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Grond Nefarious

Grond Nefarious

Real/full name:
Matt Schulte
Place of birth:
United States

Death Fetishist

As G. Nefarious:
Drums, Percussion

2016 Whorifice (EP) Drums, Percussion
2016 Lucifer Descending (EP) Drums, Percussion
2016 Clandestine Sacrament Drums

Malus Votum

Drums, Bass, Vocals

2020 Tradition Drums, Bass, Vocals

Oppressive Descent

Everything (2008-present)

2016 Death Was the Only Path We Knew Everything
2017 Archaic Convocation - The Demo Anthology (Compilation) Lyrics, Vocals, Songwriting, All instruments
2019 Throne of Solitude (EP) Everything
2020 Northwest Winds of Hostility (Split) Everything
2020 Within the Horrific Vault (EP) Everything
2020 Tihuta Pass (EP) Everything
2020 Walpurgisnacht MMXX (Single) Everything
2020 Alchemy and War Everything
2020 Prepared for the Ground (EP) Everything
2020 Nocte Venari (EP) Everything
2021 Elegiac / Oppressive Descent (Split) Everything
2021 The Watcher's Tower (EP) Everything
2021 Astral Projections from Beyond the Grave Everything
2024 Sulfuric Wrath Songwriting, Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics, Keyboards, Bass
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Sacrificial Decay

As Matt:
Bass, Vocals (2022-present), Guitars (2022-2023)

2023 Obliteration Rites (EP) Guitars, Bass, Vocals (as "M.")

Sangre de la Luna

Drums, Bass (2020-?)

2020 Mask of Sanity (Demo) Drums, Bass

Blut der Nacht

Vocals, Bass

2011 Demo MMXI (Demo) Vocals, Bass
2012 Sargnagel (EP) Vocals, Bass

Cryptic Edifice

As Grond:
Drums (2012-2013)

2012 King's Lament (Demo) Drums

Daemoniis ad Noctum

As S.M.:

2015 Shade (EP) Drums


Drums (2002-2019)

2004 Rites of Passage into Glacial Obscurity (Demo) Drums
2009 Ceremonies of Sorrow Begin (EP) Drums
2010 Forged in Grief Drums

Peste Umbrarum

Drums (2017-2019)

2018 Night Shines Eternal (Demo) Drums


As Grond:

2008 Sign of the Bastard (EP) Drums

Suspended by Hooks

Guitars (rhythm), Vocals

2003 Suspended by Hooks Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
2004 Witches Castle Guitars (rhythm), Vocals

Terminal Conquest

As Matt:



2012 Wylve (Demo) Drums (as "Grond")

Crown of Wallachia

2017 Crown of Wallachia (EP) Drums (track 8)

Temple of Abraxas

As Grond:

2017 Aeon of Apophis Drums

Cryptic Edifice

2012 King's Lament (Demo) Recording

Death Fetishist

2016 Whorifice (EP) Engineering (as "G. Nefarious")
2016 Clandestine Sacrament Engineering (as "G. Nefarious")

Malus Votum

2020 Tradition Recording

Oppressive Descent

2016 Death Was the Only Path We Knew Layout, Recording
2017 Archaic Convocation - The Demo Anthology (Compilation) Remastering, Layout, Recording
2019 Throne of Solitude (EP) Mixing, Mastering, Recording (as "G.N.")
2020 Alchemy and War Engineering, Mastering, Layout
2020 Prepared for the Ground (EP) Producer
2020 Nocte Venari (EP) Recording
2024 Sulfuric Wrath Mastering, Recording, Mixing (as "G.N.")

Peste Umbrarum

2018 Night Shines Eternal (Demo) Recording, Mixing, Mastering (as "Matt Schulte")

Sangre de la Luna

2020 Mask of Sanity (Demo) Mastering, Mixing


2008 Sign of the Bastard (EP) Recording (as "Grond")

Terminal Conquest

2017 2017 Demo (Demo) Recording, Mixing, Mastering (as "Matt Schulte")
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