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Gus G.

Gus G.

Real/full name:
Konstantinos "Kostas" Karamitroudis (Κωνσταντίνος "Κώστας" Καραμητρούδης)
38 (born Sep 12th, 1980)
Place of origin:
Greece (Thessaloniki)


Gus G.'s stage name is derived from "Gus" being a commonly-used English nickname for his real first name, Kostas, and "G" being a nickname given to him by a friend while living in the United States.


Keyboards (1998-2004), Guitars (1998-present)

1998 Nocturnal Symphony (Demo) Guitars, Bass (as "Gus Karamitroudis")
2002 Between Heaven and Hell Guitars, Keyboards
2003 Burning Earth Guitars, Keyboards
2005 Forged by Fire Guitars
2006 Falling to Pieces (Single) Guitars
2006 Allegiance Guitars
2007 Breaking the Silence (Single) Guitars
2008 Mercenary Man (Single) Guitars
2008 The Premonition Guitars
2008 Live Premonition (Video) Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2010 World on Fire (Single) Guitars
2010 Days of Defiance Guitars
2011 Embrace the Sun (Single) Guitars
2012 Wall of Sound (Single) Guitars
2012 Few Against Many Guitars
2013 Apotheosis - Live 2012 (Live album) Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2016 Hands of Time (Single) Guitars
2016 Ode to Leonidas (Single) Guitars
2017 Immortals Guitars
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Gus G.

Guitars, Bass, Keyboards (2001, 2013-present)

2001 Guitar Master Guitars
2014 I Am the Fire (Single) Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
2014 I Am the Fire Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
2015 Brand New Revolution Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
2018 Fearless Guitars, Keyboards
2018 Force Majeure (Single) Guitars

Dream Evil

Guitars (lead) (1999-2004)

2002 DragonSlayer Guitars (lead)
2003 Evilized Guitars (lead)
2003 Children of the Night (EP) Guitars
2004 The First Chapter (Single) Guitars (lead)
2004 The Book of Heavy Metal Guitars (lead)

Mystic Prophecy

Guitars (2000-2005)

2001 Vengeance Guitars
2003 Regressus Guitars
2004 Never-Ending Guitars


Vocals (2000-2003), Guitars (2000-2006)

2001 Demo (Demo) Vocals, Guitars
2002 Demo 2 (Demo) Vocals, Guitars
2002 Demo 3 (Demo) Vocals, Guitars
2003 Sweet Vengeance Guitars
2005 Descent into Chaos Guitars, Songwriting (tracks 3, 5, 8, 10, 13)

Ozzy Osbourne

Guitars (2009-2017)

2010 Let Me Hear You Scream (Single) Guitars
2010 iTunes Festival: London 2010 (EP) Guitars
2010 Life Won't Wait (Single) Guitars
2010 Scream Guitars
2010 How? (Single) Guitars
2011 Let It Die (Single) Guitars



2017 The Anniversary Song (Single) Guitars

Arch Enemy

Guitars (2005)

Altitudes & Attitude

2014 Altitudes & Attitude (EP) Guitars (lead) (track 3)

Arch Enemy

2005 Doomsday Machine Guitars (lead) (track 2)

Bob Katsionis

2012 Rest in Keys Guitars (lead) (track 7)


2004 Beyond the Gates Guitars (lead) (track 5)


2007 Incinerate Guitars (lead) (track 7)

Dies Irae

2001 Naive Guitars (lead) (track 3), Vocals (backing)


2012 Raise Your Fist Guitars (track 6)


2002 Holy War Guitars (lead)

Dream Evil

2006 United Guitars (lead) (track 12)


As Gus Karamitroudis:

1999 Traumaticon Guitars (lead) (track 3)


2008 Redemption Guitars (track 5)


2011 Räyh! Guitars (lead) (track 1)


2005 Long Lost Pride Guitars (lead) (track 8)

Jason Becker

2018 Triumphant Hearts Guitars (track 9)


2017 Life on Death Road Guitars (lead)


2010 Poetry for the Poisoned Guitars (track 5)


2009 Wearing a Martyr's Crown Guitars (lead) (track 11)
2011 Insidious Guitars (lead) (tracks 4, 14)

Old Man's Child

2003 In Defiance of Existence Guitars (lead) (tracks 1, 9)

Pagan's Mind

2004 Infinity Divine Guitars (second solo) (track 12)

Raise Hell

2000 Not Dead Yet Guitars

Rob Rock

2003 Eyes of Eternity Guitars (lead) (track 9)
2005 Holy Hell Guitars (lead) (track 10)
2007 Garden of Chaos Guitars (lead) (track 10)

Rotting Christ

2004 Sanctus Diavolos Guitars (lead) (track 1)


2005 Gallows Gallery Guitars (lead) (tracks 4, 7)


2017 Tequila Suicide Guitars (lead) (track 7)

Snowy Shaw

2014 The Liveshow: 25 Years of Madness in the Name of Metal (Live album) Guitars
2015 Live in Hell (Live album) Guitars (track 9)


1998 Nocturnal Symphony (Demo) Producer, Mixing (as "Gus Karamitroudis")
2003 Burning Earth Producer
2005 Forged by Fire Producer, Engineering
2006 Allegiance Producer
2008 Mercenary Man (Single) Producer
2010 Days of Defiance Producer
2012 Few Against Many Producer
2017 Immortals Producer

Gus G.

2014 I Am the Fire Producer


2017 Life on Death Road Songwriting (track 10)
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