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Heidi Kettunen

Heidi Kettunen

Real/full name:
Heidi Kettunen
Place of birth:


As Maleifc Eye:

2022 Depravement (Demo) Bass

Horse Latitudes

As Heidi:
Bass (2009-present)

2010 Demo 2010 (Demo) Bass, Effects
2010 Gathering Bass
2012 Hooded Menace / Horse Latitudes (Split) Bass
2012 Awakening Bass
2012 Horse Latitudes / Loinen (Split) Bass
2013 Black Soil Bass
2014 Horse Latitudes / Atomic Cries (Split) Bass
2014 Horse Latitudes / Coltsblood / Ommadon (Split) Bass
2015 From the Soil (Compilation) Bass
2015 Final March / Towards the Light (Single) Bass
2016 Primal Gnosis Bass
2017 Rural Filth (Live album) Bass
(show all)

Regere Sinister

As Malefic Eye:
Bass, Vocals, Keyboards

2020 Ad Tenebras (Demo) Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
2021 Two Natures (Split) Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
2021 Eerie Realms of Hell (Split) Bass, Keyboards, Vocals

Ride for Revenge

As Nordic Elukka:

2018 Maniacal Winds (Live album) Bass
2019 September Fires (Live album) Bass
2021 Feed the Infamy Bass


2020 Antichrist / Goatsmegma (Split) Cover art

Black Torture

2020 Blasphemous Ritual (Compilation) Cover art

Cemetery Lights

2021 Two Natures (Split) Artwork (as "Hell Kettunen Art")

Dobhar Chú

2020 Dobhar Chú / Myśliwy (Split) Artwork (as "Hell Kettunen")

Grave Disgust

2020 Within Eternal Rot (Demo) Cover art (as "Hell Kettunen")

Hail Conjurer

2017 Manifests of Will (Demo) Cover art
2018 Dreams of Serpent Cover photo (as "Hell Kettunen Art")
2018 Heaven Piercing Phallos / Manifests of Will (Compilation) Cover art (as "Hell Kettunen")
2019 Decadence (EP) Artwork
2019 Erotic Hell Cover art (as "Hell Kettunen")
2019 Ceremonial Torture / Hail Conjurer (Split) Cover art, Photography
2020 Carnal Light Artwork (as "Hell Kettunen")
2021 Hail & Fire Cover art (as "Hell Kettunen")
2021 Sinister Artwork

Horse Latitudes

2010 Gathering Artwork (as "Heidi")
2016 Primal Gnosis Artwork


2015 Seed of Evil (EP) Photography


2018 Studio Session (Demo) Cover art (as "H. Kettunen")


2020 Blood and Necrosemen (EP) Logo (as "Hell Kettunen")


2021 Eerie Realms of Hell (Split) Cover art (as "Hell Kettunen")

Necromonarchia Daemonum

2021 Anathema Darkness Artwork (as "Malefic Eye")

Ride for Revenge

2014 Enter the Gauntlet Artwork (as "H. Kettunen")
2016 Thy Horrendous Yearning Artwork (as "H. Kettunen")
2018 Maniacal Winds (Live album) Artwork (as "Hell Kettunen Art")
2019 Maniacal Winds (Live album) Artwork (as "Hell Kettunen Art")
2019 September Fires (Live album) Cover art (as "Hell Kettunen Art")
2019 Demo 9/2019 (Demo) Artwork (as "Hell Kettunen Art")
2021 Feed the Infamy Artwork (as "Hell Kettunen")

Valhalla Bound

2019 Virgin Hearts Artwork (as "Hell Kettunen Art")
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