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Hendrik Möbus

Hendrik Möbus

Real/full name:
Hendrik Möbus
41 (born Jan 20th, 1976)
Place of origin:
Germany (Sondershausen, Thuringia)


Served time for the murder of Sandro Beyer in 1993. After several subsequent smaller convictions he was ultimately released in 2007.
Founder of the German section of the Heathen Front; Deutsche Heidnische Front.
Founder and owner of Darker than Black Records.


Drums (1992-1994, 1998-1999)

1992 Eternal Winter (Video) Drums
1992 God's Death (Demo) Drums (as "Hendrik")
1993 Death from the Forest (Demo) Drums (as "Randall "The Vandal" Flagg, Called "Messiah"")
1993 Sadness (Demo) Drums
1994 Deep Dark Forest (Live) (Demo) Drums
1994 Out of the Dungeon (Demo) Drums (as "Randall Flagg Nidhoegg, Son of the Endless Night")
1995 Thuringian Pagan Madness (EP) Drums (as "Jarl Flagg-Nidhögg")
1996 Facta Loquuntur Drums
1997 Totenburg / Die Eiche (Split) Drums
1999 Sonnenritter (Demo) Drums
1999 Asgardsrei (EP) Drums
(show all)

In Ketten

Drums (1994-1995)

2013 Live at JVA Ichtershausen 1995 (Live album) Drums (as "JFN")


2001 Feuerzauber (Demo) Lyrics (track 5)
2001 For Victory We Ride / ...bis Germanien erwacht (Compilation) Lyrics (track 12)
2004 Furor Teutonicus (Compilation) Lyrics (tracks 1, 9)


1995 Nachthymnen (From the Twilight Kingdom) Lyrics (track 6) (as "JFN")


2001 Werwolfthron Lyrics (track 4) (as "JFN")
2005 Blutgericht Lyrics (track 7) (as "JFN")
2008 Weltenfeind (Split) Lyrics (as "JFN")

Ad Hominem

2009 Dictator - A Monument of Glory Lyrics on "Solitary Supremacy" (as "JFN")


2000 ...bis Germanien erwacht (Demo) Lyrics on "Der Rabengott" (as "JFN")


1995 Kein Blut soll verunreinigt werden (Demo) Lyrics (In Stahlgewittern) (as "Jarl Randall Flagg Nidhoegg")
1999 Brennendes Jerusalem / Ortus Hominis Optimi Maximi (Split) Lyrics on "Brennendes Jerusalem" (as "JFN")
1999 Stahlgewitter (EP) Lyrics on "in Stahlgewittern" (as "Jarl Flagg-Nidhoegg")

Drowning the Light

2011 Oceans of Eternity Lyrics (on "The Cataclysmic Cycle of Renewal") (as "JFN")
2015 From the Abyss Lyrics (track 12) (as "JFN")


2015 Ashes of Old Lyrics (track 3) (as "JFN")

Funeral Winds

1995 Screaming for Grace / Abigail (Split) Lyrics (on "Twilight Shine Upon My Crypt") (as "JFN")


1997 Following the Voice of Blood Lyrics (track 2) (as "JFN")
1997 Following the Voice of Blood (Demo) Lyrics ("White Hand's Power") (as "JFN")


1999 Trance of an Unholy Union Lyrics (tracks 2, 4, 5, 7) (as "JFN")

Liar of Golgotha

1996 Dancing Through the Palace of the Ungodly Beauty Lyrics on "The Strong Warlord" (as "Jarl Flagg-Nidhoegg")


1998 (D)rache wird toben! (Demo) Lyrics (as "JFN")


2010 Von Helden und Händlern Lyrics on "Opferblut" (as "JFN")


2015 Victory Monument of Death (Split) Lyrics (Track 8) (as "JFN")


2009 Paganuclear Lyrics on "Forge of a New Aeon" (as "JFN")

Sacrifice Slaughtered Jesus

1994 The Return of Nidhögg (Demo) Lyrics (as "JFN")


1995 Wolfenzeitalter Lyrics (on "Tears for All Those Who Died") (as "JFN")

The True Werwolf

2011 Battlemoon (EP) Lyrics (track 2) (as "JFN")
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