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Hacky Hackmann

Hacky Hackmann

Real/full name:
Thomas Hackmann
Place of birth:
Germany (M√ľnster, North Rhine-Westphalia)


Vocals (2006-2014)

Blind Guardian

1989 Follow the Blind Vocals (backing) (as "Thomas Hackmann")
1990 Tales from the Twilight World Vocals (backing)
1995 A Past and Future Secret (EP) Vocals (backing)
1995 Imaginations from the Other Side Vocals (backing)
1995 Bright Eyes (Single) Vocals (backing)
1996 Live in Bangkok (Single) Vocals (backing)
1998 Mirror Mirror (Single) Vocals (backing) (as "Thomas Hackmann")
1998 Nightfall in Middle-Earth Vocals (choirs) (as "Thomas Hackmann")
2001 And Then There Was Silence (Single) Vocals (choirs) (as "Thomas Hackmann")
2002 A Night at the Opera Vocals (choirs) (as "Thomas Hackmann")
2006 A Twist in the Myth Vocals (choirs) (as "Thomas Hackmann")
2010 A Voice in the Dark (Single) Vocals (choirs) (as "Thomas Hackmann")
2010 At the Edge of Time Vocals (backing) (as "Thomas Hackmann")
2015 Beyond the Red Mirror Vocals (choirs) (as "Thomas Hackmann")
2018 The Tides of War - Live at Rock Hard Festival 2016 (EP) Vocals (backing) (track 1)
2019 Twilight Orchestra: Legacy of the Dark Lands Vocals (backing)
2021 Deliver Us from Evil (Single) Vocals (backing) (as "Thomas Hackmann")
2022 The God Machine Vocals (backing)
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Demons & Wizards

As Thomas Hackman:

2020 III Vocals (backing)

Gamma Ray

1995 Rebellion in Dreamland (Single) Vocals (backing) (tracks 1, 2) (as ""Hucky" Hackmann")
1995 Land of the Free Vocals (choirs)

Grave Digger

1998 Knights of the Cross Vocals (backing)
1999 Excalibur Vocals (backing) (as "Sir Hacky "Vortiger" Hackmann")
2001 The Grave Digger Vocals (backing)
2003 Rheingold Vocals (backing)
2005 The Last Supper Vocals (backing)
2006 Silent Revolution (Single) Vocals (backing)
2007 Liberty or Death Vocals (backing)
2010 The Clans Will Rise Again Vocals (backing)
2012 Home at Last (EP) Vocals (backing)
2012 Clash of the Gods Vocals (backing)
2014 Return of the Reaper Vocals (backing)
2015 Exhumation (The Early Years) Vocals (backing)
2017 Healed by Metal Vocals (backing) (as "Hacky Hackman")
2018 The Living Dead Vocals (backing)
2020 Fields of Blood Vocals (backing)
2022 Symbol of Eternity Vocals (backing)
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2007 Steel Meets Steel - Ten Years of Glory (Compilation) Vocals (backing) (CD1 tracks 2, 3; CD2 track 12)


2013 Opus I - All My Kingdoms Vocals (choirs) (as "Hacky Hackman")
2018 Opus II - The Annihilation Vocals (choirs)


2007 Gambling with the Devil Vocals (backing)

Iced Earth

As Thomas Hackmann:

2014 Plagues of Babylon Vocals (backing)

Orden Ogan

As Thomas "Hacky" Hackmann:

2021 Final Days Vocals (choirs)
2022 Final Days: Orden Ogan and Friends Vocals (choirs)


2003 Soundchaser Vocals (backing)
2006 Speak of the Dead Vocals (backing)
2006 Full Moon (Single) Vocals (backing)
2008 Carved in Stone Vocals (backing)
2009 Gib dich nie auf (EP) Vocals (backing)
2010 Into the Light / Purified (Single) Vocals (backing)
2010 Strings to a Web Vocals (backing)
2012 21 Vocals (backing)


2009 Into the Labyrinth Vocals (backing)
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