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Real/full name:
Aki Klemm
40 (born Jan 13th, 1982)
Place of birth:


Owner of Patologian Laboratorio Productions.

Grim666 had a horror dark ambient band named Dead Girl 13 (D.G.13).


All instruments, Vocals (2015-present)

2015 MMXV-I All instruments, Vocals
2015 Pioneer Anomaly All instruments, Vocals (as "Grimirg")
2016 Night Be My Grave Songwriting, Vocals, Lyrics, All instruments (as "A.K.")
2017 Mother of Misery (EP) All instruments, Vocals
2019 Love Died at Nightfall (Single) Everything
2020 From the Barren Womb of Night All instruments, Vocals


Guitars (2012-2013), Bass (2012-present)

2013 Kukaan ei opasta teitä pimeässä Bass, Guitars
2014 Pimeyden valtakunta Bass
2015 Pimeyden valtakunta Bass, Guitars
2021 Pimeyden kosketus Guitars, Songwriting, Bass


All instruments (2011-present)

2011 Elämä on kuoleva huora (Demo) All instruments
2011 Tekopyhyyttä pyhässä temppelissä (EP) All instruments
2011 III (EP) All instruments
2012 Kalmankantaja (Compilation) All instruments
2013 Elävältä haudattu All instruments
2014 Unjoy / Kalmankantaja (Split) All instruments
2014 Ikuinen taival All instruments
2014 Ahdistus All instruments
2014 Musta lampi All instruments
2014 Viimeinen virsi All instruments
2015 Metsänkulkija (EP) All instruments
2015 Muinainen All instruments
2015 Kalmankantaja / Worthless Lament (Split) All instruments
2015 Metsäkalmisto (EP) All instruments
2015 Kalmankantaja / V-Khaoz (Split) All instruments
2015 Kalmankantaja / Oþalan (Split) All instruments
2015 Kalmankantaja / Hermóðr (Split) All instruments
2016 Waldeinsamkeit All instruments
2016 Metsäkalmisto (EP) All instruments
2016 Tyhjyys Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
2016 Metsänkulkijan paluu (Single) All instruments, vocals
2016 Metsäkalmisto (Compilation) All instruments
2016 Kalmankantaja / Wyrd (Split) All instruments
2016 Varjosielu (Single) All instruments, Vocals
2016 Kylmään hylätyt (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2017 Aikojen takaa 2 (Compilation) All instruments
2017 Aikojen takaa 1 (Compilation) All instruments
2017 Demo IV (Demo) All instruments
2017 Demonwoods All instruments
2017 Gratzug / Kalmankantaja (Split) All instruments
2017 Routamaa All instruments
2018 Tuulikannel (EP) All instruments
2018 Ikuinen tuli (Split) Guitars, Bass
2019 Ruumiinvaellus (Single) All instruments
2019 Kaski All instruments
2019 Essence of Black Mysticism (Split) All instruments
2019 Korpi All instruments
2020 Nostalgia I: Bones and Dust Everything
2020 Nostalgia II: My Kingdom Everything
2020 Talventuoja All instruments
2020 Viimeinen virsi II: Sairaan sielun sanat All instruments, Vocals
2021 Nostalgia III: Surun syntysija All instruments
2021 Waeltaja Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
2021 Uniani (EP) Guitars, Bass, Programming
2022 Metsäuhri All instruments
2022 Taivas palaa (Single) All instruments, Vocals
2022 Ahdistus MMXXI All instruments
2022 Talvisota (EP) All instruments
2022 Kalmankantaja / Hadak Ura (Split) Lyrics, Songwriting, All instruments
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Bass, Vocals (2005-present)

1999 Demo 1999 (Demo) Bass (as "A. Klemm")
2004 Fascination of the Devil's Art (Demo) Bass
2006 Versus Ecclesia Bass, Keyboards
2008 Elegia Bass
2008 Krater / Lathspell (Split) Bass, Vocals
2014 Impious Incantations Bass, Vocals
2016 Torn Cold Void Bass, Vocals
2018 Luciferian Nightfall (Split) Bass

Order of the White Hand

As Immakkel:
Guitars, Bass, Vocals

2007 Pagan Victory (Demo) Guitars, Bass, Vocals
2008 Through Woods and Fog Guitars, Bass, Vocals
2014 Korpimaa Drums, Guitars, Bass, Vocals
2015 Victory Monument of Death (Split) Vocals, Strings (as "A. Klemm")
2017 Through Woods and Fog / Pagan Victory (Compilation) Guitars, Bass, Vocals

Seal of Beleth

As A. Klemm:
Bass, Vocals (2007-present)

2010 Doomsanity Control (Demo) Bass, Vocals
2011 II (Demo) Bass, Vocals
2013 Slow Music for Dead People Bass, Vocals
2015 Seal of Beleth Bass, Vocals
2015 Seal of Beleth Bass, Vocals
2016 Death in Eden (Single) Bass, Vocals



Dead Girl 13 (D.G.13)



Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards

2013 Light of the Black Dawn (EP) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
2013 Oath / Hiisi (Split) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
2014 The Dawn of Satanic Might (Compilation) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
2014 Antichrist Reign (EP) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
2014 Saatanan myrsky yllä pyhän maan Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
2015 Azaghal / Oath (Split) Vocals, Guitars, Bass
2016 Mustan liekin veljeskunta Vocals, Guitars, Bass


As Grim:
Bass (2005-2014)


As Grim:
Vocals (2015-2016)

2016 Death of the Sun Vocals

Hin Onde

Bass (2018)


Vocals (2015)


2020 The Vault (Compilation) Recording (track 1) (as "A. Klemm")


2015 Pioneer Anomaly Recording (as "Grimirg")


2019 Korpi Songwriting

Sawhill Sacrifice

2013 Deus Humana Satanas Mixing, Recording
2014 Weri Ioca Waluo Photography

Seal of Beleth

2015 Seal of Beleth Mixing (as "A.Klemm")


2015 Grey Logo, Recording (Drums), Photography, Artwork


2018 Netherstorm Engineering
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