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Henkka T. Blacksmith

Henkka T. Blacksmith

Real/full name:
Henri Samuli Seppälä
42 (born Jun 7th, 1980)
Place of birth:
Finland (Espoo, Uusimaa)


Seppälä started playing guitars thanks to his brother, even though in his first band he played drums and only later he definitely switched to a 5-string bass. He joined Children of Bodom in 1996 when they were still called Inearthed, replacing Samuli Miettinen.


Seppälä's first band was called Aivokasvain, which translates to English as "brain tumour".

Seppälä's nicknames are Henkka and Torso, hence the "T." in the middle of his stage name. Moreover, "seppä" literally means "blacksmith" in Finnish.

He is the only member of Children of Bodom who has never had any side-project.

Moon Shot

As Henkka Seppälä:
Bass (2019-present)


Drums (1993-1995)

Children of Bodom

As Henkka Blacksmith:
Bass, Vocals (backing) (1997-2019)

1997 The Carpenter (Split) Bass
1997 Something Wild Bass
1998 Children of Bodom (Split) Bass
1999 Hatebreeder Bass
1999 Tokyo Warhearts (Live album) Bass
1999 Downfall (Single) Bass
2000 Hate Me! (Single) Bass
2000 Follow the Reaper Bass
2002 You're Better Off Dead! (Single) Bass
2003 Hate Crew Deathroll Bass, Vocals (backing), Lyrics (track 3)
2003 Needled 24/7 (Single) Bass
2003 Bestbreeder from 1997 to 2000 (Compilation) Bass, Vocals (backing)
2004 Trashed, Lost & Strungout (Single) Bass
2004 Trashed, Lost & Strungout (EP) Bass
2004 Trashed, Lost & Strungout (Video) Bass
2005 In Your Face (Single) Bass
2005 Are You Dead Yet? Bass, Vocals (backing)
2005 In Your Face (Video) Bass
2006 The Unholy Alliance (Split video) Bass, Vocals (backing)
2006 Chaos Ridden Years - Stockholm Knockout Live (Live album) Bass
2007 The Unholy Alliance Chapter II Preaching to the Perverted (Split video) Bass
2008 Are You Deaf Yet? (Compilation) Bass
2008 Blooddrunk (Single) Bass
2008 Blooddrunk Bass, Vocals (backing)
2008 Hellhounds on My Trail (EP) Bass
2008 Smile Pretty for the Devil (Single) Bass
2009 War Inside My Head (Single) Bass, Vocals (backing)
2009 Lookin' Out My Backdoor (Single) Bass, Vocals (backing)
2009 Skeleton in the Coffin (EP) Bass, Vocals (backing)
2009 Skeletons in the Closet (Compilation) Bass, Vocals (backing)
2011 Shovel Knockout (Single) Bass
2011 Was It Worth It? (Single) Bass
2011 Relentless Reckless Forever Bass
2011 Roundtrip to Hell and Back (Single) Bass
2011 Spinefarm Records UK Presents... (Split) Bass, Vocals (backing)
2012 I'm Shipping Up to Boston (Single) Bass, Vocals (backing)
2012 Holiday at Lake Bodom (15 Years of Wasted Youth) (Compilation) Bass, Vocals (backing)
2013 Scream For Silence (Single) Bass, Vocals (backing)
2013 Your Days Are Numbered (Single) Bass, Vocals (backing)
2013 Monsters of Metal (Split) Bass, Vocals (backing)
2013 Transference (Single) Bass
2013 Halo of Blood Bass, Vocals (backing)
2015 Morrigan (Single) Bass
2015 I Worship Chaos (Single) Bass, Vocals (backing)
2015 Tales from Lake Bodom (Split) Bass
2015 I Worship Chaos Bass
2019 Hexed Bass
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Bass, Vocals (backing) (1995-1997)

1996 Shining (Demo) Bass
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