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Real/full name:
松本秀人 (Matsumoto Hideto)
33 (born Dec 13th, 1964)
May 2nd, 1998
Died of:
Suicide by hanging
Place of origin:
Japan (Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture)


For his solo projects, his stage name was always written in all lowercase letters.

Friends and former members say that he didn't commit suicide, but his death was a "drunken accident".

Although Hideto is deceased, X Japan still considers him a member and introduces him at every concert, playing audio/video clips of his voice/guitar for some songs.

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Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics, Composition


Vocals, Guitars

X Japan

Guitars (1987-1997)

1987 CBS / SONY Audition (Video) Guitars
1987 Skull Thrash Zone Volume I (Split) Guitars
1987 紅 (Kurenai) (Demo) Guitars
1987 Xclamation (Video) Guitars
1988 Xclamation 88 (Video) Guitars
1988 Vanishing Vision Vocals (additional), Guitars (lead)
1988 紅 (Kurenai) Sonic Sheet (Demo) Guitars
1988 Stab Me in the Back (Single) Guitars
1989 Blue Blood Guitars
1989 Blue Blood Tour Bakuhatsu Sunzen Gig (Video) Guitars
1989 紅 ~ Kurenai (Single) Guitars
1989 Endless Rain (Single) Guitars
1990 Week End (Single) Guitars
1991 Jealousy Guitars (lead)
1991 Silent Jealousy (Single) Guitars
1991 Standing Sex (Single) Guitars
1991 Say Anything (Single) Guitars
1992 On the Verge of Destruction (Video) Guitars
1993 Art of Life Guitars
1993 Tears (Single) Guitars
1994 Rusty Nail (Single) Guitars
1995 On the Verge of Destruction (Live album) Guitars
1995 Longing ~跡切れた Melody~ (Single) Guitars
1995 Longing ~切望の夜~ (Single) Guitars
1996 Dahlia (Single) Guitars
1996 Forever Love (Single) Guitars
1996 Crucify My Love (Single) Guitars
1996 Dahlia Guitars
1996 Scars (Single) Guitars
1997 Live Live Live (Tokyo Dome 1993-1996) (Live album) Guitars
1997 Dahlia Tour Final 1996 (Video) Guitars
1997 Live Live Live Extra (Live album) Guitars
1997 Forever Love (Last Mix) (Single) Guitars
1998 Live in Hokkaido 1995.12.4 Bootleg (Live album) Guitars
1998 Art of Life Live (Live album) Guitars
1998 The Last Song (Single) Guitars
2001 The Last Live (Live album) Guitars
2001 Forever Love (Reissue) (Single) Guitars
2001 X Japan Clips II (Video) Guitars
2002 The Last Live Video (Video) Guitars
2003 Art of Life - Tokyo Dome (Video) Guitars
2007 青い夜 (Video) Guitars
2007 白い夜 (Video) Guitars
2008 I.V. (Single) Unused Guitar Parts
2010 X Japan Showcase in L.A. Premium Prototype (Video) Guitars Cameo
2011 Scarlet Love Song -Buddha Mix- (Single) Guitars Unused
2011 Jade (Single) Guitars (lead) Unused
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Yokosuka Saver Tiger


1985 Saber Tiger (EP) Guitars


Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics, Composition

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