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Real/full name:
Михаил Петров / Mikhail Petrov
Place of birth:

Twilight Is Mine

As Manhater:
Bass, Guitars

2001 When the Twilight Covers the World Unknown
2002 The Egregor of Evil Unknown
2004 Wreaking Overrun Unknown
2006 ...vom Nachtnebel umarmte Wälder (Split) Unknown
2009 Evolution of Degradation Unknown
2013 The Original Seed of Decadence / Age of Aquarius (Split) Bass, Guitars

Abstract Spirit

As M. Hater:
Guitars, Bass (2006-2015)

2008 Liquid Dimensions Change Guitars, Bass
2009 Tragedy and Weeds Guitars, Bass, Vocals (choirs)
2011 Horror Vacui Guitars, Bass, Vocals (choirs)
2013 Theomorphic Defectiveness Guitars, Bass, Vocals (choirs) (as "H.")
2014 Escapism (Split) Guitars, Bass, Vocals (choirs) (as "H.")

Decay of Reality

Guitars (2012-2015)

2012 The First Dementia (EP) Guitars
2013 Illusion's Death (EP) Guitars
2014 Reality of Decay Guitars
2016 A Spit from the Grave (Compilation) Guitars

Forbidden Shape

Guitars (lead) (2012-2013)

2013 The Sleepwalking Psychopath Guitars (lead) (as "M. Hater")

Turbulent Pigonaut

As Maestro Booster:
Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals (backing) (?-2012)

2012 A Pig Fail Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals (backing)


As M.Hater:

2016 Here Comes the Dopehaze Guitars (lead) (track 2)

Kein Zurück

2011 Aetas Guitars, Bass

Mare Infinitum

As M. Hater:

2015 Alien Monolith God Guitars (lead)

Membro Genitali Befurcator

2010 Human Destruction Guitar solo (track 9)

Station Dysthymia

As M. Hater:

2013 Overhead, Without Any Fuss, the Stars Were Going Out Vocals (additional) (track 1)

Abstract Spirit

2011 Horror Vacui Mastering, Mixing (as "M. Hater")
2014 Escapism (Split) Recording, Mixing, Mastering (tracks 1, 2) (as "M. Hater")

Comatose Vigil

2011 Fuimus, Non Sumus... Recording, Editing (as "M. Hater")

Decay of Reality

2014 Reality of Decay Mastering, Mixing (as "M.Hater")
2016 A Spit from the Grave (Compilation) Recording, Mixing, Mastering (as "M. Hater")


2016 Here Comes the Dopehaze Mastering, Mixing (as "M.Hater")

Epic Sturm

2015 Ни шагу назад Mixing, Mastering (as "Mikhail "Naeg"")

Forbidden Shape

2013 The Sleepwalking Psychopath Mixing, Mastering (as "M. Hater")

Horror God

2009 Cold Shine Recording, Mixing, Mastering
2012 Planet of Ruins Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Mare Infinitum

2011 Sea of Infinity Mixing, Mastering (as "M. Hater")
2015 Alien Monolith God Mixing, Recording, Mastering, Engineering (as "M. Hater")

Turbulent Pigonaut

2012 A Pig Fail Mixing, Mastering (as "Maestro Booster")


2014 Fallen in Disbelief Mixing, Mastering

Who Dies in Siberian Slush

2014 The Symmetry of Grief (Split) Recording (tracks 1, 2)


2012 From a Human Blood to Eternal Sea (EP) Mastering, Mixing
2015 Devil Worship Prayers (EP) Mastering, Mixing


2010 Начало дороги Mastering, Mixing
2013 Прозрение Mastering, Mastering, Mixing
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