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Hail Conjurer

Hail Conjurer

Real/full name:
Harri Kuokkanen
Place of birth:


As HC:

Hail Conjurer


2017 Heaven Piercing Phallos (Demo) Everything
2017 Manifests of Will (Demo) Everything
2018 Dreams of Serpent Everything
2018 Heaven Piercing Phallos / Manifests of Will (Compilation) Everything
2019 Decadence (EP) Everything
2019 Erotic Hell Everything
2019 Ceremonial Torture / Hail Conjurer (Split) Everything
2020 Crude Magick (Compilation) Everything
2020 Death Meditation / Disrobed for the Devil (Split) Everything
2020 Carnal Light Everything
2021 Prime Instrument Under Satan (Single) Everything
2021 Hail & Fire Everything
2021 Sinister Everything
2022 Maailmansyöjä (Collaboration) Everything
2022 Anti-Dualist (Demo) Everything
2022 Lunar Action (Demo) Everything
2022 Earth Penetration Everything
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Hooded Menace

As Harri Kuokkanen:
Vocals (2016-present)

2017 Hooded Menace / Algoma (Split) Vocals
2018 Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed Vocals
2021 The Tritonus Bell Vocals

Horse Latitudes

As Harri:
Drums, Vocals (2009-present)

2010 Demo 2010 (Demo) Drums, Vocals
2010 Gathering Drums, Vocals
2012 Hooded Menace / Horse Latitudes (Split) Drums, Vocals
2012 Awakening Drums, Vocals
2012 Horse Latitudes / Loinen (Split) Drums, Vocals
2013 Black Soil Drums, Vocals
2014 Horse Latitudes / Atomic Cries (Split) Drums, Vocals
2014 Horse Latitudes / Coltsblood / Ommadon (Split) Drums, Vocals
2015 From the Soil (Compilation) Drums, Vocals
2015 Final March / Towards the Light (Single) Drums, Vocals
2016 Primal Gnosis Drums, Vocals
2017 Rural Filth (Live album) Drums, Vocals
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As H:

2015 Seed of Evil (EP) Lyrics, Songwriting, Vocals
2016 World on Fire Vocals


As Harri Kuokkanen:
Drums (2017-present)

Regere Sinister

Drums, Guitars

2020 Ad Tenebras (Demo) Drums
2021 Two Natures (Split) Drums, Guitars
2021 Eerie Realms of Hell (Split) Guitars, Drums

Ride for Revenge

Drums (2013-present)

2013 R.F.R. / S.A.D.O.S. (Split) Drums
2014 Enter the Gauntlet Drums
2014 Black Dream Inferno (EP) Drums, Vocals (track 1)
2015 Ageless Powers Arise Drums
2016 Thy Horrendous Yearning Drums
2018 Maniacal Winds (Live album) Drums
2018 Sinking the Song Drums
2019 Nightmare Disturbances (Compilation) Drums
2019 September Fires (Live album) Drums
2019 Demo 9/2019 (Demo) Drums
2021 Feed the Infamy Drums
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As Harri:

Dalin Ystävät

As Harri:
Vocals, Guitars (1999-?)


As Harri:
Drums (2009-2010)


As Harri:
Drums (2010-2018)


As Harri:

2012 Horse Latitudes / Loinen (Split) Vocals

Hail Conjurer

2018 Heaven Piercing Phallos / Manifests of Will (Compilation) Recording
2019 Ceremonial Torture / Hail Conjurer (Split) Mixing, Recording
2020 Carnal Light Recording, Mixing
2021 Hail & Fire Mixing, Recording
2022 Earth Penetration Recording, Mixing

Hooded Menace

2018 Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed Lyrics (track 2) (as "Harri Kuokkanen")

Horse Latitudes

2010 Demo 2010 (Demo) Mixing, Lyrics (as "Harri")
2010 Gathering Artwork (as "Harri")
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