1990 Solitary Solitude Mastering


2019 1​+​1​=​1 Mastering


2013 Through the Never (Music from the Motion Picture) (Live album) Mastering
2016 Ride the Lightning Remastering
2016 Kill 'Em All Remastering
2017 Master of Puppets Remastering
2017 Master of Puppets Remastering (Disc 1)


1993 Dropped Mastering


2013 Inception / Начало (EP) Mastering


2021 Salamander Mastering


1997 Windows Mastering


1993 Spit Mastering


1989 The Years of Decay Mastering
1991 Horrorscope Mastering
1994 W.F.O. Mastering
1996 The Killing Kind Mastering
1997 From the Underground and Below Mastering
1999 Coverkill (Compilation) Mastering (as "Howie Wienburg")

Ozzy Osbourne

1984 Heavy Metal Killers (Split) Mastering (tracks A2 & B6)


1990 Cowboys from Hell Mastering
1992 Mouth for War (Single) Mastering
1992 Vulgar Display of Power Mastering
1993 Walk (Single) Mastering
1993 Vulgar Display of Cowboys (Compilation) Mastering
1994 Hostile Moments 12" (EP) Mastering (Track 2)
1994 Driven Downunder (Boxed set) Mastering
2000 Reinventing the Steel Mastering
2001 Revolution Is My Name (Single) Mastering
2008 Vulgar Display of Power / Far Beyond Driven (Compilation) Mastering
2010 1990-2000: A Decade of Domination (Compilation) Mastering
2010 Cowboys from Hell: The Demos (Compilation) Remastering
2011 Original Album Series (Boxed set) Mastering
2020 Reinventing the Steel Remastering
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Paradise Lost

1999 Host Mastering
1999 Permanent Solution (Single) Mastering


1996 Love Nation Sugarhead (EP) Mastering
1997 Unpop Mastering


1986 Rage for Order Mastering
2003 Tribe Mastering

Riot V

1981 Outlaw / Rock City (Single) Mastering
1981 Fire Down Under Mastering
1982 Riot Live (EP) Mastering
1982 Restless Breed Mastering
1983 Born in America - Radio Sampler (EP) Mastering
1983 Born in America Mastering
1988 Thundersteel Mastering
1992 Riot in Japan - Live!! (Live album) Mastering
2009 Thundersteel / The Privilege of Power (Compilation) Mastering (disc 1)
2016 Restless Breed / Riot Live (Compilation) Mastering


2002 Vapor Trails Mastering
2013 The Studio Albums 1989-2007 (Boxed set) Mastering


1991 Scamboogery Mastering
1994 Mundus Intellectualis (EP) Mastering


1980 Hey You (Single) Mastering
1980 Only a Man (Single) Mastering
1980 Make It Real (Single) Mastering
1980 Animal Magnetism Mastering
1980 Lady Starlight / Hold Me Tight (Single) Mastering
1980 The Zoo (Single) Mastering
1988 Savage Amusement Mastering
1988 Rhythm of Love (Single) Mastering
1988 Believe in Love (Single) Mastering
1989 Passion Rules the Game (Single) Mastering


1991 Under Siege (Regnum Irae) (Single) Mastering (Track 1)
1991 Breaking Barriers Vol. 4 (Split) Mastering (track 4)
1991 Arise Mastering
1991 Dead Embryonic Cells (Single) Mastering
1992 Arise (Single) Mastering (Track 1)
2012 The Complete Roadrunner Collection 1987-1996 (Compilation) Mastering


2009 Dare to Dream Mastering


1999 The General Electric Mastering
2000 Pacifier (Single) Mastering (track 1)
2005 Love Is the New Hate Mastering
2005 All the Young Fascists (Single) Mastering (track 1)

Sky Empire

2018 The Dark Tower Mastering


1986 Postmortem (Single) Mastering
1986 Reign in Blood Mastering
1987 Criminally Insane (Single) Mastering
1988 South of Heaven Mastering
1990 Seasons in the Abyss (Single) Mastering
1990 Seasons in the Abyss Mastering
1991 Decade of Aggression (Live album) Mastering
1998 Diabolus in Musica Mastering
1998 Stain of Mind (Single) Mastering
2015 You Against You (Single) Mastering
2015 Repentless Mastering
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1989 Louder than Love Mastering

Steak Number Eight

2013 The Hutch Mastering


1997 Hymns for an Unknown God (EP) Mastering

The Almighty

2001 Psycho-Narco Mastering

The Great Kat

1998 Bloody Vivaldi (EP) Mastering
2002 Wagner's War (EP) Mastering


1992 Scuse Me / Sleeper (Single) Mastering
1992 Memory's Garden (Single) Mastering
1992 Three Selections from Manic Frustration (EP) Mastering
1992 Knock Knock Knockin' on Heavy's Door (Split) Mastering (track 2)
1992 Manic Frustration Mastering

Until Dawn

2013 Horizon Mastering

Vicious Rumors

1990 Vicious Rumors Mastering
1991 Welcome to the Ball Mastering

Viking Skull

2007 Chapter Two Mastering


1993 The Lost Machine / Jack Luminous (Single) Mastering
1993 The Outer Limits Mastering
2006 Katorz Mastering


2017 Silhouettes (Single) Mastering
2017 Remain Violent (Single) Mastering
2017 Woe to the Vanquished Mastering
2018 Power Unsurpassed (Single) Mastering
2020 Weapons of Tomorrow Mastering (track 2,3 on CD2)


1988 Why Play Around? Mastering

White Zombie

1989 Make Them Die Slowly Mastering
1992 La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume One Mastering
1998 Zombie Classics: 7 Hits from Hell (Compilation) Mastering
2008 Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (Boxed set) Mastering


2014 Seen Not Heard Mastering
2016 Benefit Four (EP) Mastering

Zero Option

1991 Gates of Utopia Mastering


2013 Отражение (Single) Mastering
2024 Весы судьбы (EP) Mastering
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