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Harris Johns

Harris Johns

Real/full name:
Harris Johns
Place of birth:


Johns has been working as a sound engineer and producer since 1978. After years of working in a former stationary shop as well as the biggest studio of West Berlin, the Hansa Studio, he then located to Berlin-Kreuzberg to open his studio in a loft near the then still existing Berlin Wall. Later he moved to and founded a new studio near Berlin, the Spiderhouse, which is closed now. His last ...


The photo shows Johns with his first (double) platinum award for his work with Sodom.

Johns recorded so far more than 390 albums and singles.


Guitars, Bass, Vocals

1994 Blasts Off Vocals, Bass, Lyrics, Guitars

After All

2002 Mercury Rising Harp (track 6)


2011 Breaking the Silence Guitars (lead) (track 10)


1998 Celephais Narration (tracks 3, 7, 8)


2002 Carnage in Worlds Beyond Vocals (clean) (as "H. Johns")
2004 XES Haereticum Vocals (clean)
2007 Tetra Karcist Guitars (lead) (track 9), Vocals (backing)

Fatal Embrace

2002 Legions of Armageddon Guitars (additional lead, track 7)


1999 Untergang Vocals (track 9)


1985 Helloween (EP) Satanic Laughter (track 4)

Hobbs Angel of Death

1988 Hobbs Angel of Death Vocals (additional) (track 5)
1988 Hobbs Angel of Death Vocals (additional) (track A1)
1988 Hobbs Angel of Death Vocals (additional) (track B1)
1988 Hobbs Angel of Death Vocals (additional) (track B2)
1990 Hobbs Angel of Death vs. Razor (Split) Vocals (additional on track 4)
2003 Hobbs Angel of Death Vocals (additional) (track 5)
2017 Hobbs Angel of Death Vocals (additional) (track 5)

Nail Within

2003 Nail Within Vocals (track 9)

Night in Gales

2000 Nailwork Vocals (track 3)


1995 Ano Kato Guitars (lead, track 4)


1999 Chalice of Steel Vocals (backing) (melodic)


2003 Join the Figh7club (Single) Unknown (track 6)

Sleeping Gods

2000 New Sensation Vocals (backing) (tracks 2, 8), Guitar solo (track 1)


1987 Persecution Mania Guitars (lead) (track 9), Vocals (backing) (track 3)
1997 'Til Death Do Us Unite Guitars (2nd lead) (track 15), Vocals (backing) (tracks 2, 5, 15)
1999 Code Red Guitars (lead) (track 12)
2001 M-16 Guitars (acoustic) (track 11)
2021 Bombenhagel (EP) Guitars (lead) (track 1)


2000 Made for Eternity Vocals (backing) (tracks 6, 9)


1994 Two-Faced Vocals (backing)
2000 Kings of Beer Vocals (backing)


1995 Lepaca Kliffoth Guitars (lead) (track 4)
1995 The Beauty in Black (Single) Guitars (lead)


2009 Unborn Again Vocals


2005 Sedimente Guitars (track 10)

After All

2002 Mercury Rising Producer, Recording, Mixing, Mastering
2005 The Vermin Breed Mastering, Producer, Engineering

Amon Amarth

2006 Wrath of the Norsemen (Video) Mastering, Mixing

Angel Dust

1986 Into the Dark Past Engineering, Executive producer


2010 Cantara Anachoreta Remastering


1993 Faithless Producer, Recording, Mixing


1988 Interstellar Experience Producer
1990 The Upcoming Terror + Interstellar Experience (Compilation) Producer (tracks 9-17)
2009 Press Kit Demo 2009 (Boxed set) Producer
2011 Breaking the Silence Mastering, Recording, Producer, Mixing


1984 Revelation Engineering, Mixing
1986 Final Strike Engineering, Mixing
2009 Revelation / Final Strike (Compilation) Mixing (tracks 1-18), Engineering (tracks 1-18)

Bäd Influence

2001 Invisible Sun Recording (tracks 5-7)


2020 Dead World Order Mixing, Mastering


2016 Blood Will Tell (EP) Mixing (track 5)

Calhoun Conquer

1989 Lost in Oneself Engineering, Producer

Celtic Frost

1986 Tragic Serenades (EP) Engineering (additional)
2017 To Mega Therion Recordings (additional) (tracks 2, 3, 16)
2017 To Mega Therion Recordings (additional) (tracks 2, 3 [disc 1], 6 [disc 2])


2002 Saga bélica Producer


1994 Blasts Off Producer


1987 R.I.P. Producer, Engineering, Mixing
1995 Coroner (Compilation) Producer


1998 Celephais Recording, Mixing, Mastering


1989 Human Wreckage Producer, Engineering
1991 Inside Out Mixing, Engineering, Producer


1987 Raging Steel Producer
1989 Deception Ignored Engineering, Producer

Depressive Age

1992 Innocent in Detention (Single) Mixing, Producer
1992 First Depression Producer, Mixing
1993 Lying in Wait Producer, Mixing


2011 Live Til Death (Live album) Mixing, Mastering


1988 History of Hate Mixing

Dies Ater

2003 Chanting Evil Mixing, Mastering, Producer

Dimension Zero

2003 Penetrations from the Lost World (EP) Recording (tracks 7-11)


2023 The Vision Mixing, Mastering

End Amen

1992 Your Last Orison Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Recording

End of Green

1996 Infinity Mixing


2002 Carnage in Worlds Beyond Mixing, Recording, Mastering, Engineering, Producer
2004 XES Haereticum Producer, Mastering, Engineering, Mixing
2007 Tetra Karcist Recording, Mixing, Mastering


1986 Possessed by Fire Executive producer
1998 Possessed by Fire / Rising from the Sea (Compilation) Executive producer (tracks 1-9)

Fatal Embrace

2002 Legions of Armageddon Recording, Mixing
2006 Dark Pounding Steel Recording, Mixing

Forbidden Site

1999 Astralgeist Engineering, Mixing


2009 Hellbringer (EP) Mastering
2011 Hellbringer (EP) Mastering


1999 Untergang Producer, Engineering

Gracious Violence

1992 Gracious Violence (Demo) Producer

Grave Desecrator

2010 Insult Mastering

Grave Digger

1984 Heavy Metal Breakdown Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
1984 Shoot Her Down! (EP) Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
1985 Witch Hunter Co-producer, Engineering, Mixing
1985 Metal Attack Vol. 1 (Split) Producer (tracks A1-A2), Engineering (tracks A1-A2 & A4), Mixing (tracks A1-A2 & A4)
1994 Witch Hunter / War Games (Compilation) Co-producer, Engineering, Mixing


1990 The 1st EP (EP) Mixing, Producer, Engineering
1991 Nothing Is Sacred Producer (Music Lab)
2013 Dead End Producer (tracks 13-18 [Music Labs])
2013 Dead End Producer (tracks 13-18 [Music Labs])
2015 Dawn for the Living Producer (tracks 14-17 [Music Lab])
2015 Dawn for the Living Producer (tracks 14-17 [Music Lab])


2012 Dominion of Darkness Producer, Recording, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering


1985 Helloween (EP) Engineering, Mixing (as "Harris "I Don't Know" Johns")
1985 Walls of Jericho Producer, Engineering, Mixing
1991 The Best • The Rest • The Rare (Compilation) Mixing (tracks 5, 6), Producer (tracks 5, 6), Engineering (tracks 5, 6)
1998 Karaoke Remix, Vol. 1 (Compilation) Producer
2002 Treasure Chest (Compilation) Producer
2006 The Singles Box (1985-1992) (Boxed set) Producer

Hobbs Angel of Death

1988 Hobbs Angel of Death Engineering, Mixing, Producer
1990 Hobbs Angel of Death vs. Razor (Split) Mixing (tracks 1-9), Producer (tracks 1-9), Engineering (tracks 1-9)

Holy Moses

1990 World Chaos Mixing, Mastering


2001 The Revenge Ride Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2005 Rabble Mänifesto Producer, Engineering, Mixing


1991 Dawn of Possession Producer, Engineering, Mixing


2012 Arise in Decay Mixing, Mastering

Iron Land

2019 Profetas Mastering


2020 Servants of Steel Mastering, Mixing


2003 Target: Hate (EP) Executive producer, Mixing, Mastering
2005 War Was Won Executive producer, Mixing, Mastering (as "Mr. Harris Johns")


2014 I, Creator of Damnation Mixing, Mastering


1986 Pleasure to Kill Producer, Recording, Engineering
1987 Behind the Mirror (Single) Mixing
1987 Terrible Certainty Producer, Mixing (tracks 9-13)
1988 Out of the Dark... into the Light (EP) Producer, Mixing
1996 Scenarios of Violence (Compilation) Engineering


1989 Glasshouse Fools Producer


2012 Fall to Khaos (Single) Mastering (1)
2013 Human Resonance Mastering


2018 Blood Oracle Producer
2018 Blood Oracle Mixing, Mastering

Mystic Circle

2004 Unholy Chronicles (1992-2004) (Compilation) Mixing

Nail Within

2003 Nail Within Producer, Engineering, Mixing


1990 Zero to Black Producer, Engineering


2021 In Diabolic Cycles of Time Mixing, Mastering
2022 In Diabolic Cycles of Time Mixing
2022 In Diabolic Cycles of Time Mixing, Mastering

Night in Gales

2000 Nailwork Recording, Mixing
2001 Necrodynamic Recording, Mixing

Nox Intempesta

1998 Damnanus - Dominum Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Nuclear Simphony

1989 Lost in Wonderland Engineering, Mixing


1996 The Enemy Within Producer, Engineering
2004 Occult (Compilation) Recording (tracks 2.1-11)


2000 Discerning Forces Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
2017 Massacre of the Unborn (Single) Mixing


1994 Leichenschmaus (Single) Recording, Mixing, Producer
1995 Ano Kato Mixing, Producer, Recording

Pain of Soul

2013 The Rustle of the Leaves Mastering, Mixing


1989 Heresy Producer


1998 The Final Command Producer, Mixing, Engineering
1999 Chalice of Steel Producer, Mixing, Engineering
2001 Steelbound Recording (track 11)


2022 Midnight Marauder Mixing, Mastering


1991 A Shedding of Skin Producer, Engineering
2019 Summon the Hordes Mastering, Recording, Mixing


2017 One Shot Mastering, Mixing

Ratos de Porão

1989 Brasil Recording, Producer
1991 Anarkophobia Producer


1993 Fahrenheit 451 (Demo) Mixing, Recording
1995 Pain & Pleasure (EP) Recording


2016 Reality Is a Lie Mastering


1988 On the Races (Single) Producer
1988 Gamblin' Fool (Single) Producer
1988 Dirty Fantasy Producer, Engineering, Mixing

Sacred Steel

2006 Hammer of Destruction Recording, Mixing


2014 Black Thrash Assault Recording, Mastering

Saint Vitus

1995 Die Healing Producer, Engineering


1990 Art in Motion Producer, Engineering, Mixing


1992 Arise (Single) Recording, Mixing (tracks 2, 3)
1992 Third World Posse (EP) Mixing (tracks 3-5)
1992 Under Siege (Live in Barcelona) (Video) Recording, Mixing

Sleeping Gods

2000 New Sensation Recording, Mastering, Mixing


1987 Expurse of Sodomy (EP) Recording (as "Harris Jones")
1987 Persecution Mania Engineering, Producer
1989 Agent Orange Producer, Engineering, Mixing
1989 Ausgebombt (Single) Producer, Mixing, Engineering (tracks 1, 2)
1990 Better Off Dead Producer, Mixing
1991 The Saw Is the Law (Single) Producer, Mixing
1992 Tapping the Vein Engineering, Producer, Recording
1997 'Til Death Do Us Unite Producer, Mixing, Recording
1999 Code Red Producer, Mixing, Recording
2001 M-16 Producer, Recording, Mixing
2003 One Night in Bangkok (Live album) Producer, Engineering, Mixing
(show all)


1995 Wrong Time, Wrong Place? Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2000 Made for Eternity Engineering

Sudden Death

1987 All or Nothing Engineering, Mixing (as "Harris "Mad Wolf" Johns")


1986 Zombie Attack Producer
1987 Chemical Invasion Producer, Mixing
1988 Tankard / Celtic Frost (Split) Producer, Mixing
1988 The Morning After Producer, Mixing
1989 Alien (EP) Producer, Mixing
1989 Hair of the Dog (Compilation) Producer, Mixing
1990 The Meaning of Life Producer, Mixing
1990 The Meaning of Life / Alien (Compilation) Producer, Mixing
1991 Fat... Ugly & Live (Live album) Mixing, Producer
1992 Stone Cold Sober (Single) Producer
1992 Stone Cold Sober Producer, Mixing, Engineering
1994 Two-Faced Producer, Mixing, Engineering
1995 The Tankard Producer, Engineering, Mixing
1998 Disco Destroyer Producer, mixing, engineering
2000 Kings of Beer Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2005 Chemical Invasion / Zombie Attack (Compilation) Producer, Mixing
2018 The Tankard / Aufgetankt (Split) Producer, Engineering, Mixing
(show all)


1995 Lepaca Kliffoth Engineering, Mixing
1995 The Beauty in Black (Single) Engineering, Mixing

These Hands Conspire

2015 Sword of Korhan Mastering, Mixing


1984 All I Want Engineering


1987 Ostatni wojownik Engineering, Mixing, Producer
1988 Last Warrior Engineering, Mixing, Producer


1987 Go and Live ... Stay and Die Engineering, Producer, Mixing
1988 Brain Damage Mixing, Engineering, Producer
2007 Hate (EP) Mixing (tracks 3-4), Producer (tracks 3-4), Engineering (tracks 3-4)


1987 Cockroaches (Single) Producer, Mixing, Engineering
1987 Killing Technology Mixing, Producer, Engineering
1988 The Sounds Machine EP 2 (Split) Producer, Engineering
1988 Dimension Hatröss Producer, Mixing, Engineering
1992 The Best of Voivod (Compilation) Producer


2009 Unborn Again Mixing, Producer, Mastering


2005 Sedimente Mastering, Recording, Mixing
2010 Pulsus Letalis Producer
2017 Wojczech / Krupskaya (Split) Mixing
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