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Henrik Klingenberg

Henrik Klingenberg

Real/full name:
Henrik Klingenberg
45 (born Oct 21st, 1978)
Place of birth:
Åland Islands (Mariehamn)

Klingenberg Syndrome

Keyboards (2012-present), Vocals (2017-present)

2012 ...and the Weird Turned Pro Keyboards, Guitars (clean) (track 4)
2017 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Keyboards, Vocals

Mental Care Foundation

As Lance Lawrence Thruster:

2005 Alcohol Anthems Vocals (as "L.L. Thruster")
2006 Hair of the Dog Vocals
2022 III Vocals

Silent Voices

Keyboards (1995-present)

1995 Instrumental Demo '95 (Demo) Keyboards
1997 Nothing Lasts Forever (Demo) Vocals, Keyboards
1999 Memory and the Frame (EP) Keyboards
2000 Promo~2000 (Demo) Keyboards
2000 You Got It / HumanCradleGrave (Single) Keyboards
2002 Chapters of Tragedy Keyboards
2004 On the Wings of Rage (Single) Keyboards
2004 Infernal Keyboards, Vocals (choirs)
2006 Building Up the Apathy Keyboards
2013 Reveal the Change Keyboards
2017 Darkest Night in Europe (Live album) Keyboards
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Sonata Arctica

Keyboards, Vocals (backing) (2002-present)

2003 Victoria's Secret (Single) Keyboards
2003 Takatalvi (EP) Keyboards
2004 Don't Say a Word (Single) Keyboards
2004 Don't Say a Word (EP) Keyboards
2004 Reckoning Night Keyboards
2004 My Selene (Single) Keyboards
2004 Shamandalie (Single) Keyboards
2005 The End of This Chapter (Compilation) Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
2006 For the Sake of Revenge (Video) Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
2006 The Collection 1999-2006 (Compilation) Keyboards, Vocals (backing) (tracks 1, 3, 4, 11, 12, 16, 17)
2006 Replica 2006 (Single) Keyboards
2007 Paid in Full (Single) Hammond, Keyboards (as "Henrik K")
2007 Unia Keyboards
2009 The Last Amazing Grays (Single) Keyboards
2009 Flag in the Ground (Single) Keyboards
2009 The Days of Grays Songwriting (track 13), Lyrics (track 13)
2009 The Days of Grays Songwriting (track 13), Lyrics (track 13)
2009 The Days of Grays Keyboards, Hammond
2011 Flag in the Ground (live) (Single) Keyboards
2011 Live in Finland (Video) Vocals (backing), Keyboards
2012 I Have a Right (Single) Keyboards
2012 Stones Grow Her Name Keyboards (as "Henrik")
2012 Shitload of Money (Single) Keyboards
2013 Alone in Heaven (Single) Keyboards
2013 Reckoning Night / Unia (Compilation) Keyboards
2014 The Wolves Die Young (Single) Keyboards
2014 Cloud Factory (Single) Keyboards
2014 Pariah's Child Keyboards
2014 Love (Single) Keyboards
2014 Titans of Symphonic Metal (Split) Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
2014 Kingdom for a Heart (Single) Keyboards
2014 Ecliptica - Revisited (15th Anniversary Edition) Keyboards
2015 Christmas Spirits (Single) Keyboards
2016 Closer to an Animal (Single) Keyboards
2016 Life (Single) Keyboards
2016 The Ninth Hour Keyboards
2017 Ei oo muutako (Single) Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
2018 The Harvests (2007-2017) (Compilation) Keyboards
2019 A Little Less Understanding (Single) Keyboards
2019 Cold (Single) Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
2019 Talviyö Vocals (backing), Keyboards
2022 Acoustic Adventures (Volume One) Keyboards
2022 Acoustic Adventures (Volume Two) Keyboards
2023 First in Line (Single) Keyboards
2023 A Monster Only You Can't See (Single) Keyboards
2024 Clear Cold Beyond Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
(show all)

Graveyard Shift

As Lance:
Vocals, Keyboards

2005 Demo 2005 (Demo) Vocals, Keyboards


Keyboards (2001-2004)

2002 The Arrival Keyboards
2003 Mask of Damnation Keyboards

Secret Rule

Keyboards (2015-2017)

2016 Machination Keyboards
2017 The Key to the World Keyboards


2006 The Fallen Empire Keyboards (track 11)


As Henkka:

2014 Forgotten Beholder Keyboards (lead) (track 7)


2009 Jurahevin kuninkaat Keyboards (track 8) (as "Henkka Klingenberg")
2019 Bändikouluun! Keyboards (lead) (track 10)

Isäntä Meidän

2009 Vereen piirretty viiva Organ (Hammond) (tracks 1, 7)

Medusa's Child

2014 Empty Sky Keyboards


As Lance Thruster:

2005 Requiem Forever Vocals (track 11)

Sonata Arctica

2003 Winterheart's Guild Keyboards (track 11)

Vivaldi Metal Project

2016 The Four Seasons Keyboards (solo) (track 8)
2022 EpiClassica Keyboards (lead) (track 9.2)


2006 Cold Reality Hammond (track 5)

Silent Voices

2006 Building Up the Apathy Recording (keyboards)
2013 Reveal the Change Recording (keyboards)

Sonata Arctica

2007 Unia Recording (keyboards) (as "H. Klingenberg")
2009 The Days of Grays Recording (keyboards)
2012 Stones Grow Her Name Recording (keyboards)
2014 Pariah's Child Recording (additional) (as "Hank")
2015 Christmas Spirits (Single) Recording (additional) (as "Hank")
2016 The Ninth Hour Recording (additional) (as "Hank")
2019 Talviyö Recording (additional) (as "Hank")
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